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  1. Ah, so it's the original Dragonball. That's why it was so very not-Dragonball Z. This makes sense! Now, I never saw Dragonball in its entirety, but wasn't Goku a kid throughout the series? That's what made me assume it was DBZ. Either way, this isn't "cheese," this is just bad.
  2. The original link seems to be broken, but you can watch it here as well: http://dragonball-trailer.blogspot.com/ I really don't understand how there can be no giant lasers or people being thrown into mountainsides in this trailer. Or ANYTHING remotely DBZ besides names.
  3. The second game is Silent Hill 2. (I have earned Yahtzee's utter disgust! Whoo!)
  4. Been waiting almost three years! I hope the first listen-through of this album is as amazing as DSoP's was. Thanks to everyone who contributed! EDIT: Just listened to it. Amazing album. My favorite tracks gotta be The End of Hell and Icon of Sinwave, but every track on there was quality stuff. Bravo, guys!
  5. At first the GH4-Rock Band 2 battle was confusing... But since the RB2 instruments are all backwards compatible, it seems the decision has gotten a lot easier! ...At least for now.
  6. There is not a font large enough to properly express the amount of I am feeling right now.
  7. They already build that into the game for you! It's called "playing on Hard." This way you don't even have to hope to ruin it for the rest of us who spend too much time playing the game!
  8. Inimitable


    I think I'm going to wait til the full version comes out so I can experience full mind blowage. But damn this is tempting! Another game I thought would "never" come out is getting pretty close...
  9. I've been using this one for... Well, as long as I can remember on this site. Picked it probably just because I love the manga so much.
  10. I've got a wall-sized projector here that I use for gaming and HD TV. It was about $700 for a 720p projector, and the colors work out well - but you really do have to dedicate a room to the projector. Like others have mentioned, a dark room is necessary during the day, so blackout curtains are an investment you'd probably want to think about, as well as a projector screen. Certain types of fairly cheap tile can be used for that, though, and it works out quite nicely. A TV is much less of a hassle, definitely, but a properly set up projector and room makes 120-inch HD GTA4 something to behold.
  11. I can probably join you guys somewhat regularly. My SteamID is TheInimitable I felt kinda lonely in there last time without an [OCR] tag!
  12. Well, this is the first I've heard of this. I'm not a huge fan of Stratovarius, but to see one of the biggest names in the genre go down is a sad thing indeed.
  13. I've yet to find a way to get a program like iTunes or Winamp to display 4-character-long track numbers... And believe me, I've tried!
  14. Say what! Didn't see this one coming. Welcome back!
  15. Good thing my PayPal balance was a touch over $10. I managed to send it over before I forgot about it again.
  16. I'm interested in the tourney, even if there's no chance I'll win against some of the more seasoned players 'round these parts. I sent you an IM, arek.
  17. The maze. I hate it so much. So very much.
  18. Do us a favor and stop playing for a week while those of us who haven't been playing for the last month catch up.
  19. Same here. The servers are probably exploding; I'm sure it'll calm down eventually.
  20. Truly powerful. My musical world has been reset.
  21. lolwut? I don't know if you're got some crazy lefty-flip going on in your head, but the original games have low notes on green and high on orange... And so does this chart. And every other chart.
  22. Of course I do, I created them. However, I'm a bit against the idea of distributing them outside of ScoreHero for a number of reasons. First being that I created these charts for my own enjoyment and to give back to the SH community. Second, there's a ton of information people need to understand before they can put these custom charts to good use (less so for GH3 PC, but there's still reading and comprehension involved). To create a list here would be doing them a disservice, as most people would have no access to the necessary tools or information. Perhaps a better solution is to create a list of all available OCR charts, provide videos, etc, and instead link to ScoreHero's main tutorial thread so they can learn properly how to use these custom charts. After they know that, obtaining the charts is very easy and obtaining the MP3s is even easier. Check out this ScoreHero thread. I assure you, that's just YouTube being awful. In-game the chart is flawlessly synced; the tools available to make custom charts allow the creators to be accurate to the thousandth of a second if they're willing to dedicate the time to making it correct. Oh! And Live at Sandopolis was already created by the talented HellAshes, so maybe don't get too attached:
  23. GH3 PC doesn't run well, but there are tools available to help it a bit. I use a tool that makes the background completely black. Since I never look at it anyway, why bother rendering all of it? Plus, the charts made in the scorehero community are designed for GH2 until GH3 hacks progress a little bit more. Almost all custom charts can be and are supposed to be used for GH2, it just so happens that importing them into GH3 PC instead of burning a DVD is a lot easier. Anyway. I've made a couple charts. Ailsean's FF6 "Terra in Black" and N-Jekted's Doom "Purgatory" The former is a little messed up due to being a GH2 chart in the GH3 engine (usually it's not a problem, but sometimes it gets picky). The sustains are a little too short and the hammer-ons are wrong in some places. The latter is an out of date video, but it's the only one I have. Also, please ignore YouTube's inherent audio/video desynchronization... My crowning achievement is virt's Super Metroid "Crystal Flash," which technically isn't an OC Remix, I suppose. That's here (split because of length). This one is also an outdated video; I've made a lot of changes/improvements since then: Part 1: http://ie.you tube.com/watch?v=yO1NFvL4dhw Part 2: http://ie.you tube.com/watch?v=qcqRM_G1Fj8 Part 3: http://ie.you tube.com/watch?v=CaL18H7naow Remove the space in "youtube" in the links. I don't want to imbed too many in one post.
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