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  1. Waka Waka. I'm super stoked for this game, you guys!
  2. While I didn't actually know about the comic beforehand, I started checking out remixes on the site somewhere around 1999 or 2000. I used to check out midis on VGMusic, then decided to look up remixes and ended up finding OCR almost straightaway. One of the best decisions I've ever made.
  3. I'd just like to point out that that video might be fake, but quantum levitation is indeed a real thing and could easily be used to make such a setup. Check it out!
  4. If there's one thing I regret, it's not hanging out with you guys as much as I should have. I met a few of you, and that was super-cool, but I didn't really hang out. I guess I'm a lurker in real life like I'm a lurker here in the forums, or maybe being my first MAGfest I was just crazy-overwhelmed. Whatever the case, if I go again next year, I'm gonna force myself to meet more of you guys. If there's another thing I regret it's that I missed the OCU show. Somehow I got times mixed up and didn't get there until everyone was packing stuff up.
  5. Well, I'm already sick and MAGfest hasn't even started. I have such great luck.... I'm hoping it'll run it's course in the next couple days. I'll be bringing a copy of Project M as well, just in case. You can add me to GroupMe too.
  6. Thanks! Anime is mostly what I do, but other styles aren't out of the question.

  7. Not sure. There are a few people you could be, but I think I can guess where you know me from. =P

  8. Hey, glad you enjoy it. Most of why I do what I do is so others can enjoy it. Also, my little board is pretty empty, so thanks for filling it in with some more comments. Not weird in the slightest. ;-)

  9. Thanks, buddy! Happy late birthday to you too.

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