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  1. Waka Waka. I'm super stoked for this game, you guys!
  2. While I didn't actually know about the comic beforehand, I started checking out remixes on the site somewhere around 1999 or 2000. I used to check out midis on VGMusic, then decided to look up remixes and ended up finding OCR almost straightaway. One of the best decisions I've ever made.
  3. I'd just like to point out that that video might be fake, but quantum levitation is indeed a real thing and could easily be used to make such a setup. Check it out!
  4. If there's one thing I regret, it's not hanging out with you guys as much as I should have. I met a few of you, and that was super-cool, but I didn't really hang out. I guess I'm a lurker in real life like I'm a lurker here in the forums, or maybe being my first MAGfest I was just crazy-overwhelmed. Whatever the case, if I go again next year, I'm gonna force myself to meet more of you guys. If there's another thing I regret it's that I missed the OCU show. Somehow I got times mixed up and didn't get there until everyone was packing stuff up.
  5. Well, I'm already sick and MAGfest hasn't even started. I have such great luck.... I'm hoping it'll run it's course in the next couple days. I'll be bringing a copy of Project M as well, just in case. You can add me to GroupMe too.
  6. I watch Game Grumps fairly regularly too. Others that I haven't seen mentioned (but sorry if I've just missed them) are The Game Theorists, and the three separate channels of Vsauce: Vsauce, Vsauce2, and Vsauce3, though they're not specifically game-related.
  7. I've not been bored with any Pokémon game, honestly. Hoenn would probably be my least favorite of the six, though. At this point I'm looking for more safaris, and people who want to do rotation battles with me. 0232-8252-8549 is my friend code. My safari is steel with Skarmory, Ferroseed and Bronzong.
  8. Another oldbie here. While I didn't find OCR through it, the comic was still in full swing during the time. Like many of the stories before me, I had been checking out midis on VGmusic for a while before I realized people were making music in MP3 format (which was pretty new to me at the time too). I think the first thing I found was a non-OCR Super Mario techno or dance mix. I loved it and immediately started searching for more. Luckily I stumbled upon OCR and I've been lurking around ever since.
  9. It's not a set of keys.... it's a pokémon that holds your keys. Or maybe it takes them and that's what happens to your keys when you lose them. Either way, it's rather adorable. =P
  10. Frankly, I'm quite pleased with Chesnaught. Cool name, and it's obviously based on a Glyptodon--yet again keeping the grass starter prehistoric. That makes me happy. The whole RPG class triad is a pretty cool concept, though Frogue would have been a far better name for Greninja, in my opinion. Still, these three are alright with me.
  11. Still can't beat Magcargo, whose 18,000 degree (fahrenheit) temperature is only matched by lightning and white dwarf stars.
  12. I think I remember something like this.... If I recall correctly it wasn't the exact song, but a very similar sound-alike, which happens quite often. I do know that they originally wanted to use an already established song for the original Zelda overworld though, so there may still be something to this.
  13. A little late to the party here, but I made my own version of the OCR shirt as my first design and thought I'd share it:
  14. I was and am very pleased with the Brawl roster. Mewtwo and Roy being excluded and not having a Dr. Mario costume for Mario was a bit of a bummer though. If it was up to me, I'd probably keep most of the lineup from Brawl. Ike will likely get replaced with some other FE character (probably someone from Awakening), and Lucario will probably be moved over for someone else (possibly Mewtwo again since he's apparently a big deal in X and Y). The one character I'd be happy getting rid of would be R.O.B. I mean, he's not even a game character. If you want a robot, use one of the Ray models from Custom Robo or something. You might as well make "Wii Remote" a character at this point. It's hardware too. =/
  15. I really liked your old "Your RPG-Playin' Ass" clips. I also dig things like Extra Credits, Did You Know Gaming, and Game Theory. Egoraptor's Sequelitis series is quite entertaining to me as well. I also enjoy learning about game lore and even reading people's theories and speculations regarding game lore. I guess I like learning interesting things related to games. Modding and hacking is a good one, too. I don't do much of it myself, but I do like seeing and using the things others are able to create. It's all very fascinating.
  16. Hi! o/ Click to enlarge.
  17. New picture: Click above for the big version. Make it your wallpaper or something! I've got more planned....
  18. A little bit esoteric, but for anyone who plays Guild Wars 2, all this month they've been running a deal-a-day sale in the in-game store. I've seen several boosters, outfits, makeover kits, and misc. items going for cheap so far.
  19. In a similar vein, my brother and I often associate games with the snacks or foods we eat or ate while playing. Super Smash Brothers: Melee and Jack in the Box, Metal Gear Solid and Chex cereal; Metal Slug and Steak 'n' Shake with sparkling grape juice. My sister associates Resident Evil with Peanut Butter M&M's.
  20. The smell of baking bread reminds me of the Christmas my brother and I got Pokémon. When unboxing a brand new electronic device and catching a whiff, I recall opening my GameCube for the first time (the first console I bought entirely on my own.) The scent of a new house brings back memories of playing Final Fantasy XI.
  21. While it's very possible the name Sylveon refers to sylph, it could just as easily be referring to sylvan, spirits of the woods—or sometimes fairies or elves. Both the Japanese and French versions use "nymph" in the name, and nymphs don't really have much to do with flying. Nymphs are elemental, as you said; and again are often portrayed as fey-like creatures. The chart might have been made in order of appearance, with the three originals on top, the next two a row down, and then the most recent three on the bottom. The chart could have just as easily had jolteon across from vaporeon, and leafeon across from flareon. With glaceon across from sylveon you have the same setup because flying is weak to ice. No type but electric has only one weakness, so it was bound to end up with some of them trumping others. On that note, sylveon could just as easily be ground since that would beat jolteon. While the weight might hint at it being flying, it could also relate to the obvious fairy or fey theme going on here. Gyarados is flying too, after all, and he weighs a whole lot more than sylveon does. Suicune is water type and its ribbons flow in the wind too. I'm sure you're totally right about it being flying, but I just wanted to play devil's advocate here and poke holes in your deductions. No offense. =P
  22. I like it. Interestingly enough, I've been calling it Nympheon. I had a feeling that's what the Japanese name was alluding to. Looks like I was on the right track. I'm thinking the name may simply be referring to it's fairy-like qualities since the Japanese name seems to be based on the nymph. I wouldn't rule out dragon (mythology) type just yet, but flying does seem more likely now.
  23. That's pretty wild! It looks like it's going to be just one and not two this time. If that is indeed the case, I might put money on it being dragon type. Dragon, after all, is the last "special" type which every eeveelution has been so far. (That would also mean this may be the last eeveelution we ever get.) Bug, normal, and even flying aren't bad guesses though. It certainly looks a bit more like those than a dragon. Seems this was hinted at a while back, too: Notice the pink bow/butterfly in the center there.
  24. Sent a request. Maybe I'll finally upload some OCR-tan stuff to my gallery. =P
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