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  1. So if the Sinistrals tune is still available I want it. If the Deus tune is still available... I have one recorded that would probably work. I can easily change it if need be.
  2. http://media.putfile.com/mm2-61 Just a very brief sample, it's probably nothing like you need but just thought I'd give it a brief shot. Maybe when I have more than 10 minutes I'll give it another go
  3. Thanks for the input, very helpful. There is no bass because I don't own a bass (yet -- it looks like I'll be purchasing EdgeCrusher's in just under a month), so there's always been that issue. As to the drums, yeah. I'm no drum sequencer.
  4. So uh, if you still need something for the project, I did a song a few days ago before noticing the project here. http://media.putfile.com/Xenogears---Mechanical-God--Create-Corrupt-Consume- It's a remix of Awakening.
  5. I think this is leaps and bounds beyond anything I've done before. Both in terms of the production side (sequencing, mastering, EQing) and musical. It probably helps that I have some of the best source material to work with in Xenogears, too. I think it's pretty much done, melody wise. Just have to tweak a few instances of clipping and I think it's ready. Here's the newest (finished) version: http://media.putfile.com/Xenogears---Awakening And here's the original from the game for comparison: http://media.putfile.com/Xenogears---Awakening-92
  6. Edit #3 (March 4th): Rerecorded it entirely, eliminated the clipping issues that I could tell. Wrote a completely new intro, wrote an actual ending instead of just the abrupt stop. http://media.putfile.com/Xenogears---Mechanical-God If no one can find anything hugely wrong technically or melodically, I am going to resub this tomorrow. Comments? Thanks.
  7. Guys, it's MikeViper. If it even really IS the original MikeViper. If you don't know the story behind him, then yeah, it's a joke post.
  8. I thought it was painfully obvious that this was a joke submission.
  9. http://media.putfile.com/Wilys-Requiem---7-string-sample I've started re-recording it on my new 7 string, and I think it sounds a lot more brutal, as well as melancholy. Who prefers the original, and who prefers this version? Streaming link.
  10. Probably the best metal tune I've ever heard.
  11. Read above messages. No nerd voices, able to go from a somewhat speaking to singing voice.
  12. Tune has been overhauled. It is now at the point where it is ready to have vocals put down on it; everyone who is interested, please message me somehow. I have someone trying out, but that doesn't mean I can't sample other people. Thanks.
  13. What can I say? As a guitar player, the only thing I can do is critique.. and you won't like it. The playing seems very, very sloppy. Especially the more speedy parts. It's almost like you're trying to be showy when the skills just aren't there yet. With practice they'll be there, as the potential is clearly there, but just not yet.
  14. Someone who doesn't sound like a nerd. Not a baritone by any means, but someone able to sound convincing in a sort of talking/singing type.
  15. Thanks for the input. Still looking for a male vocalist if anyone is interested.
  16. http://www.mediafire.com/?ari531tdtsd Alternative streaming link: http://media.putfile.com/Megaman-2---Wilys-Requiem Pumped this out in a few hours. It's not near complete, as there are still some balance issues and I haven't written an intro yet. If anyone is interested, I require a male vocalist that doesn't sound like a nerd for a few lines over the clean part (the end leads during the clean are just there so I can remember the melody; the vocals will replace them). Also appreciate any constructive criticism. Thanks.
  17. Okay, not really, but it's in the same Dethklok/In Flames style. Ibanez S520 into a PodXT Live into steinberg nuendo, with Drumkit from Hell 2. It's just over a minute long, and I have every intention of lengthening it to its fullest, and going beyond the simple cover so far. Any comments? constructive or otherwise? I know the drums suck. Thanks. http://www.mediafire.com/?4j2z4nyupre
  18. Yeah, that's quite a bit of variety. First, a few notes. These were all done at various times throughout the past 5 months; I'd start something, then start another, and then another, and never finish anything. This is more of a call for anyone who wants to collaborate on any of these tunes. And yeah, the volume needs to be boosted on a few of them. Let's start with Silent Hill. Two tunes there. Well, three, kind of. First is a cover of "Letters". And by cover, I mean just me playing guitar over the track because I don't know anyone who can sing and would like to cover the song. But meh. It's just bare guitar chords (plus the open... what was it, C? Yeah, the open C) until the chorus, where more melody comes in. Definately a piece I'm open to collaborating on to finish. Would need a chick who can sing. Well. http://spaceforrent.unmod.net/etc/neko/letter-02.mp3 Next up is the home town music of Bartz/Buttz/whatever he is in the new port, from Final Fantasy 5. This was sort of just me messing around at my girlfriend's house on winter break. There are two versions. Both aren't that great, but one is clearly better than the other. I may revisit this some day. http://spaceforrent.unmod.net/etc/neko/retreat-01.mp3 http://spaceforrent.unmod.net/etc/neko/retreat-02.mp3 And now for something completely different. Death metal. Think In Flames crossed with the extremer side of Dethklok. That's what this Sonic R cover is. It was for the Sonic R project that Walan proposed a while ago and never got around to actually going forward with. I pretty much love how this came out. Even with the gay interlude that really can't be turned into death metal because of its source material. http://spaceforrent.unmod.net/etc/neko/sonic2.mp3 Back to Silent Hill for a second. For those that care to remember, I did a pretty crappy take on Tears Of from the first Silent Hill, back when it was still just guitar----> straight into computer----> straight into software. That's why you can hear hisses when the distortion kicks in. I love the intro on this more than the 2nd version I did. http://spaceforrent.unmod.net/etc/neko/tearsof.mp3 And here's a take on it I did just recently (like, in the past three days). It is kind of bare for the first minute and a half, but the last 40 or so seconds kick into gear. http://spaceforrent.unmod.net/etc/neko/tearsof-02.mp3 The Castlevania is just a snippet that I did yesterday. It was just an idea I had for a much larger tune, and I recorded it so I wouldn't forget it. I've heard it covered and remixed dozens of times, but always either techno-synthy or super hard metal. This takes the same tune and does the opposite. http://spaceforrent.unmod.net/etc/neko/castlevania-05.mp3 Long post is long.
  19. So many children here. I prefer adults who act like children (me).
  20. At this point, this thread should be moved to a WIP forum or something.
  21. If there is nothing to discuss, there is no reason to bump.
  22. I don't give a fuck. The role has been done to death in other movies. It is now a stereotype; a cliche. Silent Hill needs as few horror movie cliches as possible.
  23. The movie is going to suck. Simply due to the fact that it's starring yet another generic female lead to scream in terror at all the opportune moments, so the audience knows what they're seeing is scary. Seriously. The Ring The Grudge That movie that just came out on DVD about dead kids Etc. I'm sick and tired of Hollywood fucking toying with good properties like this. We don't need another horror movie with a scream-happy blonde girl running for her life. Why the fuck can it not be Harry, Hollywood?
  24. I really, REALLY fucking despise the fact that they had to muck around with the characters and make the protagonist a woman. "OOH IT'S A WOMAN PEEPLE WILL BUY MORE TIKKETS BCUZ WIMMAN R VUNLERABLE". Fucking Hollywood. Fucking Konami for letting them do this.
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