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  1. I cannot escape this guy's name anywhere on the internet. Uhg. If he has the actual game playing talent to back up his big mouth then he'll at least be justifiable, though that won't change how annoying he was to listen to in that video.
  2. It's not really necessary but if you insist. I don't think there's a spoiler tag on this board so it's colored white. ->It wasn't anything with the story, it's just that the last act gameplay wise felt pretty low key. Once you fight your way into the ship, and fight Mantis...the game is basically over. Yeah you run up that ramp, and have that fist fight with Ocelot but that's really more of an interactive cut-scene than anything. I'm not the kind of guy that needs over the top everything, but this was the final part of a massive epic and gameplay wise it felt pretty low key. Especially after the end of act 4.<-
  3. Nintendo's financial success the past few years was hardly just because of how their games played. It was the completely new demographic focus that although a lot of gamers gripe about it...it worked in spades. I think the fighting system was mostly fine, the problem is just well... ....I look behind me after doing this really tricky triple wall crawl or something...to see Elika doing the exact same thing I just did with extreme ease, using magic to boot. She seems more powerful in combat too, and she's the reason you never die. It just makes me jokingly ask myself constantly "Why am I here!?". In other words, if the fighting had a little more emphasis on actually putting some challenge into it...traditional combos, combination attacks with Elika that you discover, and maybe giving you a little more to work with over the course of the game. I'm all for wonderfully simplistic gameplay but you need a -little- bit of build up. Instead of feeling like your partners in crime it feels like your Elika's pet. I don't completely agree with it but I did sort of understand the rationality behind the decision of making you unable to die that they gave, but that didn't mean they had to take everything that constitutes a little more than mild effort out of it. But obviously challenge wasn't their aim It's one of the most beautiful looking games I've played in a while, and it was very fun. I'm glad to see any kind of platforming, it's just very...very....very intentionally easy. The platforming can be pleasantly challenging but it's more linear than before. It's almost like it was made to be a rental.
  4. I can't remember where it was said but I distinctively remember Kojima mentioning in an interview that the game changed a lot from it's early development to the finished product. Maybe the one Gametrailers made...I can't remember. I loved this game, though I thought act 3 should have been a bit longer and the climax was a bit anti-climatic. Otherwise though it was great, especially for anyone who followed it since the very first game. It kind of has a fittingly sad ending, but it's a good feeling to have been with something until it's end. I hope this is the end of the Solid series at least. I can't say what's up with the new trailer. Did anyone here play MGO at all? Or do any of you still?
  5. Kiyosuki

    RE5 demo

    I still have my doubts, but it looks like this game's going for a much, much darker feel for the backstory if that commercial and this new viral marketing website is any indication. http://www.residentevil.com/kijuju (If you click on the big number one to your left, the password is "refinery".) There's other cryptic things scattered around the wall, I'll let you guys find them. Some of it sort of interesting, (pg67B/w?) and some of it just ok (Wesker is a liar. Really!? Ya don't say...) There is this thing though, that's gotten the most speculation.
  6. I checked it out on a rent. I'm a huge fan of this series but this game looked iffy. I had to check it out though. It's ....ok, could have been better but the music is awesome. But Castlevania music is always awesome. I was waiting for Mad Forest to finally appear again somewhere. I thought Ecclesia was awesome, best Castlevania in a while. I was bummed they didn't use Shanoa's beautiful character design in favor of that funky looking nun outfit. And although Eric kicks a lot of ass, I don't really understand why they made him all shota. I remember him being a fully grown man in Bloodlines (another of my personal favorites) I did like that they included Cornell (one of the only cool looking characters imo, but it's hard to mess up a Were-wolf) and that remix from 64. An awesome song from a not so awesome game. The one design I love though is Trevor/Ralph. I think it's actually better slightly than his look in Curse of Darkness, which was sort of cool too. I liked that Simon was kind of a bloodthirsty, slightly chauvanistic bastard though. Gave him a little more flavor than most of the Belmonts, and sort of harkened back to the Simon in Captain N...except not stupid. Aside from the super simplistic, somewhat unbalanced gameplay, generic look, and awful character designs though it's sort of fun. I didn't get to use its online function so I'm sort of tempted to buy it but....games are expensive and there's other stuff.
  7. Personally I think any of the Dragonballs are one of those animated something's that's just unfilmable. It's like the idea of making a live action Mario Brothers movie, it just doesn't work. I mean...yeah they can try all they want, but it'll never matter in my opinion.
  8. Kiyosuki

