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  1. They really liked calling ol' Ammy "mother" so I always assumed she was. =P
  2. Oh my. Please have a couple of very happy birthdays, you two!
  3. Sounds like it could be quite entertaining. I'd probably have to make some OCR3-tan sprites to beat people up with.
  4. Melee was also horribly unbalanced, and people also hack melee, though it's slightly less popular than Brawl. I believe the main draw people have to hacking Brawl is the amount of content present in the game. Larger roster, more stages, and WAY more music. All of these things can be changed or replaced to create an epic game that plays the way you want to play it. It has nothing to do with making it playable, because it's playable already. It's about making it your own.
  5. Happy birthday, Zircon! Happy birthday, Blackpanther! Happy birthday, Electrolisystem!
  6. Yeah, I've been into this stuff for a while now and even attempted turning Peach into Daisy, though I ran into an unexpected problem (I will figure it out eventually). KC-MM is pretty much the place to go to get what you want. The Brawl Vault in particular is very handy for finding resources and tools.
  7. This is pretty awesome, but I'm having a few problems with the site, and thought it'd be helpful if I shared. I'm running 64-bit Vista Business and viewing the site with Firefox version 3.6.3. In the catalog, starting at page one and selecting page two doesn't appear to take me to a second page. None of the content changes. Page three and the subsequent pages seem to work fine, though. Going from page three to page two shows me the missing page. The electronic genre appears to have the same problem, however, the orchestral genre works just fine. Sorry, but these are the only two I've tried out so far, and I didn't try any of the sub-genres. I can't seem to preview any of Brian Curtin's tracks. All other artists seem to load up just fine in the pop-up player, but Curtin's appear to sit there trying to load indefinitely. I hate to be all negative, and whatnot, 'cause the idea is great, and the tracks on there that I've listened to are all stunning, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of some of the stuff I encountered while browsing. I'll poke around some more later.
  8. I always thought "Closing In" by The Living End felt a lot like a medley from some unknown RPG. It begins with what might be random battle music, goes into a cave/dungeon theme, then to a boss/miniboss battle; finally finishing on the random battle music again. Pretty cool song too.
  9. So, in my spare time, I've been working on a new OCR-Tan image. Problem is, it's meant to be CHOC-FULL of stuff, and I'm kind of drawing a blank as to what I should put in it. Recently, I've started up a free Livestream account, and I've had a few of my internet buddies watch and chat with me as I draw. And since OCR is all about the community, I thought I might as well open it up to everyone to help me figure out what to cram in it. You can find my Livestream channel here. I tend to run it in the afternoons and evenings if I'm not busy with something else, and it's currently running as of this post. I hope to see people in there.
  10. Binjovi

    Rama! Birthday!

    Wa-hey! Happy Birthday!
  11. I love what you've done with the source on this. I'm not so keen on the rapidfire percussion—it just feels a bit too mechanical to me—and I feel like you could beef up the bass a little here and there (currently, I find it kind of "light"). These are all minor complaints though. I really dig it.
  12. I believe he's referring to my new signature. And, yes. Ponytails are hawt. =P
  13. I've always rolled with the grass types, myself, and probably will again. He looks alright, and I imagine he'll evolve into a rayquaza-esque creature (assuming he is, in fact, supposed to be a snake) which could turn out pretty sweet. What I find most interesting is that all the grass starters have been reptiles/dinosaurs, and this one still follows that tradition. I'm not very pleased with the designs this time around, though. Last gen really nailed it, I felt, so this set is kind of lackluster to me. Also, If the fire starter doesn't use barbeque as part of its name, I'll be upset.
  14. Congratulations, you two. I was very pleased to see that everyone was really creative with the theme this time. All of the entries really cracked me up.
  15. Binjovi

    Your mom

    My mom doesn't really listen to music very often that I can tell; she never really seems all that interested. My dad, however, loves music. Certainly, there are musical genres that he stays away from—heavy metal, rock, and some heavier electronic stuff for example—but he's constantly blown away by the talent of both the original composers, and of the people who reinterpret those original source tunes. In fact, not too long ago, he requested a birthday present from my brother and I. He wants a CD or two of the various songs we've shown him over the years; a good portion of these will be OCR tracks. His favorite is probably the Super Mario Bros. 2 ReMix, "Gypsy Jazz" by Adrian Holovaty. My sister is about as big a nerd as I am, so she's always up for a good ReMix or two, though I don't think she actively searches for and downloads them. She's a fan of several Zelda mixes as well as "Subterranean Kamikaze" by Zircon and Sixto Sounds. My brother can be somewhat picky when it comes to music, but he has downloaded a few tracks off the site and listens to them. I've heard him rockin' some of Sukotto42's "Blue Balls" Mega Man 3 medley.
  16. Sorry. I've been busy. Here's a thing:
  17. It was early 2000. I had been hooked on video game midis for a while. Somehow, I stumbled upon a dance mix of the Mario theme, which, come to think of it, was probably my first mp3. I was totally digging the idea of creating a new song out of an old song, and the quality of it as well. After searching around, I stumbled upon a little, orange website called OverClocked ReMix. Needless to say, I liked what I heard, and I've been hangin' around ever since.
  18. This game concept has had a pretty rough history. It keeps getting dropped and resurrected. It began with Darkesword asking for some OCR-Tan sprites just for fun. Chumble Spuzz came along and posted a little running animation of 4-Tan based on the MMX sprite. That began the discussions. A lot of people chimed in about the story and the bosses, and whatnot. Wingless decided to lend a hand and actually crank out something. The Coop and I hopped on board afterward. Wingless, as the only coder had the right to dictate exactly how much he was willing to write, so the original idea was a single boss fight between 4-Tan and Queue Tortoise. Unfortunately, it never fully panned out as The Wingless seemingly dropped out of contact. Some time later, DJ SymBiotiX offered to do the whole shebang, from intro stage, to end credits. Chumble Spuzz, The Coop, and I all hopped on board again. A lot of ideas were tossed around again, and a lot of concepts were added to and refined. Eventually, it just sort of fizzled out. Most of the members stopped posting, and the private boards we had set up for the project died a little while ago. Now Mirby's taken charge of this, resurrecting it for a second time. You might want to talk to Chumble Spuzz and The Coop and see if they have the stuff they worked on, and if they might want to chip in some more if they can. A lot of the stuff we made was never posted in the main OCR-Tan thread.
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