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  1. you can take any bass patch and play a low note. think C-2 or so. that should be a good start for a rumble.
  2. yes that too. filter adsr= low attack, high delay, no sustain, no release.
  3. definitely not "hardcore" but breaks. good stuff, early rave days vibe. finish this off...
  4. use short 16th notes in rapid succession. high filter cutoff with high resonance on pretty much any synth will do it. add delay to flavor it...works good with delay quantized to any non 4-divisible beat increment. (3,5,6) work best for me...
  5. abletonlive has a vinyl emulator and i believe izotope offers a free one as well(vst)
  6. another thing to consider is that sometimes ppl won't tell you the whole truth about making music. some ppl are very possessive about their tips and techniques.(see twin,aphex)
  7. awesome stuff xel. really dig it. couple of things to consider. you should add a couple more fills. the 4/4 is a little monotonous. just add some rapid kick fills every 16 bars or so... like X...X...X...X...X...X...X...X...X...X...X...X...X...X...X...Xxxx(etc) the weird lfo fill at around 2:00 or so doesn't seem to fit the overall dark feel of the song. the sounds used are a little higher in the freq spectrum, whereas the rest of the kicks are much lower. my 2 cents, but awesome speedcore.
  8. also http://www.kvraudio.com/get/26.html http://www.kvraudio.com/get/1197.html
  9. pleasantly surprised. was expecting something else with "trance" in the title... but this is much better.
  10. solid work. unfortunately, i don't think the kurt russel sample fits. it's a matter of eq'ing... there some interesting movement underneath that you programmed, and the backing noise of the sample seem to clash...
  11. basically no. if i get a new single player game, i enjoy it for about an hour, before the horrible vg monkey gets on my back. 40 hrs later, no sleep, and my life has taken another step into the crapper because my addiction won't let me walk away at a sane interval. these days, i only will buy multiplayer games so i have no way to tempt fate and addiction. i'm incredibly focused on my music career(ha!- that's a bit of sarcasm), and i don't want to give me any obstacles or roadblocks. i can get more done if i stay away from games. but that being said, i know i'm not going to get anything done whilst hanging with my friends, so multiplayer stuff is okay. i do occasionally fall sway to the siren lure of the nintendo or whatnot occasionally though. and as a final aside, i am going to get a wii at some point. that whole system is basically a party console.
  12. the only complaint i have ever heard about it live is the price. at least the upgrades are cheap if you don't buy all the peripherals.
  13. i have to say live is the absolute best daw out there. live lite is really limited, but give it a shot... you might dig it. the ease and speed that live gives you is unparalleled... i know everyone here sweats fruity, but live smokes it all the way.
  14. http://www.amazon.com/Handbook-Sound-Engineers-Audio-Cyclopedia/dp/0240803310/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1198695924&sr=8-2 is this the one you are thinking of?
  15. wow... that is long....epic.. good stuff, some of the sound quality is a little off, but i'm not sure if that is because of the aforementioned clipping or an artifact of the streaming. there were a handful of "one-shot" fx sounds that popped up, and i felt like "does that belong?", mostly cause they appear once, and you never hear it again. the last transition was a little too abrupt. and that is my biggest gripe. not hardcore beats at all.
  16. i think this is pretty damn good for a 1st attempt. the first half is solid. reminds me of old orbital.i'd maybe think about using some delays on the synth sounds, creating that swirling spacey vibe. my major complaint. the melody that kicks in at 1:27 or so. sounds real cheezy to my ears. i'm not a big fan of the sound design of this element. the actual melody is okay, not awesome, but the synth sound is real hokey. my 2 cents. and as an aside, no one ever comments here in this forum.
  17. the best position for monitors is about ear level. http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/mar02/articles/monitors.asp
  18. you can play anything through a guitar amp, but whether it will sound good..... an amp, surprisingly, amplifies things. but not just in the way of making it louder. guitars have little to no gain on their output, so an amp compensates for this. most keyboards are putting out a line level signal, much much much louder than a guitar's signal... so if you take a signal that is much louder than the usual guitar signal, and turn it up..... blown speakers. you can do it, but be very careful with your output levels. but anyways, get the absolute best monitors you can on your budget.
  19. here's some from my collection <br><br>only 4 images allowed, so here's a link to the other vg breaks album http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh201/statas/vgb12.jpg<br><br> in case the bandwidth craps out... 1+2 are vg "breaks" collections, but in actuality are collections of bgm and soundfx. 3 is the soundtrack/bgm for xevious, with a hardcore techno remix of it on the b-side along with sound/bgm for gaplus and the tower of druaga. 4 is pac-man fever. most remember that song, but not the album, which had songs like "frogger's lament, do the donkey kong, ode to a centipede, hyperspace (asteroids), the defender, mousetrap, and goin' berzerk". 5 is space invaders, a loose disco-ish adaptation of the sound fx from the game, but surprisingly awesome in it's execution.
  20. step one might be to fix the link... edit- odd... it works now...??? you definitely need to add a couple more layers of sound into the mix. beat is a little too basic, some variations and fills would be nice. piano ends too abruptly after each section. bass seems a little low in the mix.
  21. if you are not being paid. just tell him no. as in, i'm not going to give you music in 5 days, and maybe not at all. if he can't work with you on a professional level, do not work with him. i did scoring and foley work for a theatrical production recently. i sat in over 2 months of rehearsals, gotten annotated scripts with cue timings, numerous conversations with the director over mood and psychological reasoning behind all music and tone/tension/emotion etc etc etc..it was an awesome project, but i made it clear that if he wanted 100% from me, i would have input into the project (sound wise). turned out awesome, and we both got what we wanted out of it. music is important to film/theatre and not an afterthought.
  22. what i have done in my tracks with gabber/hardstyle drumz is to layer your drum sound with another kick (with long distortion/sustain) but highpass that second kick around 300-500 hz to get the tone, but without the low end rumble to muddy up the mix. i would also bump up the tempo by another 5-10 bpm, but other than that i think the song is good.
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