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  1. That was mine. Wow, there's actually a lot of stuff out there now. I'll probably get on and take these two unfinished houses down soon.
  2. Man, I wish I had seen this much earlier as I would have jumped at the opportunity. Sephire, if you guys still need help, I'd be glad to lend a hand. I can't even imagine how I'd feel if I was in Allison's position....
  3. Not sure how impressive this'll be, but my sister and I were playing Resident Evil 5 co-op for the first time a while back. I guess we weren't terribly good at conserving ammo because we quickly ran out during the final boss fight. We did beat him with our trusty survival knives, however.
  4. I never said anything about breaking and entering. How about a relative, friend or acquaintance that I willingly let into my home? At some point, while my back is turned, they happen to snap a shot of a piece of artwork with their phone. I guess I should just be a hermit in this case, yes? Yeah, it's obvious you don't draw if you think it's as simple as, "...uploading a file to DeviantArt..." There's the money spent on materials/art programs, money spent on books, classes and other aids, the time and effort it takes to actually make the piece, not to mention an entire lifetime worth of practice. (This is probably where Maisel's getting that ridiculous sum from.... He's still a greedy asshole though.) The idea doesn't just pop out automatically into some kind of material form. Still, charging people to download something is stupid if they can already see it. That's what watermarks, small image sizes and bad compression are for. =P Concept only, though. Anyone who just copy/pastes the image does need the original artist's skills because they wouldn't have been able to reproduce it otherwise. However, if another artist uses their own time, effort, knowledge and resources to recreate the image (especially if they're only focused on the concept of the original), then he doesn't need my skills.
  5. So wait. You're saying that if I go to the store, buy a canvas, some paints and paintbrushes, then use those things to create a picture, it's not mine? After all, neither the canvas nor the dry paint are objectively useful anymore. If someone came around and stole my picture, would they be in the right since I still have the remaining paint, the paintbrushes, and the original idea in my head? Would it be okay for them to sell my painting? What if someone copied a digital image that I created—but had no intention of showing anyone—from my hard drive and started posting it all over the internet? The fact that people tend to have good words for my artwork and that often they want to commission something should prove that artists deserve rights to their work (at least to some extent). I hear the phrases, "All I can draw is stick figures/flies," and, "I can't even draw a straight line," so much it makes me sick. Artists—no matter what medium—have a skill that many others cannot replicate. Their skill might not save lives, or make living conditions easier for the masses, but it's still legitimate, I say. Sure anyone can make art in MS Paint, but they're still limited by their own skill, talent, and creativity. That all being said, when I post something on the internet, not only do I not expect any monetary gain, but I also post it under the assumption that other people will take it, copy it, or otherwise use it in some way. That's fine by me. The only thing that might get under my skin is if they credit themselves as the original author. Lying is bad, yo.
  6. Yep. I guess I always kinda considered her the emotional one. =P She's also by far the one I draw the most—as should be evident from the image above. Honestly, she's my favorite of the bunch. I guess that shouldn't come as any surprise though. I mean, she's 100% my own design. From start to finish. Sure I designed 2 and 1, but not without taking cues from some of the other designs way back when OCR-tan's look was still being figured out.
  7. Whenever I go to doodle, I usually begin with an OCR-tan or two. And since I very rarely throw any of my artwork away this means I have a stockpile of random OCR-tan drawings/sketches just lying around. The stuff that I really dig, I usually turn into one of the images previously posted in this thread, however the majority of what I draw is never actually seen by anyone else. That stops today. I just spent the last 2-3 hours scanning, and compiling most of my OCR-tan doodles and sketches from the past couple of years. They're not colored (sorry), nor are they masterpieces by any stretch. In fact, most of them are quite sloppy, but hopefully this will be a small consolation for the lack of other tans. =P Click for the stupidly large version.
  8. Did a little doodle at work the other day. Finally got around to scanning it in. Enjoy.
  9. Thanks! Here's the full size with the normal face. =P The final image ended up at 726x1470. I usually just start and expand or contract the canvas as needed. It's nice having that flexibility. Brush size usually depends on the picture, but I find myself using the 3 pixel round brush that comes standard with Photoshop the most—which is what I used here for the most part. My sketches are usually pretty messy. I use a lot of smaller quick strokes to build up lines how I want them. It's far more time-consuming than using broad strokes, though. For longer lines like her legs, I use the pen tool, then erase bits of it, and go back over it by hand to give it a little more "character." OCAD is far from cookie-cutter. =P
  10. Might I suggest Maptool? Takes a little bit to get it figured out, but I can attest to the fact that it works phenomenally for playing tabletop RPGs over the internet.
  11. You guys are so totally right. She just looks WAY too masculine. I honestly don't even know what I was thinking. I guess I'm just losing my edge. But I've made a few improvements that I think we can all agree make her look a lot more feminine: Much better, right? That's a problem you're going to have to work out yourself. =P
  12. Stevo, just tell me what formats you want her in and I'll be happy to send her to you.
  13. Awesome to see everyone diggin' it. I really wasn't sure what kind of reaction I'd get. I kinda had a feeling the breasts would be an issue no matter what, though. I was going to make them larger, but decided I'd go with this and just see what people thought. I'll fill 'em up some more when I get to the colors. =P Hey, give it a shot. I kinda sucked at it when I first got into drawing these ladies, and now I do pretty well. Practice makes perfect as they say, and OCR-tan is a good subject to practice with. =P
  14. Thanks! Anime is mostly what I do, but other styles aren't out of the question.

  15. I'm a regular necromancer up in here. =O New picture time: It's OCAD-tan?
  16. This is excellent stuff! It's going on my mp3 player immediately. $5.00 US for you, good sir!
  17. I was actually thinking of very simple symbols. Likely white on black, with tiles that are taller than they are wide giving it that Ascii feel, but using intuitive pictures (and maybe some text) so as not to totally turn off those of us—like me—who have a hard time with games like Nethack and Dwarf Fortress due to their visuals. As for the styles posted, 1's pretty classic without looking too gross, but 3-5 look the classiest to me.
  18. Fortunately I actually have some income this year. I just bought a shirt. I would have purchased two, but the black appeared to be out of stock. Oh well. I'll just hafta nab one later. Thanks to everyone for making this site and community so awesome!
  19. I thought up an RPG? Oh wait. You mean that one picture I never finished? I was just making arts, but if you want to try and run with it be my guest. =P
  20. Community support should probably be the biggest concern. If you haven't already, you can check out OpenHandhelds and see what programs people have written for each. I haven't really looked into the Wiz or the Canoo much. I own an F200 and it does what I need it to for now. Other than that, I can't really help you out much. Sorry. =/
  21. Even if it's past the the three year mark, Microsoft should still replace it for 50 or 60 bucks. If you're looking to spend less money, it might be a good idea. Of course, tampering with it will mean they won't take it back at all.
  22. Hell, I'll take a Celebi. I always seem to find out about these events after they're already over. =/ My friend code is 3136 3181 0829.
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