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  1. "Tabuu" > Taboo? Probably an original character unless it's just from a game I don't recognize.
  2. Yeah, well, a Mario RPG sounded just as stupid - and look how that turned out. Bioware is one of few companies I still have complete faith in.
  3. I'm gonna make you squeal reeeaaal good!
  4. Nice. One of my favorite stages, much to the dismay of almost all other Smash players out there. I like the music, too, but that may be because I'm so partial to the Temple theme.
  5. Just because atma is being douchy about it doesn't make him any less right. Nintendo sucks hard when it comes to online, and despite high expectations Brawl is looking to be more of the same. Trying to get people to wake up and see that is apparently a lost cause.
  6. Yep yep. It took me about 3 dozen tries, but it's definitely possible! One-hand tap the intro FTW!
  7. Raining Blood is quite possibly the worst travesty of our generation. That is all.
  8. I've made a couple, actually. and Plus I did which I'm rather proud of. Though those videos are a bit outdated...Somebody else made Zelda 64 "SoS" and virt's Contra Megamix. Thinkin' about Prot's MegaMan X "Brainsick Metal" next time I do something from OCR.
  9. Inimitable


    Technically, you're importing Half-Life 2 into Portal.
  10. Still got nothin' on Phoenix Wright.
  11. That maddening JP-only one is still a lot higher on my list than the WarioWare mix. And I like WW...
  12. Mine's been unresponsive for a few days now.
  13. I am so not excited for this character anymore.
  14. Every one of these videos were amazing. Every one.
  15. Yes, you're right. The way he says "Take advantage of its robust tourney-generating functions!" makes it really apparent.
  16. More specifically, Chrono Trigger doesn't run well and has issues with sprites freaking out during animation. I would imagine there are similar issues in all games.
  17. I believe he meant his friend goes blazing past off the edge in an attempt to intercept when he said "he goes blazing past."
  18. Ah, I'm definitely excited for this. I for one am glad they kept online play simple. Leaderboards and all that stuff just lead to people playing for reasons other than fun. Though I really wish Nintendo would just do away with individual friend codes and use an all-encompassing Wii system friend code. It's just as safe (kid-friendly) and you don't have to deal with getting every number for every friend.
  19. Main Entry: dirge Pronunciation: 'd&rj Function: noun Etymology: Middle English dirige, the Office of the Dead, from the first word of a Late Latin antiphon, from Latin, imperative of dirigere to direct -- more at DRESS 1 : a song or hymn of grief or lamentation; especially : one intended to accompany funeral or memorial rites 2 : a slow, solemn, and mournful piece of music 3 : something (as a poem) that has the qualities of a dirge Also, there are way too many hit-and-runs goin on here. I started downloading really recently and finished just 10 ago. SEED, people!
  20. I has faulty memory and detective skills
  21. So, one song on each stage. There at at least 3 Zelda songs in that screen, possibly 4. Although it may be bad to assume that just because a song is in there it will have its own stage.
  22. Pure unadulterated win is RIGHT. Yet another stage for tourney junkies to complain about.
  23. To whoever was wondering it Charizard's recovery would be a flying move, well...
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