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  1. Man these guys thought of everything in this. Bmb-OSx9sjs&NR=1
  2. Only thing about his reviews is I can only watch a couple at a time. If I watch and listen to too much fast talking back to back I start to get a bit of a headache.
  3. Thing is, is that many of his points are sensible and even true to a point, but massively exaggerated. It's basically hyperbole, but that's part of what makes it amusing. A lot of Yahtzee's points I think are also tongue in cheek, like a lot of Brit humor. Critically a lot of his critisisms arn't based on the individual merit or faults of a game but rather broad critisisms of how the game figures into ALL of gaming. Most of the reviews are half comprised of massive rants about the state of video games as a whole, so it's obvious he's just simply one of the many gamers out there that's just looking for too much. I highly respect his stance on welcoming variety and mixing things up in concept and story but I would hardly call him a balanced critic. But like I said before, that's not why I really watch his reviews. Remember "The Critic"? Make Jay Sherman British and make the subject matter video games instead of movies and that's basically somewhat along the lines of the charm of Yahtzees' reviews. He's just rarely satisfied, and hearing why is very entertaining.
  4. So this happens only if items are on? In these videos nothing appears at all. Maybe...could it be that items are technically ON...but all the items are individually turned off, but because of the nature of his move it's like a loophole. Is that possible?
  5. Well I have footage of it, can you guys view Nicovideo pages? http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm2304694 It happens in the first bout between him and Sonic, looks like he throws a capsule out of nowhere and it becomes a Smashball. He didn't pick it up or anything, it clearly doesn't appear either. He pulls it literally out of his ass like the Waddle Dee move. And these bouts are supposedly no-item. Nothing appears either. The comments seem genuinly surprised when it happens (I've seen it happen on one other video though.) so maybe the chance of it happening is just really, really low and random.
  6. I don't know if it's been noted here yet (this topic is huge), but I found out that Dedede has a chance of throwing out a Smashball instead of a Waddle-Dee or one of the spikey things when he uses that particular move, even when all items including Smashballs are turned off. The percentage is probably low, it's like how Peach has a small chance of pulling out a saber instead of a turnip, but it definitely happens. It's a pretty amusing feature for him to have.
  7. I don't think the characters were given no dialogue in this because they wanted the players to associate with them more, I think it was just because they wanted to keep it simple.
  8. I'd imagine they'll have a US side server when the game is actually officially released in the States.
  9. It sounds like kind of a drag, though wouldn't the opponent only be able to grab him at the tip of the ledge only? It'd be very annoying coming back to the stage from certain angles...but I'd think it wouldn't be too hard to dodge.
  10. Heh, wouldn't it be an interesting turn of events if Bowser ended up being broken in this?
  11. Even if sometimes I don't agree with his points completely his reviews are just enormously funny and entertaining to watch.
  12. His new piledriver move is just awesome, it's just the kind of move Bowser needed in his arsenal. Not just for the suicide purposes but that's pretty fun too.
  13. The reason it's called a glitch is apparently because if he's knocked off the Cypher with regular hits of any sort he can just do it again right after no problem like anyone else with their recovery move. But if someone grabs him when he's doing his recovery in the air he can't, even if the move is input again. I don't have any experience on this and even if it is true it sounds so situational that I think it's just silly drama to worry about it too much.
  14. I'm starting to hear talk of Snake having a so called "glitch" on his Cypher move where if someone grabs him when he's doing the move and cancels it, he can't do it again. I don't know if it's a genuine glitch or paranoid gamers jumping the gun as usual yet but it's worth note.
  15. Generally I hear that the heavy power or defensive characters have gotten a huge boost in this, part due to character specific tweaks and part due to changes in the game itself like being a little slower all around etc. Bowser will probably still kind of suffer from the same downfalls though, though when I tried him out he seemed a lot more solid and his new Piledriver move was awesome. Though you got Snake who has surprisingly incredible durability and very effective setup moves, a great recovery move, very little stun time, and other assorted tricks...Zelda who got a pretty noticable boost, Dedede who's a large power character type like Bowser but with stalling moves (pulling those Waddle Dees out of his ass etc), weaker but quicker moves with range, and fantastic recovery options since he can float like Kirby and do a big super jump too...and so on I do have to wonder what Bowser brings to the table aside from style and fun(which is maybe enough for most though. lol). We'll just have to try him out. I have a feeling things are going to be a little different this time around in terms of who's used and strategies compared to Melee thanks to the Wi-Fi battling. Being able to practice with other great players any time at home I bet will make a huge difference.
