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    It's a girl!

    whoa, jumbo picture Congrats mr. mr.
  2. Prolly because there's a lot of songs and no one's getting paid to do it?
  3. duh. Also, I have a master playlist that contains EVERYTHING that I like, including ocremixes. So technically I listen every day via ipod shuffle. In terms of staying up to date, this is a problem. I've got all the remixes but they're in a playlist called "pending" along with another 500 random songs that I've grabbed but not listened to. Once in every long while I'll listen through the entire playlist and put each one I like in the master playlist. The other ones stay in the library but usually never get listened to again. and stuff.
  4. http://hosting.thasauce.net/users/Garian/MM3_Intro_-_Blue_Lightning_(A_Disco_Dan_Mix).mp3 ...in case anyone else wanted it. Thanks go to garian
  5. I haven't been able to play thru a new game on my own since Shenmue 2. My video game playing rampage effectively ended with college. Nowadays all I play are classics and multiplayer N64/GameCube games, but more often nothing. Upon moving to hawaii I only took a GBA and have since lost it. So yeah, I know how you feel. I used to read my GamePlayers magazine faithfully and actually ANTICIPATE titles coming out. GamePlayers is long dead and, with exception to SSBB (which I won't end up playing until summer anyway), this is no longer the case. Games I still play: Final Fantasy IV Mario Kart Smash Bros Smash Bros Melee Turok: Rage Wars (Raptor WHAT) Mario Tennis (and to a lesser extent the sequel) Monkeyball for GC RE4 Goldeneye Perfect Dark Conker's Bad Fur Day Tetris Attack etc etc
  6. Born in Monterey, raised in Healdsburg (Northern California), currently attending college in Hawaii.
  7. Yeah, but they didn't have to make that fact so overwhelmingly apparent with the design...
  8. http://youtube.com/watch?v=kJ2CB_RCyp0
  9. RoFL so this thread is about how long everyone's been playing magic right now. Figures.
  10. This is correct. We don't care. At least, not on a personal level. I was going to say more but Fishy's post suffices.
  11. heh, you two are totally cute together... congrats (again)!
  12. I would like to see my friends, family, and girlfriend in California. I would also like to go snowboarding with most of them. That is all
  13. Huh.. usually the spam doesn't complain about being spam. Maybe you ARE real..
  14. Okay so... My only complaint would be that the new lists (especially the system images) are, in my opinion, somewhat distracting when I already know what I'm looking for. But seriously, that's about the only complaint. By and large this is a definite improvement and it should be (and is!) appreciated that dave and co. work continuously to make ocremix a better place. Consistent improvement, whooooo!! EDIT: Ahahaha, beating them to the punch (whoever "them" is)
  15. Until I-N-J-I-N came along I didn't know opinions could be incorrect.
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