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  1. I'm pretty sure that's the set that I have.. I like 'em!
  2. Haha yea. I mean, I have a pretty solid computer, but I've never had any issues running Vista at all. Windows 7 is running all the better.. I love it.
  3. http://i.gizmodo.com/5129919/our-first-windows-7-bsod Gasp, BSOD!
  4. My desktop gets: cpu - 6.4 (C2D E8400) memory - 6.6 (4gb ddr2 800) graphics - 7.9 (geforce 8800gt) gaming graphics 5.9 hd - 3.0 (using an old 80gb drive) Laptop stats: cpu - 4.3 (p4 prescott 3.4ghz) memory - 5.1 (2gb ddr400) graphics - 3.9 (integrated radeon x600) gaming graphics - 3.7 hd - 2.0 (old 5400rpm drive :/)
  5. I think they are saying that Daemon Tools isn't working properly on 7. I'll reiterate one of my posts earlier.. has anyone tried setting up IIS yet? *edit* Nevermind.. my dumb ass forgot about the Windows Firewall being on by default >.>
  6. According to nVidia's site the only way to get beta drivers for 7 is through Windows Update. As soon as they release new drivers everyone should get them through WU, which is kinda nifty.
  7. Has anyone tried setting up IIS on 7 yet? I have it set up, and it tells me its running, but when I try to access it from another computer it won't load. Just wondering if anyone else has had success with it..
  8. Way to rub it in .. I was so close multiple times earlier..
  9. Thanks for the links Bahamut. Also everyone note that the Neowin link states that this is the same as the 7000 leak from a couple weeks ago, so for those that have that leak we're good - we just need a key now.
  10. AFAIK it should still work for 30 days, you just need the key to use it past that 30 days; without cracking it of course.
  11. The ISO isn't a problem.. that'll be all over torrent sites, if it isn't already up. It's the 2.5 million beta keys that will run out, and they could very possibly be out already.
  12. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/dd353205.aspx The server is kinda jacked up right now, though.
  13. You forgot to mention Windows 2000 in that mix, which was an incredibly stable, well-working OS, at least based on my 4-5 years of using it.
  14. I installed the Beta 1 (build 7000) leak today.. don't really know what the differences are over the earlier leak, but things work just fine on it as well. A buddy of mine actually uses the first leak as his permanent OS as of right now.
  15. Got: 10 shot glasses (6 from mom, 4 from sister) $25 eBay gift card Poker set A bottle of hot sauce A Budweiser coaster/cup set Gave: Alcohol $25 Petco gift card $50 Gamestop gift card Some kind of chocolate penguin
  16. Actually, you don't have to go into NG+ to access the Dimensional Vortex. Instead of starting NG+ you can just continue your save, the portals will still be there, and once you beat new ending you can save and then start your NG+.
  17. I just recenetly "discovered" Rush. I'd obviously heard of them before, but never checked out any of their albums. I've done that now, and they're badass
  18. Yea.. like I would really want a Harle avatar
  19. I would totally switch to a CC avatar if some good ones were available.
  20. I was instantly hooked as soon as I hooked up my 32" Westinghouse HDTV. Being able to watch hockey in HD alone makes it worth it, the wider field of view and better definitely is amazing.
  21. Well I'm using FF 3.0.4 and have the latest version of Flash (10 something) and everything works fine for me. Do you have NoScript or any other kind of addon that blocks scripts that could be interfering? If you can't figure it out I would highly suggest downloading the IE Tab addon, it lets you either choose to load a page using IE's engine inside of FF, or it lets you switch on the fly.
  22. Have you tried changing mms to http? The mms:// protocol will always open the file in Windows Media Player. Depending on your browser settings if you use http it may come up with a download dialog, or it could load and play in your browser. Alternatively you could use the http version and create an html file on your desktop with a simple link to the file so that you can download it.
  23. Good game so far.. took me a few days to beat all the songs on guitar, Hot For Teacher took me the longest by far. I've run into the issue with the sensitivity on the yellow cymbal pad, but it doesn't seem to be as bad for me as others. I'll probably do the tape trick on it. Band play is definitely fun.. I have a couple friends that are loving all the southern songs in the game.
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