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  1. Anyone else notice like, a SERIOUS trend among the least reviewed mixes?? Anywho, this is a really thoughtful idea. I'll be doing my 1 a day once finals are over..
  2. I'm suggesting that generalizing about "traditional" martial arts not being rigorous is foolish and completely incorrect in many instances. In terms of appearance, I'm not sure how you survive in MMA if you can't differentiate how fit one looks as compared to how fit they ARE. Pretty much every MMA person who comes into judo assumes he can get by without learning anything, because he's relatively fit. These people get outlasted and beat routinely.
  3. Judo randori (free practice) is the second best exercise one can do. The first is swimming. And all police officers in Japan are required to be at least a shodon (1st degree black belt) in Judo.
  4. JUDO I'd classify it more as a sport than a Martial art, though it's definitely both. In terms of finishing a fight, being able to finish it off quick is much better. There are certain things that no one, no matter how tough, is built to endure. Chokes are a good example. We had an excellent, super strong judoka on our team for a while who was pretty much unstoppable, until people started choking him. It doesn't matter how built you are, you still need blood flow to the brain.
  5. Christian game, duh. That's like criticizing Barney for being overly didactic.
  6. Personally, I liked the SNES pad. And yeah, nostalgia plays a big part. Never really got into the 6-button on the genesis; I used to blister my knuckles breaking diamond in Mortal Kombat
  7. herograw


    Whatever it's called, it should consist of 99.9% NO's and a handful of YES's Everyone would try to find the lucky YES's. It would be a blast.
  8. Okay I see now. It's two sides to the same coin. I'm saying, "if submissions do not meet one or more of these, they will not be evaluated" in which case 'or' would make sense. You're saying, "submissions must meet all of these, or they will not be evaluated" in which case 'and' would make sense. Anywho, they both mean the same thing so I don't suppose it matters. EDIT: I was acting a bit headstrong earlier, too. Apologies
  9. They only sue little girls and the elderly.
  10. Perhaps appropriate, but definitely not as clear or accurate as "or".
  11. nah, I just sort of used it as an excuse to voice what I liked about oink Besides, his words didn't hint at sarcasm. Perhaps one would know Bahamut was being sarcastic due to previous situations in which he said something similar, but to be truthful I'm still trying to figure out who he is and how exactly he became a mod. I've heard soooo many people say pretty much exactly what he said, being totally serious about it. Generally, these people prefer slsk.
  12. RoooooooFL of course not. Was it because they didn't truly have a wide selection of music? Wait, no. I even recall seeing "Antigravity" on there (no, I didn't download, thank you). Huh, maybe it had to do with poor quality? Unlikely; they pretty much had 3 to 4 different copies of each album in varying quality running the gamut from 192kbps to lossless which, if you enjoy music from ocremix, should be enough. Okay, maybe your dislike had to do with torrent speeds. Then, again, considering I could start and finish an album before iTunes loaded, that's probably not the case. Maybe you just didn't like it because it's somehow cool in this day and age to not like something that's obviously and undeniably good at what it does, regardless of where it stands morally.
  13. official: http://www.ifpi.org/content/section_news/20071023.html other: http://www.thisisthenortheast.co.uk/display.var.1779471.0.police_swoop_to_close_down_illegal_website.php http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/tees/7057812.stm http://in.reuters.com/article/technologyNews/idINIndia-30120020071023 Well, that was just a matter of time. I'd like to note, however, that the articles are incorrect about many aspects of the site in general. I will list the inconsistencies if anyone is interested. One thing I will say is that it's funny how much the article focuses on OiNK's distribution of prerelease albums (totaling 60 this year) as though that was the main function of the site. I'm sure the hundreds of thousands of users didn't come to the site for, say, the million other music, application, ebook, or sound library torrents on the site, all of consistently high quality.
  14. Shouldn't that "and" be an "or"? Just guessing. I'm assuming all three of those criteria don't have to be met for a mix to be barred from evaluation. EDIT: Oh, and the new submission standards are clear, concise, and overall impressive. Good job djp and co.
  15. Why am I seeing this just now? Thanks guys!
  16. 1) Most nerdy comment ever 2) Did your hand like the song as well? OHH 3) This is one of those mixes that can be played for just about any non-gamer and they'll have no idea it came from a video game. So soft, so soothing.... =P 4) Okay fine, I've made out to video game music too.
  17. Well, technically for larry it should be 4/5ths, no?
  18. Guess it's time to start just sending whatever. Gotta fill that queue back up!! Does this mean judges are going to get laid off now?
  19. It's great how you point out the title is bothering you, as opposed to, say, the entire 1st post. and update my kirby mirror already!
  20. so I noticed the forum croaked during the webhost switch...
  21. Isn't living in Mexico punishment enough?? Leave the kid alone D:
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