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  1. Got a laptop from The Pezman today, whether we're going to try and go with a feedback system or not I just wanna chime in and say I had a very pleasant transaction with him.
  2. The PMs I've been exchanging with The Pezman say otherwise
  3. That is a deal breaker, unfortunately!
  4. I'm looking for a cheap, obviously older laptop, $100-ish. Preferably with a Pentium-M, 1.6-2 GHz. Would also prefer integrated wireless, but not having that won't necessarily be a deal breaker.
  5. I dunno.. I've always had the idea that if I have a budget and can get what I want/need for less I'll just do that. The Gigabyte board I linked uses solid-state capacitors as well. I'll give you the future support though. I've almost always just used multiple partitions on harddrives to keep my boot drives and storage drives separate. I've never had a drive die on me this way. Actually, the first HD I ever bought (40GB Maxtor back in '04) was being used just for storage and died a year after I bought it. I then switched to Seagate and haven't looked back. One of my Seagate drives (again, used just for storage) started to make clicking noises probably about a year or so after I bought it.. I sent it to Seagate and they fixed it up and it's working 100% in a buddy's system. Both were rated on a fresh install, but like we both said, it's not an accurate benchmark . Man I could never see myself spending $150 on a case. I totally see how some people could, just for the design and better airflow/sound control. The most expensive case I ever bought was a Chieftec Dragon back in '04. It cost me about $75 and it's actually the only case I've ever bought - I've used it for every single one of my different systems over the years.
  6. $220 (Yea I know it has a rebate..) for a motherboard? He's not building an enthusiast system. Something like this - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128345 - would work just fine. I have the P35-DS3L myself. I don't really see the need for the Raptor either. I had a Raptor and then switched to a 7200.11 Seagate series and Windows booted just as fast for me, and the Vista system rating (Though I'm sure that's not 100% reliable as a system benchmark) actually rated it higher than the Raptor.
  7. If the machine is going to be for gaming I don't believe a quad core is necessary yet. No game that I know of yet actually takes advantage of more than two cores to run the game. If you run a quad core you'll be able to run things in the background while running your game without experienced any major slowdown, but that's about it. If you plan on doing other heavy multitasking then a quad core will be best. IMO a Core 2 Duo is still the best buy currently, with the E8500 model being the best bang for the buck (3.16 GHz, $179.99). When it comes to graphics card I think the best bang for your buck is the Radeon 4870 - the 512MB models can be found for around $250. What games are you planning on playing?
  8. Is it really old or something?
  9. Damn.. I wish I was on the forums earlier. I could really use a cheap laptop. Anyone else looking to get rid of an older laptop? >.>
  10. Did you try opening a command prompt and deleting it that way?
  11. To be honest, I don't know. I got it on eBay, its one of the pads with the 1" foam padding, and it has some "Made in China" stickers on it. It's like this one, but this one has diagonal arrows, unlike mine - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250296590340
  12. I use this: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-6m-49-en-70-qc2.html Works fine with my pad.
  13. I have multiple systems hooked up.. SNES, Genesis, PS1, N64, Wii, and 360. Also pictured is an NES that's not hooked up, and a GBA SP. Not pictured is a 32x and Sega CD. http://majingeo.no-ip.com/games.jpg
  14. Its always been about Winamp for me..
  15. I'm pretty sure my dad has an unopened vinyl of Thriller somewhere.. I have a decent little collection of vinyls, some Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Slayer, AC/DC, Van Halen, etc. I take one out every so often.. there's just something about listening to Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl..
  16. SPDIF is audio. I'm assuming your TV is 720p? I use 720p with a component cable with my 360 and everything looks fine, then again, I haven't seen it with an HDMI cable.
  17. Okay, I've been doing horrible for the past month.. I haven't worked out once, though I've still been keeping up with eating better so I've still maintained the weight loss I had earlier. Gonna force myself to go to the gym tomorrow so I can get my body used to working out again.
  18. Too bad I'm one of the guys who lives in NOVA, not that I've been to any sort of meet up in about 6 years >.>
  19. I beat the game on Friday. The enemies in the final dungeon were pretty damn hard, but as long as I had the proper strategy for each of them (and enough ethers to recover MP) it was a piece of cake. Final boss? No problem.. I even forgot to put throw back on Edge, so I didn't even get to throw the two guaranteed 9999 items.
  20. The only boss I ever had a problem with was Mom Bomb, and that's only because I forgot to defend before she blew up. All the other bosses have been a piece of cake with the proper strategy. Just earlier today I beat Rubicante and he didn't give me a single problem.
  21. I'm about 3 1/2 hours in and I'm loving it so far. I never got too deep in the original FF4 so it'll be nice to play and beat this version.
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