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  1. +1 happy birthday wishes to the man who got me to join this site.
  2. I rate both this week's game and review a resounding "meh." Don't buy it unless you liked the previous games.
  3. I think 12 years later we ought to be allowed to talk spoilers. edit: ninja'd while I looked up exactly when the game came out! Damn you math!
  4. I can't support a decision to remove dedicated servers entirely, it's ridiculous and a just plain horrible idea from the gamer's standpoint (clearly not the developer's standpoint). If they ship with a "dual option" I'm fine with that - most likely, most of my time (certainly not all) would be spent using the matchmaking. But to not even have the option of user-created content and other custom servers... well, that's just dumb.
  5. Pulling out the fanboy card so quickly? I really hate this argument, so I'll summarize a different way. Look, the screenshots don't look very good when you compare them to the awesome concept art. OK. Got it. But this is the first time we've even seen the game, and we haven't seen much of it. Maybe it's like Wind Waker or Okami that only looks good once it's in motion (setting the bar too high, probably, but you get the idea)? There have also been some great Wii games without waggle as well as some great motion-controlled games - to automatically assume wii game = bad control is silly. In fact, one of the core mechanics of the game is the painting effect; as that will clearly make or break the game I doubt someone like Spector would just let it fall into "break." Or it could be a crapfest with waggle and Disney and n64 textures. Point is we really can't tell yet and it's still a year away. The article seems to indicate that Spector (who has a great track record, obviously) has a good idea of where this game needs to go to be great. At this point, that's enough for me. If we see gameplay a few months from now that looks catastrophic, I've got no problem abandoning all hope. But I've got no reason to yet...
  6. <+Brushfire> Lets go ahead and break it down <OCRE> please do! <+Brushfire> Starting score of 100 <+Brushfire> The Game: Epic Mickey <+Brushfire> +20 Points <+Brushfire> 120 <OCRE> right <+Brushfire> On the Wii <+Brushfire> 0 Points because the state of "being on the wii" makes the following deductions superfluous <+Brushfire> 120 <+Brushfire> Possibly marred by terrible Wii Controls, but maybe not because there have been lots of games without horrible waggle? <OCRE> possible shitty motion controls <OCRE> yeah <+Brushfire> 0 <+Brushfire> 120 <+Brushfire> Supported by limited graphical power but with the potential to be a beautiful game nonetheless depending on how the art comes across in motion? Let's go with this just to be safe <+Brushfire> -30 <+Brushfire> 90 <+Brushfire> Cool Concept art <+Brushfire> +10 <+Brushfire> 100 <+Brushfire> The fact that all the sense in the world can't make up for the fact that I love making assumptions about games under the direction of someone who has not produced a Wii game before <+Brushfire> 0 <OCRE> 0 <+Brushfire> So outta score of 100 <+Brushfire> Epic Mickey gets a 100 Did I get that right?
  7. From the article it sounds like Spector has a good handle on it. I've still got hope for this one even if it doesn't live up to the awesome concept art.
  8. This would be a much more interesting thread.
  9. Also worth note is Rhythm Authors, a group that works with music authors to get their charts onto RBN. Essentially they're the "give us music and we'll make the chart" folks. I've known a lot of the people who got selected for this group for a long time, so I can vouch for them. There's also the option of getting someone from OCR to do the charting and avoiding a third party, but I suppose the plausibility of that depends on who is interested (I am, for the record. I am just learning to use REAPER - the midi editor RBN charters use - and its specific uses, but I've been charting custom songs for some time now).
  10. I feel like Nintendo just came out with a new one (the DSi). Despite the fact that it's more just another upgrade to the DS... Wait what am I saying? This is standard business practice for them. Bring on the new hardware!
  11. Seems it is: HEARTWARMER: In a Versus round, leave the saferoom to defibrillate a dead teammate. Though at this point, who knows how it works.
  12. Holy shit. I just want to point out how awesome it is to get a 25k budget for a new studio. That is pretty damn awesome.
  13. I will definitely be having a listen! Most of ZREO was good, so I'm looking forward to this one. Edit: Well... The Metroid one sounds great... But to be honest the original Metroid Prime versions of Magmoor and the fanfare sounded much better than the MREO versions.
  14. To be honest the new mode doesn't sound like all that much fun, but that's what I said about Survival too. So I guess I'll just wait for more info or videos.
  15. Sure, I'd love to. If you don't have access to the Wily tracks now maybe I'll find a different track to work on (or wait until Agony of Man is released and do something from that; the previews sound awesome). I added you on AIM so I'll talk to you through there or PM depending on how elusive you are on IM clients.
  16. When I first heard this song (a couple months after it was released in dod) it brought me to the startling realization that the windows pinball really did have music. Mind boggling. And it sounds good - I'll do it!
  17. Well, I just recently finished working with Kidd Cabbage on Treason, from the FF4 Echoes of Light, Betrayal of Redemption album. He provided me with separate tracks and actually went though the entire chart with me after I got back to him with a WIP... I think it turned out really well! Guitar + Rhythm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBuu4r2IyF8 Drums: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbp7gpLJGGw To be honest I expected a bigger response to this; Fishy was the only one that I got ahold of through this thread (Kidd Cabbage I contacted via YouTube). Either there is significantly less interest here than I thought or you guys just think I'm a wanker. Unless there is a different forum that would be more suitable for this topic?
