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  1. I have returned to the OCR forums after a long, long time to say that this mix is positively coated in awesomesauce. Fantastic job in every regard.
  2. I will totally get in on this thread once it's in off-topic. EDIT: Well, maybe before then, but sadly I can't spare too much time today.
  3. AW YEAH, update! Nice, very very nice. Honestly, I can see this thing getting accepted. It's all kinds of awesome from where I sit. Awesome drumwork you added in there, and the samples are QUALITY.
  4. In concept, AWESOME. In execution, fairly awesome. CONTINUE, por favor. Has potential for insta-win.
  5. I concur with all of the above. If you de-MIDI this bad boy, it would be incredible.
  6. OK, totally finish this, first off. Second off, I don'r mind the intro without drums at all, the only problem is I was expecting the drum beat to really CRUNCH when it came in in earnest. Beef up the sound, maybe add a break or two, EQ it, and expand your rhythms, and you'll be in business.
  7. Definitely could be worse for a first shot. Beef up the drums and bass, add some more original stuff, perhaps even some breaks, and we may just be in business. Keep at it!
  8. Has potential for super deliciousness. Also, I feel like it could be rapped over at points. Neither a bad nor good thing, just an observation. WORK on this!
  9. Light, cheerful, cheesy, infectious, and potentially awesome. Keep at it!
  10. Well, I almost hope you update this but make any new version a seperate file, so that we can all enjoy both versions, because like I said, delicious.
  11. No static here. Lord almighty this mix is delicious. I'd submit it, personally.
  12. 1:05 in Part 1 is the chippization of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" fron "Rock N' Roll Racing". What now biatches?! 4:39-ish in part 1 (the drum beat anyway) is the Veldt in FF6. The melody comes back in in like 5:38 until about 6:17. Part 2 at 2:38 is, in part, Gato's theme, then at 3:14-ish, in comes the auction house/some other areas theme from FF6. 4:22 is the End of Time from CT mixed with something I vaguely recognize.
  13. Very tasty indeed. I like. Awesome industrial interpretation of a track that begs to be industrialized. Devil's Lab is more machine than man now....
  14. I've been looking for a Magus mix I really like for ages now, and I have found one. Yay Beatdrop.
  15. ROCK ON. Fantastic stuff. I=floored. Thanks for the most rocktastic fanfare ever, might I add. If you rock this hard, you could probably kick my ass, I'll admit it right now. I sincerely hope you keep it up. The remix community needs more rock of this caliber, and female representation. You kill two birds with one stone.
  16. Yeah. Not bad in theory, in fact potentially awesome, but reeks of MIDI.
  17. Needs lengthening and a bit of EQ/panning work, but damn, this thing is teh sex.
  18. Zircon, this is awesome. I liked it from stage 1 and have been tracking it since, and the original was good too. But the final product? Full on eargasm, my friend. Keep this quality stuff comin'.
  19. Well I was gonna start from scratch and try again 'cause I may have tweaked something accidentally. Anybody know where that FAQ webpage was that explained how to do it? All the links in the beginning of the thread seem to be dead.
  20. Wow man. I enjoyed this all the way back in the WiP stage, and the finished version is fantastic. 16? Woah, I'd kill to have your skill NOW, and I turn 19 a week from tomorrow. Nurture this gift, man, 'cause you sure got it, and I look forward to your future efforts.
  21. Yeah, thanks, and again I could see no discrepancies, but I'll figure it out.
  22. Believe I did, but I'll double-check. If it doesn't work I don't know what's wrong. Oh, would the fact that it's the demo mean anything? I'm just messing around for now to try to get a feel for it. I don't think it would but that'd be something to check for on the site (they probably list demo limitations). I do believe the only limitations are not being able to save anything but anything MIDI related could possibly be restricted also. Well, I couldn't see any demo related issues, where'd that FAQ go? It was on a webpage, broke it down step by step....hm.
  23. Believe I did, but I'll double-check. If it doesn't work I don't know what's wrong. Oh, would the fact that it's the demo mean anything? I'm just messing around for now to try to get a feel for it.
  24. Believe I did, but I'll double-check. EDIT: Yeah, did, nothing, maybe one of the other seetings is off, let me double check the tutorial...
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