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  1. I actually just downloaded this via torrent a few days ago.. don't remember which one I used though.
  2. Wtf :/, like every March birthday is getting a post but no one made a post on my bday D: I share a b-day with DrumUltimA.. you guys made a thread for him but not for me.. I feel unappreciated Anyway.. Happy birthday Kenobio!
  3. The reason that you don't see all of the posted songs on the judges panel is because some mixes are direct posted. You'll noticed every song has a little "Evaluated by" section.. if it says "Evaluated by: djpretzel" then the song did not go through the judges panel. Further questions should be asked in the "Ask a judge" thread found here - http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=14735
  4. I've added the latest additions to the database, very few people have added me!
  5. Have you tried acquiring the ethernet drivers from the web? If it's a prebuilt PC then from the manufacturer's website, or if its your own build from the motherboard manufacturer's website?
  6. I wanted so bad to get one when they came out and was unable to.. finally by June I decided to get one on eBay and just looked around carefully for the right price. Managed to get one for $290 + shipping, not too bad.
  7. How much you got? I've got ~119GB currently.
  8. Adding all the codes in the DB to my friends list.. here's mine: 3823-8238-7131 Note: I'm not that great
  9. That's a shame.. I have one of the nicer Westinghouse 32" models and it works great.
  10. This one here has a VGA port - http://www.ecost.com/Detail/Televisions/Sharp/LC-42D64U/38347392.aspx - as does this one - http://www.ecost.com/Detail/Televisions/Westinghouse/TX-47F430S+REF/40437178.aspx
  11. I use Opera, but I stay logged in all the time, can't say that I've ever had that problem. I have no problems at all accessing the control panel. Are you using the latest version of Opera? I'm currently using a 9.50 beta.
  12. Graphite nuts are really popular in guitars with trems. The slickness of the graphite is supposed to keep the string from getting "stuck" in the nut and going out of tune with excess use of the whammy bar. I'd imagine it would help tuning stability a bit in a non-trem guitar, too. I've never heard of any wear issue.
  13. Meh, that Epi is probably just gonna be a waste of wood. If you're looking for an LP look for an old Orville by Gibson or pick up an Agile from www.rondomusic.net. Don't waste money on a signature model.
  14. ;o Sweet. First a C&C FPS and now RA3, I'm liking it!
  15. RIP PartitonMagic. Symantec bought it and hasn't updated it once, it doesn't work on Vista. Lame. You can use it with XP before you install Vista though.
  16. Heh, the other fun thing with tube amps.. they're loud . The louder, the better!
  17. Rock Band confirmed for Wii http://www.gamespot.com/news/6185448.html
  18. Oh yea, don't get me wrong, the VJ is a great amp (as I said, I own the head version). I just think that for a beginner the Cube would've been a smarter buy, many more tones in it, no tubes to fool with, etc.
  19. I'd buy a bumper sticker and shot glass..
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