  18. Holy crap it's real! All this time I still figured it was a pipe dream. So... who's making a wallpaper out of the full cover?
  19. I can't believe anyone would recommend ToeJam and Earl 2 over the original. That is simply mind boggling.
  20. I've only played Crash Course a couple times, so I'm definitely down. I'm not friends with a lot of OCR players though, just a member of the ocr group. I'm "theinimitable" on Steam.
  21. Hey Fishy, Can do. Find me on AIM (or I'll find you).
  22. Shifty? Haha, no, as long as there's no copyright material wandering around (and obviously no profits being made) there's no issue. Harmonix (the makers of the Guitar Hero 1-2 and Rock Band) even made a sizable donation to the community a year or so back. Both Harmonix and Neversoft are well aware of the custom community and have made no attempt or requests to stop it. The programs used to inject custom songs are made by amateur coders from the community and are, almost invariably, harmless. You can use the PC version of GH3 or GH: World Tour to load custom songs, but it's also available on PS2, 360 (to a small extent), and Wii. Personally, I use the Wii version of Rock Band 2. The only limitation is it's generally a bad idea to play online with leaderboards (for obvious reasons).
  23. I've been a part of ScoreHero - a community based around the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises - for a few years now. Over the last half decade, some fine coders have created programs that allow us to create custom note charts and import them into almost every version of the game(s) available. Over the last couple years I've been creating notecharts for all sorts of songs, including a bunch of OC ReMixes. I've talked with a few of the remixers in the past and worked with them, and generally I find the direct interaction between me and the remixer ends up in a far superior product than just me trying to tackle it. So far I've worked with Ailsean, Fishy, Kidd Cabbage, Prince of Darkness, and others. You can see a selection of what I've done so far here (some of these are from Dwelling of Duels, VGMix, commercial, etc, but you get the idea). For a look at all of my charts, you can visit my thread on ScoreHero if you're curious. Ailsean - Final Fantasy 6 “Terra in Black” ( ) Armcannon - Rygar Medley ( ) ( ) Evil Horde - Doom II “Running From Evil Horde” ( ) ( ) Fishy - FF7 "Omnislash" ( ) ( ) goat - Castlevania 2 "No Flesh Allowed" ( ) ( ) Kidd Cabbage - Final Fantasy 4 “Treason” (Guitar/Rhythm) (Drums) Nekofrog - MegaMan 2 “Wily’s Requiem” ( ) ( ) Powerglove - Mario Minor (Guitar/Rhythm) (Drums) Prince of Darkness - Red Alert “Hell March to the Apocalypse” (Guitar/Rhythm) (Drums) Sixto Sounds - Tales of Symphonia “Go the Distance” (Guitar/Rhythm) (Drums) SnappleMan - Chrono Trigger “I Could Be Banned Soon Trigger” ( ) ( ) virt - Super Metroid “Crystal Flash” (Guitar/Rhythm , , and ) (Drums , , and )Please note that some of these videos may be pretty old! They probably don’t reflect the current state of the chart. Anyway! I’m telling you this because I’m interested in working with more remixers to create some cool custom songs. I like to think it’s a win-win: I get to produce some fun content, and you get your remix in its miniaturized, plastic Rock Band form. In case I haven’t made it clear yet, I have no affiliation with the game or developers officially! I’m just a dude who likes to contribute to community efforts to expand the song selection. If you're interested in the Rock Band Network (an official online store for original music), you can contact me via email or AIM, but that's not what this thread is about. What I’m looking for more specifically is the following: A guitar-driven (or convincing synth-driven) remix that is supported by a rhythm guitar (or bass) and drums. There’s no point in translating your remix if it’s not going to translate well! I don’t do vocal charts, sorry. If your mix contains vocals that's fine, but unless you make an incredible argument for it I really don't like charting them (they're quite tedious). [*]A remixer who’s willing and able to part with his/her separate recordings/tracks. Not only do separate tracks make it easier to chart accurately, it also makes the game much more fun to play when the instrument you’re playing drops when you miss a note (like in the official songs). Tabs are a bonus! They make my life easier. Another bonus: Someone who doesn't mind spending a little bit of time discussing the chart with me to ensure it's accurate. If you can’t offer any of these, I have to say I’m not interested! If I wanted to do it without help/cooperation I wouldn’t need this thread. [*]A sufficient amount of awesome. Because I dun wanna do it if it’s not awesome. I think that’s it for requirements! I’m not too picky about it. If you’re interested, let’s hear it! If you’re one of the remixers listed up there who I’ve already contacted, I’d still love to head back from you again if you find the interest or time. If you’re one of the remixers listed up there who I haven’t contacted yet, you’re invited twice as much. If you’re not up there but want to be... Well, there seems to be only one solution. And again, if you're interested in the Rock Band Network (an official online store for original music), you can contact me via email or AIM.
  24. Well it's comforting to know that, given any point in the map, one is never more than 10 feet away from another pistol to pick up. Kind of. And achievements have been bugged since the beginning!
  25. Lurking for 6 years takes its toll on a man.
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