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  1. well, i just got 0wned by my school (account disabled, etc) so the fenrir mirror is down. it was a good run. -rob
  2. Torrent is pretty big, but I'll see if I can hold this up for a while. yes. please everyone who can seed it do so. take a look at the bittorrent statistics on the front page and prepare to be shocked! a lot of us are already committed to seeding it. congrats everyone on a great project. i wish i could have done more than just provide a mirror... -rob
  3. http://student.santarosa.edu/~rguinn/Cruton%20-%20Toto%20Gives%20up%20the%20Bass.ogg
  4. a failed attempt at an excellent remix. i'm not saying it isn't good, but it could have been much better. -rob
  5. kjg; g; ndtslh a,d;smde gk ,gpp nd gl mt rpatpg;k yso a psluw pslu kgmde 'osn EDIT: more meaningful review will be given when time permits
  6. i was totally going to do my review in rickspeak, but apparently two people already beat me to the chase. anyways... THIS IZ A GRATE SONG< VERY GROOD WROK OK AFK!!~ -ROOOOOOOOOB
  7. Hah, love the sig. Really sticks you in the eye yeah, except... it's not a sig. -rob
  8. yeah basically i hate the terra theme. used to like it, but it just got overplayed. the thing is, though, i don't like squash either. but there's this place in Reno, CA that is so good at preparing meals that even stuff i don't like still tastes really good. i'm sure anyone reading this would understand where i'm going.. -rob
  9. ya, so... this was good when it was on WIP, and it's still good. go figure. very nice work, ziwtra. this definitely going on my next cd. -rob
  10. this mix has always made me scratch my head, though the reason has nothing to do with how good or bad the song is. it has more to do with the fact that I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO PLAY THE DAMN THING UNTIL NOW. this is the only song i know of that will not play in either quicktime or itunes. ... -rob
  11. a mix from AP wtf? me likes. this is one of my favorite songs from fft and i've heard that none of the tracks are easy to remix. either way, this is a refreshing take on the original. -rob(6) EDIT: i believe i said this in #ocremix already, but... HAPPY B-DAY MR. PIZZA!!!11
  12. i downloaded this at vgmix about a year ago, and it still kicks ass. goody gumdrops -rob
  13. this is one of those mixes that i try my best NOT to play, for fear that i might play it too much and get burned out on it. however, i must admit that the temptation to stick it by itself in a playlist and loop it (literally, for hours) is quite a formidable one. download immediately. this mix is exceptional, even for mcvaffe. -rob
  14. words cannot describe how much i like this mix. i'll just be over here --> listening to the 192kbps version from the request forum -rob
  15. i enjoy the fact that a mixer as good as ziwtra will still post mixes on the WIP board. this mix actually did not get many (if any) truly useful responses, but still, it's nice to know that even "good" remixers will still take advice and listen to criticism. as to the actual mix? just download it already. i wouldn't go as far as saying this is ziwtra's best mix, but it follows the same busy, high-energy path that downwind and the first half of desert snowstorm travelled. -rob
  16. wow, it seems that i'm not the only one who somehow downloaded this song and didn't even realize i had it. according to my playlist, it has been played 10 times, but i do not remember hearing it once. furthermore, i have always liked beej's stuff from vgmix. somehow, i didn't even realize he had a song on ocr until i saw his name on the remixer's list. wtf. either way, this mix is no less than awesome. there is really nothing bad that i can think of saying. furthermore, i think djp was correct when he said that this mix was just the right length. great stuff by beej. anyone who likes this mix should really try to get their hands on his other stuff as well. -rob
  17. this is one of my favorite mixes on the site. it went on a cd that i burned for the sole purpose of introducing friends to the 'wonderful sounds of ocremix!!!111oneoneone' maybe my rgm player sucks, but the original doesn't sound all that special, so this mix was a serious improvement. the melody was interesting, but the same could not be said for the original arrangement. this is one of those songs that would have made the original game better if it had replaced the original (sort of like if ailsean's 'nikki learns a new song' mix replaced the original, the world of chrono cross would be a better place). -rob
  18. when i downloaded this song, i did not like it at all. for some reason, however, i decided to leave it in my playlist. my playlist runs 24 hours a day, and after a few times of waking up around 4 a.m., hearing the song, and saying (in a groggy tone) "wut da fuk?" i really started to like it. i know you didn't put too much work into this and some parts hurt the ears, but i like it more and more every time i hear it, so the amount of effort means nothing to me. great work. -rob
  19. ahh... this was so soft and soothing. the bass didn't change up as much as i would have liked it, but it was still very nice. as said before, it was hard to figure out what song this was until approximately the last twenty seconds, when it became apparent that this was a mix of the reunion song. i always loved this song. square was smart to have this soft song playing where you could fight the magical pots. without it's mellow qualities, i don't think i could have maxed out so much summon materia without going insane. good mix, and worth the download. at least, it was for me.
  20. well, this has nothing to do with troia, which was kind of a let-down (i was really hoping someone would remix that theme). however, this was pulled off so completely well that i soon forgot my first thoughts and just relaxed. really, this is the kind of song where you really really hope that there were no vocal mistakes, yet you look for them anyways. to my surprise, there were no spots in which the singing ruined the remix. my only real gripe was mentioned by vigilante in the judges decision. the piano could have been better during the guitar solo, but the good easily outweighed the bad. good stuff, and definitely worth a listen. -rob
  21. ahh, so soothing... man, i always really loved this song from the original. michael huang? wouldn't he be the http://www.nobuouematsu.com guy? i think so. -rob
  22. i wouldn't say that the quality of any instrument was questionable. rather, the whole piece sounded sort of muffled, but i personally liked it that way. this is one of those songs that will sound totally awesome when i'm sitting in a thoughtless, sleep-deprived stupor. worth the download. -rob
  23. fuck the nay-sayers, this mix is completely awesome. this is something i can listen to whenever the world sucks, and it always makes me feel better. -rob
  24. this is so good that i almost ruined it by listening to it so much. it's like so good that it automatically goes onto music playlists that have nothing to do with the song's genre or anything to do with videogames. i had to literally cut back from listening to it out of grave fear that i might possibly get burned out, though that's probably not possible. it sounded good in WIP and even better after all the changes. my "ziwtra" playlist only has 4 remixes. please make this playlist longer -rob EDIT: damn typos
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