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    Pokemon MMO

    Fun fact: I was lead GFX on the N-Pulse server for a short while back in the day. At any rate, I saw the trailer for this about a month ago, but never tried it. I may give it a shot tonight after work. Edit: My character's name is Binjovi.
  2. I figured there'd be problems. Pretty much always happens with big content updates like this no matter what game it is. At any rate, I'm excited to get in and play. =D
  3. I played a little yesterday evening and came to the same conclusion I did when I played during the beta: having to stop moving to do an attack is extremely annoying. It's particularly frustrating after playing games like Guild Wars 2 or Skyrim that don't require you to be firmly planted in order to pull off an attack. It's a fun game otherwise; I just need to get used to it. =/ Oh, I rolled an elven archer named Jovii on Tyrannas. I'm still only level 2 or 3 though.
  4. I'm sure there are a few other Kyles lurking around here somewhere. At any rate, happy birthday, dude.
  5. Will do! You want an invite into the OCR guild as well? Also, a thought occurred to me. I run Guild Wars 2 through Steam, so if anyone is really curious as to when I'm playing and what I'm playing, you can just friend request me there. Binjovi is my name there as well.
  6. My work schedule isn't very steady, but if I'm on I'll likely be on after 8:00 pm central time. It is a shame we're not just all on one server, but at least we'll finally have guesting.
  7. Just a heads-up here, ArenaNet is going to be finally implementing the free guesting feature on January 28th. This means those of us on other servers will finally be able meet up to play PvE together. Guesting will not allow you to play WvW on the server you're guesting on, but just about everything else should work as normal. On the flip side to this, free server transfers will be a thing of the past. You'll need to pay a number of gems to do a complete transfer to another server. Higher population servers will be more expensive to transfer to than low population servers. I realize not many are playing at the moment, but now would be the time to discuss whether or not we want to move the guild over to another server. Personally I'm perfectly fine with Yak's Bend and would prefer to stay, but considering the fact that we have a limited time to move for free, I figured I should bring it up. Again, guesting will be totally free and will allow us all to play together anyway no matter what we choose. Oh, and in the event we stay put, it's my guess a lot of people will be switching around. Anyone not on Yak's Bend might consider trying to hop on with us (if interested) since there's a chance you'll be able to catch it while it's not full.
  8. Hey, congratulations! I wish you both the best of luck.
  9. Looks good, but she looks more black and red than grey and orange on my screen. Makes her look like Meiko. I'm curious: what did you use to create it? I've been long considering trying to whip up some 3D models of the girls.
  10. I figured it was a MAGFest thing. I've been meaning to go for a long time, but it just never works out.... Ahem! How different is it exactly? Is it still using the same basic colors or are we totally shifting styles here? I'm really curious now. If it's different enough I want to start sketching out ideas. =P
  11. I think technically the original version of the site was a green layout back when it was still very much an offshoot of the original OverClocked website. I think it only stayed that way a couple of months though, so I never really counted it. Or maybe v5 is actually this darker gray version that we have now. The site has evolved and changed slightly as the years have gone on.... Still, it's really the color scheme and visual impact of the site that determines the "-tan" so unless the layout and colors change significantly, 4 will still work. Also, you have a source on that info?
  12. To be perfectly honest, I'm kinda sad that they've broken the reptile theme with the grass starter. I guess I always kinda knew deep down they would abandon it (and serperior already changed the theme from dinosaurs to reptiles), but the new guy has me actually considering choosing one of the other guys. Don't get me wrong, I think Chespin looks great. I guess I'll just have to see what they turn into. This is the first time I've felt like I actually had to make a decision when picking; I've always just defaulted to the grass because I knew I'd like it.
  13. I'm actually just now getting back into the game. The reason I stopped showing up was because the game was constantly crashing on me. I got new computer parts for Christmas, and not only does the game run a lot better, it hasn't crashed on me yet. I think the biggest problem with the game isn't so much not having anything to do (there's still tons of stuff I haven't explored or done) but that it's not nearly as fun when you don't have some pals to share the adventure with.
  14. Haven't even listened to it (I don't need to). I just straight up bought it. Thanks for makin' these, Proto. I eat 'em up (they are delicious)!
  15. Combat is going to take a while no matter what system you use. At least one person in every group is going to deliberate over what move would be most effective. One option to keep things moving would be to set a timer on everyone's turn. If the time runs out, your turn is skipped.
  16. K-Wix has pretty much said everything I was going to say. I might like to hop in to play once in a while. I prefer 4th edition for it's simplicity, and it's been ages since I played 3.5, but whichever one works for me. Also, while I realize learning a new system might be more trouble than it's worth, you might want to look into the Savage Worlds system. It's designed to kick out the clutter and keep the game moving along. Plus it's just a system and not bound to any particular setting. While pulp action/adventure is where it shines most, it can handle a large variety of settings quite well.
  17. I've had a couple of his songs pop up while listening to various other electronic stations, but I never thought to look for a Zircon station. Gonna go do that now....
