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  1. Dude, don't go with the Valve Junior. They're cool amps, I have the head version, but the Roland is overall a much better amp. The only control on the VJ is volume, it's gonna get rather annoying very fast. You can't compare a SS Fender with a tube Marshall. A tube amp is almost always gonna sound "better", especially if its a nice Marshall, compared to a SS amp. Sure, the VJ is tube, but it has one preamp tube and one poweramp tube, and a volume control.. you don't have any power over the tone, other than the tone knob on your guitar.
  2. Well, I can tell you that GE Money is legit. They're the guys that provide PayPal's Buyer Credit line (of which I have $250 of). What I couldn't tell you is why they'd have your number. Maybe someone got credit with them, charged it up, and provided a false number that happened to be yours?
  3. From everything I've heard the Roland should be a much better amp than the Marshall. Do they not make the Trademark 10 anymore? I can't seem to find it anywhere. That would be a great pick if you could find one for the right price. *edit* Per Tech 21's site: SOLD OUT This unit has been discontinued and replaced by: TRADEMARK 30
  4. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Roland-Cube-15X-Amp?sku=487030 Or, if you can find one, a Tech 21 Trademark 10.
  5. Screw you . Theres gotta be someone on here that has it for Wii.
  6. If you're just trying to get by it with SP, what I did was just mash the buttons and strum fast at the same time, trying to hit as many as possible. It worked for me after a few tries.
  7. I can't stand Dragonforce, and that song being in the game (and being incredibly hard) makes me hate them even more >_<
  8. What, does no one else on OCR have GH3 for Wii? I feel alone
  9. http://kotaku.com/349423/jack-thompson-defends-mass-effect o.O Is the world gonna end?
  10. Plug and play yes, just make sure theres room in your case for it. The X1950 cards use dual slot cooling and are much longer than lower end cards (9" or so).
  11. Well.. you can go with a near top card from last generation - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814241063R or you can go with an 8600GT - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130085 The X1950XT is a near top of the line card from last gen (DX9), and the 8600GT is a current gen lower end card (DX10). Both would be a huge step up from the 6100. I'm pretty sure the ATI card will outperform the nVidia card, but the nVidia card has the DX10 advantage.. which of course wouldn't matter if you don't use Vista.
  12. People still talk about this game? We never even finished that tournament.. I haven't touched the game since like August.
  13. The trailer is interesting.. I just hope the game is good.
  14. As if mine needs any explaining.. other than the fact that I was 12 when I started using it (9 years ago). I've done far too much stuff to ever desire to change it.
  15. I second AVG for anti-virus. I've just been using Windows Defender for spyware.
  16. The new E8x00 series are amazing. They should be in retail within the next week hopefully.. I'm gonna pick up an E8400 when I upgrade. I forgot that its tax return time, so I'll be upgrading within a month, yay! You should definitely pick up one of those unless you're really going for a quad core.
  17. I've been an AMD fan since I started building systems.. I'm going an upgrade in 2-3 months and I'm switching to Intel.
  18. Small? I wouldn't call these small headphones.
  19. I use Sennheiser HD202s. Cheap, but great sound quality - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826106306
  20. mIRC, duh I've always used DeadAIM, you need to use an outdated version of AIM for it to work right, but I hate the new AIM anyway It never hurts to have a few installed.. I have IE7, Opera (main browser), Firefox, and Safari. Personally I use BitTornado. FCEUltra, ZSNES, Gens, VisualBoyAdvance, No$GBA, Project 64, etc. For music.. Winamp, unless you have an iPod, for which you'll probably want iTunes. For video.. Media Player Classic w/ QT and Real Alternative (if needed). Always get the latest ffdshow for your codec needs.
  21. Yea.. unfortunately GH3 has friend codes. Thanks for adding it.. I've added my FC for it.
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