  16. A bit of Snake in action. He did very well in this little tourney these guys had, he got to the finals but was beaten by spam happy Marth scrub. These guys are having 3 stock, no items, final destinations already and it's just been one week since the Japanese release. lol Whatever I guess. It makes me glad though that he got to the finals despite some tourneytards already saying he sucked before (probably because he doesn't play like Marth/Sheik/Fox. You know how it is.) His style seems like it could be one of the most successful defensive styles because his hand to hand moves have high knockback and his other moves are all setups, and mixing up grenades, the rocket launcher, and the mines alltogether I think has potential. Snake also has insane durability, he gets up to 150% in many gameplay videos often and is still staying strong. Plus he has a really good recovery move. I really want to see what can be done with Snake. He's very different. And Pit is insane, he did very well in this thing too. He's got Marth like swipes, Meta Knight like spam, a solid projectile, high speed, a very fast sidestep, and he can float for a while a-la Kirby...glide...and THEN actually do his Wings up B to float up even more so his recovery is probably going to be one of the best if not the best.
  17. Wow check out how much Zelda's Din's Fire was improved in this. Oh and the full soundtrack to this game is unbelievable. Even if I have all the tracks already on my computer if an official OST comes out I'll definitely buy it too. I'm just a little dissapointed in the Sonic songs though, since only Angel's Island got rearrange treatment. Rest is original Genesis rips and the vocal songs (including that hilarious IN THIS WOOOORLD song. lol) Sonic music is just some of the catchiest old tunes put into a video game, it's a shame greats like Green Hill Zone or Flying Battery didn't get a remix. Even Metal Gear got three really really cool rearranges.
  18. There's the one that was online as most mentioned here, that was probably the best one. I wouldn't be surprised if it were made into a traditional comic you can at least download somewhere, I'll try to find it. There was also this other comic I saw at a Japanese book store once, it looked like serialized Shonen manga like something you'd find out of those big thick monthly manga books (mostly for the kids stuff.). It had this pretty generic hotblooded young boy and from what I can make out...it was about him following Samus around on some adventure. It was kind of tough to make out what was going on, but the manga itself wasn't anything to scream about. It was very very Shonen manga, complete with mano a mano fights in big random wasteland areas, and Samus talked a lot. It just didn't fit. And Samus had more than a couple of "kinda cool" panels in there...
  19. The fact these two kids were able to get drunk in the first place, while babysitting a 7 year old, and with no one calling to check in that entire time tells me a lot about this situation.
  20. Anyone else get this image in their head of a bald Solid Snake?
  21. What I wonder most of all is if this film will go with the same ending as the original story.
  22. This game's so good though I can't help but wonder, where can platformers go from here ya know...?
  23. For me the most roffle part is when you fight Bowser for the first time. When you get him to burn his tail and the big epic operatic music starts to blast while he's running around holding his burning ass...that was pretty funny.
  24. This really was a great episode, and not just because it had so many throwbacks to the older seasons. Stan barfing...Kenny dying, even the way the main kids acted had an older feel. But just in general it was very fun to watch, it feels kind of like Matt and Trey have reached this point...and they decided to make something to reflect back. Kinda like making an episode to reflect on where the show's gone since it first started by making an algamation ep of all the qualities of the different periods of its life. Wish the Simpsons would follow suit, though I rather liked the Emohouse episode last Sunday.
  25. UR MR GAY is pretty fucking amazing so far. Its seriously exceeded all my expectations and I'm not even done yet. You know its pretty damn amazing that Miyamoto was able to come up with something like this after all these years and after all the games he's directed. The man seriously has no equal in this business when it comes to game design.
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