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  1. I didn't think the big giant Lava wave was as hard to dodge as he makes it sound, I never tried to go for the safe spot. I tended to use characters with excellent jumping like Samus though..
  2. .... SAKURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. It has to be Simon. He represents Castlevania as a whole despite the fact he hasn't been in a newer game in a really long time. That or you could have Simon, Richter, Trevor, Julius, and/or maybe Juste be different "colors" of the same character, though they probably wouldn't go that far and I'd hate for all those characters to have the same voice.
  4. I know its late but isn't that Fire Emblem song godly? I'm glad to finally be able to hear it clearly without the banshee women at E for All. Edit: Yes I'm slow. lol Yes I remember that. The old Japanese game commercials were great. I mean as cheesy as it is how could you not want to buy that game after seeing that? I think the song totally fits the FE feel. And remember too all stages will have multiple songs that are selectable I think so there will probably be a more up beat battle song from FE in there somewhere.
  5. Incoming Japan Time was ok. But it brought us this shot. The more I see Dedede in action the more I love him.
  6. Kotaku is one of those sites that some people just seem to not like because everyone knows about it, and in some cases because its run by Slowpokes apparently. I think some people are way too mean to it though.
  7. I hear even the newest graphics cards now are still pushed pretty far by that game. Even compared to E2 though, just looking at this game from the videos is dizzying.
  8. Its always odd when a game that utterly sucks happens to have awesome or at least decent music. The music is great but you just have no good experience with the game itself. For me a great deal of a game song's strength comes from the experience you had listening to it in the actual game, but thats just me.
  9. Maybe the guys that made this game made it specifically so no graphics card on the planet could fully handle it, not even their own, just for lulz.
  10. Being able to play against others online, even if you don't know them unless you get their friend code (and honestly thats what the Internet is for.), being able to make gameplay videos as an in-game feature and share them, and now building your own stages. This is really shaping up to be a mini world-wide phenomenon isn't it? I mean if Melee could stay as fresh as long as it has imagine this. Maybe it'll be a nice wakeup call to Nintendo not to scoff so much at online functions in their games. I think its the wave of the future, look at what it could do for Street Fighter IV.
  11. Yes, all the in game stuff save the new (beautiful) cut scenes looks pretty much the same. It looks very nice on PSP's little screen too. Dark Knight is an awesome job. Made Ramza one since it sounds like a "special" job and I always wanted Ramza to have a special job of his own. What better job for a misunderstood hero branded a heretic than Dark Knight too? Mettle abilities go great with it too. Plus with the crazy pre-requisites needed to get the job, it might as well be special. I can't wait for my friend to get an FFT of his own so we can multiplayer and get a Dark Sword type. The opposite of Knight swords, they basically raise bravery but lower faith. Makes spellcasting for him bad but since Dark Knight Ramza with Mettle is meant for just kicking insane amounts of ass I figure its not an issue. Makes it so effect spells are actually less effective on him too. An item in multiplayer called Lipstick, and a sword called Durandal I heard really buff up Agrias.
  12. The slowdown can actually be fixed by turning off the big speech bubbles the characters say when they speak the spells. Dude, Balthier is soooo fucking good in this game! He's damn near close to T.G. Cid good. His Sky Pirate unique job has Ninja calibur speed, every Thief steal ability, both of Mustadio's Aim abilities (Aim Arm, Aim Leg) and Seal Evil, he can use Guns/Polearms/Swords/Daggers/Crossbows/Bows right off the bat (and ofcourse more if you want to get the assigned equip abilities.) and best of all he comes with a special unique ability called "Barrage". Its an attack that allows him to attack with his equipped weapon four times in a row, each hit at half damage. It sounds no better than Dual Wield at first but when you couple it with a really powerful one handed weapon like the Javelin II (especially killer) and the fact it has 100% hit rate, and the fact Balthier gets so many turns thanks to his speed you have insanity. Or 4 shots with a gun too. He's the ultimate all around support/direct attack character to Cid's ultimate offense character.
  13. Oh its out already? Awesome, I'll pick it up tomorrow. At E for All I met IGA and he signed a slip in cover for the game I can replace. Its pure, simplistic oldschool gaming goodness.
  14. There is definitely a Metroid AT in the game, it got used on me quite a number of times at E for All. It basically flies around, then latches onto a player and sucks some life out (IE does damage). You can shake it off with attacks, sidestepping like crazy etc. Its annoying, but it can be very beneficial (OR annoying depending on who you are) too because if it latches onto you for some reason it actually protected some characters from being sent flying from a Final Smash. I don't know if it would work with the more up close ones like Ikes but the big shooting ones like Marios and Samus' did their damage but the Metroid kept them from being sent off. It seems an unintentional benefit but its a benefit nonetheless. Maybe they'll fix it.
  15. ohhhh shit. Dedede. You guys have been asking for him for years, I remember it. Anyone who thinks thats a waste of a slot... ....no.
  16. He's coming. They're saving him for last I know it.
  17. He was right in our row, we didn't notice until we were leaving. We waited a bit and then got up to leave, and just right there "Hey David Hayter sup". lol Good thing we stayed a bit longer to let the crowds exit first because we would have missed him otherwise. Ohhh, I was very close to you. Spooky.
  18. Thats interesting. I could never fastfall because its so hard to do on the Wii-Remote for some reason.
  19. I drew the picture months ago when I was with a group waiting to see the Simpsons movie on opening night. I never imagined when drawing it that the same guy who does the character's voice would sign it. It was surreal to say the least.
  20. Nolan Bushnell is like the John Kricfalusi of video games. He rants on about how nothing past a certain point is worthy of existence and is "trash" but anyone with even a little insight can easilly see its not so much an opinion of any validity as it is basically disguised personal anger at their respective industries. He's just angry.
  21. The problem with it is its really surprisingly easy to block. If it hits you, it does a lot of damage but it just goes so slowly plus the fact you can block it with just a standard bubble. Sidestep at most. There was one fight where all the other players were inbetween 100%150 damage and Pikachu did his FS and they all blocked it and not one of them got eliminated.
  22. You liked Meta Knight's really? I thought it was kind of lame. I mean the idea is cool and I guess a quick cut is fitting, but I just thought it was terribly anti-climactic a move. Its initial hit is kind of short too. Ike's though is insane. That initial strike to hit them in the air and initiate the whole thing has huge range for a melee move. It seemed to catch opponents even when it didn't seem like it would. And it does fantastic damage, hits others when it comes down, doesn't leave Ike open really, and it looks great to boot. I'd have to say of all the FS's I tried it was the most effective with Pit's close behind in my opinion. Here's an example of Metaknight's cheapness. Even though he eventually gets knocked out note just how tricky it is to even hit him despite the fact he's well above 100% damage because of all those bitchy little cut hits and his ability to float. This particular player isn't the best I've seen but it should give you an idea of his style.
  23. God I still wish I could get some of the orchestrations in that concert on CD or something. Some of it is stuff you can't find anywhere else like those awesome Sonic ones. Ahg, its painful!
  24. YOU guys think she was annoying!? Try standing next to the people when playing the game. Even the people working at the booth had to hold their ears sometimes. Bloody banshees... I swear I couldn't hear well for a day after.
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