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  1. happy birthday, sam. now make that website already
  2. Just as a note, this album (free may it be) is going like crazy over at oink... 1333 seeder(s), 141 leecher(s) = 1474 peer(s) total ROOOOOOOFL
  3. shutup your people worship groundhogs
  4. I appreciate all of Disco Dan's contributions to the panel. It wouldn't be the same without him.
  5. There's a difference between being able to assess music and knowing whether or not it is good At least their website is more possible to navigate now.
  6. What's your most favorite release? Is it this one as well? If so, you've probably only listened to one project.
  7. Speaking of web server, you haven't touched your subdomain for months. Do you still use it or shall I delete?
  8. Thank you for flying Herograw Airlines and happy mixing.
  9. When one decides to use vocals in a remix it tends to either make or break the song. It's risky, but DannyB is no stranger to risk. This wouldn't have sounded half as interesting without the vocals, not by a long shot.
  10. what are you high? Anyway, this mix is like a cool, slow breath of fresh air, as contrasted by the original song.
  11. So apparently this is an invite-only beta right now, so I apologize if someone finds this interesting and then can't use it, but yeah. askville. I got an email from amazon the other day inviting me to this site. What it is: Essentially it's a question/answer website. You ask a question and up to five people can answer it (there's also a discussion thread linked to each question). The basic idea is that humans are better than computers at answering questions, and chances are SOMEONE has the answer. This will probably change when it's no longer a beta, but right now all the answers i've been getting have been well thought-out and cordial. No spammers or anything like that. It's cool. I guess the best example of "humans better than computers" in terms of asking questions is one of the questions I asked about this song that was stuck in my head from an old commercial. Within two hours of asking someone had an answer for me, and a couple hours later someone posted a link to the commercial in question, which was made a good 19 years ago! Yeah, so check it out.
  12. Well first off, I thought Larry's words were a pretty welcome edition, as it explains a certain feeling that playing the game evoked and I think a lot of people had missed out on that excellent quote. Had I never played the game, this album would sound pretty mediocre on the first listen. However, the FF series lined up pretty well with my age group and I remember buying FF7 before I had a psx (did the same thing with Shenmue 1 and 2) which is a statement in itself. It was the nostalgia that put me over the top with this album. After droning thru the first track (I have been endowed with a very limited vocal range, so I can empathize with jill) BGC's opening mix really started things. From there the tracks blended together in places and I had to go back a few times after having listened to an entire other track and not realizing it. But along the way were placed a handful of gems. I know it's difficult, what with the album being 3+ hours long, but my recommendation is to give it several listens throughout the week. This album gets better with each listen.
  13. Don't be stupid (read: typical of yourself) injin. "Inspired" is obviously being used as an adjective here. You're using it as a verb. Your are incorrect for using it in that capacity, regardless of whether or not her death is "inspired" as an adjective. If he had meant "inspired" as a verb the answer would be obvious: yes, duh.
  14. The first time I ever saw ff7 in action was when I went to a friend's house who had just picked the game up. I walked in the door and less than a minute later he was like, "check this out" and Aeris died. My immediate response was, "why??" So really, it had a profound effect on me not due to the scene itself, but rather because the biggest surprise in the game had been ruined for me before I even got to play it. But really, cry? video game? come on now...
  15. Come on, man. Everyone knows Transmission is where it's at.
  16. So.... even with an ocremix mirror AND an ff7 mirror, my overall bandwitdth for the month is sitting at 1/5th of its capacity. muhahahahahahaha.. That said, this project has still managed to pull in an incredible number of hits and snatches. How any future project could hope to live up to this is beyond me.
  17. hahahahahahahahahaha, attention much? Also, I seriously expected "one mo time fo tha bass!" to come up somewhere in mustin's mix. haven't listened to everything yet because it's still thursday in my world. Great job, guys.
  18. The article makes it sound as though Bound Together was specifically an ocremix project, which is unfortunate. Anywho, this is gonna be huge.
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