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  1. Damn right! I SR'd for an Adamant Archen with decent IVs and it's paid off!
  2. Just picked up Victini.. pretty crappy. Adamant nature. IVs are 10/27/16/3/3/3. So attack looks good, but everything else is crap. Wonderful! :/ And of course I was a fool and saved before checking stats!
  3. I finally got my copy of Black! My FC is 4684-8021-5282 and my starter is Oshawott. Anyone looking for any trades? I've got no action!
  4. Who the hell is sixto? Happy birthday!
  5. Omg!! I love FFV and the music in that game. This is an awesome release; I look forward to the next ones!
  6. Hahaha, thanks for adding me in the thread title this year Dyne .
  7. Just sent $10 to OCR! Not able to donate as much this year as I have in the past, but I know everything helps. 8 years ago last week I registered on this forum, boy does time fly
  8. I've always been a fan of the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 series; not sure if they have one for AM3 sockets though. My idle temps range from 25-30C and load no more than 50-52C using a Core 2 Duo E8400.
  9. Wow, 10 years already? I haven't been here quite that long, but I think it's been 8 1/2 years for me now. Where has the time gone? Happy Birthday OCR!
  10. Just sent you a PM about the above games...
  11. I'm selling a copy of Wind Waker.. a few posts above yours.
  12. Looks like this thread hasn't seen activity in a while. I have a few handfuls of games I'm looking to get rid of. The games come with their original case + manual, unless specified. :::Nintendo DS::: Mario Kart DS $12 [Majin GeoDooD] :::GameCube::: Metroid Prime (no manual, non-original case) $10 [Majin GeoDooD] Metroid Prime 2 (no manual, non-original case)$10 [Majin GeoDooD] Soul Calibur II (no manual) $10 [Majin GeoDooD] F-Zero GX (non-original case) $8 [Majin GeoDooD] Star Wars: Rogue Leader (no manual) $8 [Majin GeoDooD] Mario Kart: Double Dash $15 [Majin GeoDooD] Super Smash Bros. Melee (non-original case) $15 [Majin GeoDooD] Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker $15 [Majin GeoDooD] Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters $5 [Majin GeoDooD] :::Wii::: Metal Slug Anthology $15 [Majin GeoDooD] Metroid Prime 3 (includes Prima guide) $25 [Majin GeoDooD] Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (includes LE hardcover Prima guide) $25 [Majin GeoDooD] :::Xbox 360::: Rock Band $15 [Majin GeoDooD] If I don't get much interest in the next few days they'll be going to eBay. Payment by PayPal, shipping will be actual cost to your location, USPS Priority Mail. Shoot me a PM if you're interested!
  13. Try Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera instead of IE.
  14. Agreed.. I was a bit skeptical at first of that song being performed in that style but once it got going OH MAN. I can't stop listening to it.
  15. Every HDTV I've seen has had a coax input..
  16. The Xpress 200 chipset should be PCI-E. I had a board with that chipset a bit over a year ago and it was PCI-E. Not sure how that 8400 GS stacks up honestly, but what is your budget?
  17. YES! I've had weird sleeping patterns for years. One summer back in the early 2000s I was constantly staying up until 9-10am and waking up around 4-5pm and repeated that cycle for a good two months. It was hell trying to get myself back on a normal sleeping pattern once school started up again. These days I tend to work late shifts at work, going in at 4-5pm and not getting off until 11 or midnight. Naturally I'm awake until at least 3-4am and usually wake up around noon, though I had a short period a couple months ago of sleeping in until 2pm most days. Every so often I'll have to work an opening shift at work, and most of the time I'll just pull the all-nighter. I can't recall the longest I've stayed awake, but it's somewhere in the 36 hour range. Like zircon mentioned at around the 24 hour mark I tend to get a boost and be fine for a while afterwards.
  18. I just passed the 7 year registration mark myself, so consider a +10 on the $20 I donated earlier!
  19. +20! Though I forgot to include my forum name on the payment.. shouldn't be hard to figure out with the e-mail address I used to pay
  20. I use ffdshow with Media Player Classic for videos; Winamp for audio.
  21. Me too, and I absolutely loved playing Turtles in Time back in the day. I still play it every so often; I have it on my DS
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