    RE5 demo

    You guys have probably already seen it but what the heck, I thought this trailer was pretty neat. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/43486.html
  9. I hope it's a new one myself... As big a metal gear fan as I am, I kind of wanted the Solid series to end there and anything else just be something new.
  10. 10mm Submachine Gun Alien Blaster Blackhawk Bottlecap Mine Frag Grenade Gatling Laser(Judgement) Nuka-Grenade Plasma Grenade Fatman Plasma Rifle (and Harkness' sometimes) Pulse Grenade Railway Rifle Shishkebab I usually use Tesla Armor, but occasionally I like to use the t-51b because it looks awesome with the Gatling Laser. I just wish the thing wasn't bugged and I could actually repair easier or else I'd use it all the time. I like the uniqueness.
  11. Yeah, if it were on a console too there could be the possibility of playing people over the internet on a much wider scale. Handhelds are huge though so from a business point of view it's probably the smarter decision.
  12. Some people say the energy weapons suck but I don't know what they're talking about. They eventually became my first character's main forte and with lots of accuracy and sniper type perks they're very deadly. I feel like they have a much higher critical hit rate and accuracy rate than most of the Small Gun types, especially if you're a heavy VATS user. Plasma type weapons when you get them are especially good. And they're very easy to maintain too since the Enclave have such predictable respawn points. Makes maintaining Tesla armor very easy too.
  13. There's all the little annoyances, and tripping is just stupid, but it's all stuff that could have been worked around. The big problem's really just the hitstun. When you have some characters designed to be juggle or combo centric in a game where everyone can recover instantly then you get a whole lot of characters put into a huge disadvantage. Except for Meta Knight of course, hense all that drama. But you guys have probably heard it all by now so I won't beat a dead horse much more. I wouldn't be surprised if third party characters became a big point of the next one, if there is a next one. I'd still hold out for Simon Belmont, if only because adding Castlevania music to that massive list of great music would be just wonderful. But whatever happens is what happens. I just hope the online is a little less rigid next time.
  14. I think XII's english language dub was actually better sounding than the Japanese one, just because it fit the motif more. It had its shortcomings as a game but voice work definitely wasn't one of them. Crisis Core wasn't too shabby in the voice department either.
  15. Well you never know, it's not like things about unreleased games haven't been blown out of proportion before, even by the company making the game itself. I'm still skeptical but if it is true it's probably the thing with different dialogue then. It'd be cool if everyone said different things to different opponents even for non-story fights.
  16. I dunno, even if they're all effeminate I like that the exoticness of a lot of Amano's old designs is being kept intact. The series has always been like this anyways. I seriously doubt it has more dialogue than Crisis Core, though unlike Crisis Core this game has many different characters for you to play as and I'm guessing maybe they'll have different dialogue for different characters so maybe that's what they mean. It's not a bigger story, you just have more characters to say more stuff.
  17. She comes with the laugh too. http://ixbran.deviantart.com/art/FF11-Hero-for-Dissidia-104297260
  18. Bumping with video of full (standard) roster. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/42668.html Terra looks great, and Cecil pulls a Zelda/Sheik and can change from Dark Knight to Paladin version and back. Good idea. I think it's just cool seeing these old characters in some updated form. Oh, and I don't know who here ever played FFXI but the NPC Shantotto's been confirmed to be an unlockable character (not shown in this trailer. but pic: http://hoimi.us/up/img/gaf/deshi0001_6573961.jpg) If someone as obscure as her could make it, I hope that means there's hope for Tactics.
  19. I'm going to enter my Gamestops' local tourney too, it'd be nice to win that prize but it's mostly to make sure I actually get the damn thing. I don't trust game retailers too much with this sort of thing, even if I pre-ordered 7 months ago. I look forward to possibly fighting some people here, even if I'm something of an on and off lurker.
  20. Ahhh so it's not quite as useless a FS as people first thought.
  21. Probably unintentional, but either way still awesome.
  22. I'm sorry for the double post but I had to post this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms9FgxUitbo In the third match of this movie, this Zelda pulls one of the smoothest moves I've ever seen in an SSB game at around 6:15.
  23. Random stuff. Heh, Sonic with Bunny ears can outrun Big Blue. ...and Snake almost bomb jumps around Hyrule Temple (pretty much does actually)
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