  18. I'm really glad you like it! It's an idea that came to me a few days ago and, after trying to push the image away to no avail, I just had to get it out. I had a lot of fun drawing and coloring it too. Just keep on making awesome jazzy 9-bit music, man. I eat that stuff up! =P
  19. It's not really related to OCR-Tan (though she does have fancy headphones), but I wanted to go ahead and post this bit of Proto-dome fan art: Click for a larger version, and you can find an even larger version in my DeviantArt gallery. I'm a big fan of Proto-dome's series of Blue Albums (I can't wait for Blueshift!) and since there's a character to draw, I figured I'd do my own spin on "Blue-chan." Just so I'm not completely off-topic here, I did do a bit of work on the timeline on the previous page and have updated it accordingly: Click for the larger, changed version. Dates have been corrected, 3 has had her bass redone, and her lines have been cleaned up considerably, and 4 is now sporting her guitar.
  20. I really like this thread. It's a cool project. Here are a bunch I thought of. I'm trying to keep the definitions real general as they can often apply to various types of games. AoE - Area of Effect. A skill or ability that affects an area instead of a single target. PBAoE - Player-based Area of Effect. A variant of AoE that only surrounds the player. DOT - Short for damage over time. An effect, often in the form of a debuff that slowly drains or ticks away HP over a set amount of time. HOT - Short for healing over time. An effect, often in the form of a buff that slowly increases HP over a set amount of time. DPS - Short for damage per second. Used to refer to a player or NPC's ability to consistently dish out damage to their opponent. NPC - Short for non-player character. Refers to a character within the game world that is not controlled by the player. PC - Short for player character. Refers to a character within the game that the player controls. GG - Good game. Used when a group of players perform admirably either in co-op, or competitive game modes. Sometimes used as a gracious admission of defeat. "You beat me. GG, man." Macro - Short for macro-management. Refers to the overall strategy of a game often through collection, spending, and general management of a player's resources. Character Level - A typically numerical system for measuring the general strength or progression of a character. Usually simply referred to as level. Frag or Kill - The beating of an in-game opponent, usually by depleting their HP. Mob - Shorthand for mobile. Refers to any NPC (most commonly enemies) that moves around the game world. Map, Stage, Course, Track, or Level - An area or arena within a game that provides a setting for the player or players to interact with. Minigame - A game within a game usually of smaller scope and using different mechanics from the main game. Often optional or used as a way to break up repetitious aspects of the main game. Cutscene - An animated scene where the player has little to no control over the events taking place. Quick Time Event - A cross between a minigame and a cutsene. Usually an animated scene where the player is prompted to press certain button combinations in order to succeed and continue playing the main game. Lives or 1-UPs - Typically the amount of attempts a player is allowed to make before getting a game over. Extra lives can often be acquired as items or through other methods within the game. Game Over - A state of the game wherein a player must start over from the beginning or from a recent checkpoint. This usually comes about due to the player losing HP or lives. Checkpoint - A point in the game's story or world that a player may return to upon getting a game over.
  21. Zerg or Zerg Rush - The quick amassing of a large number of players or player-controlled units to rush and overwhelm the opponent(s). Buff - A—usually temporary—enhancement to one's abilities or stats. Debuff - A—usually temporary—reduction to one's abilities or stats. Nuke, Spike Damage, or Burst Damage - A tactic wherein a player spams their highest damaging attacks to cause massive damage and bring down their opponent's HP as quickly as possible, often times through the use of buffs. Powerleveling - Increasing one's character level as quickly as possible through various methods including bots or having stronger players assist you. Max Level or Level Cap - The highest character level allowed by the game."I just hit the level cap last night. I'm finally max level!" Stack - The ability for more than one of the same benefit or buff to be applied at one time. "Oh, you mean those two +10% damage buffs don't stack? Lame." QQ - An ascii depiction of crying eyes. Often used to insinuate that another player is whining for no good reason. "More pew pew, less QQ"
  22. It's an older one, but you can add "frag" to the list. MMOs have created a good amount of these types of things too. Like "aggro" meaning to become the one being attacked by an enemy. Speaking of enemies—though I'm not sure if it counts since it also exists as an actual word—what about "mob?" I believe it originated from old MUDs and stands for mobile. "Proc" is another one that's used to indicate when something that has a percent chance of activating does so. A sword that has an occasional chance to inflict a burn condition on hit for instance. When it triggers, it has "proc'd." Edit: Almost forgot about DC'd, meaning disconnected.
  23. Yeah, I have to say, as frustrating as it was going through the explorable, I actually had a blast completing it. The only parts that really sucked were the huge groups of enemies that we had to wade through. Most of the other fights seemed to have some little trick or quirk to them that made them a lot easier when done "right." Overall, pretty enjoyable. Now I want to see what the other two paths are.
  24. Well, considering I've actually never finished any of the stories, any of those titles would be nice. I mostly play the game solo (and pretty casually) so I keep running into missions where heroes and henchmen just can't cut it. In Prophecies, there's that mission where you have to cap various points before the White Mantle do, and Cyndr the Mountain Heart near the end of the EotN storyline seems nearly impossible with only me trying to carry the explosives and him nuking my heroes in a Pyroclastic Shot or two.
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