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  1. I always feel like one of those old geezers who rant about how better things were in their day. That's basically how I act about video games old and new. I run across some teens and younger who either have not played or belittle games from the NES era, and I get confused and irritated at them because of it. Same applies to cartoons and old TV shows and the like too.
  2. I've started seeding. I figured I'd patch my collection with all of the songs that I hadn't downloaded. Is the demand for seeders still high (as Bummerdude mentioned)?
  3. Is there a way to utilize FLAC audio files in FL Studio 7, or would it be better to just convert it to WAV format?
  4. I'm just curious as to why many titles of OC ReMixes don't have spaces in their titles.
  5. So this is what Adhesive Boy was talking about the other day. I like the layout, and the music so far sounds good. Keep it up.
  6. Another great mix from you to sing along with (when I'm alone, of course). Great job, Hale.
  7. Very good advice from all of you. No, I'm not looking into anything specific at the moment; I'm just wondering how to get started off on the right foot. As for my spending habits, I'm incredibly financially conservative. I just sepnt $300 on computer stuff, but that was putting money aside for the better part of three months. The only bills I am responsible for at this point in time are my college-related bills: Tuition, room/board, etc. Unfortunately, since I do not have a debit card, I have to use my parent's debit card to pay these bills, so I'm not getting recognized officially for paying them off. That's the primary reason I wish to obtain a debit card.
  8. I'll be turning 20 years old in August, and as of yet I have done nothing in terms of my credit. I've heard doing things like getting a credit card and buying a thing or two with it, followed by paying the monthly bill for it improves your credit. Are there other ways to get my credit started off on the right foot? I'm considering getting a debit card linked to my (not yet formed) checking account just so I can buy things online, as well. Will that have any affect on credit?
  9. Thanks for your help, Pyrion, but I've discovered that I don't need to jumper the hard drive, as my motherboard is modern enough (thankfully) to autonegotiate speeds with the hard drive. This topic can be locked.
  10. My computer (a Dell Dimension E310) only supports 1.5Gb/s, and this hard drive (details here) runs at 3.0Gb/s, but can be configured to run at 1.5Gb/s by the use of jumpers. The problem is that the drive does not specify what jumpers need to be jumpered in order for it to run at this speed. The only jumper info on the drive was how to put it into PLUS mode. Does anyone have a clue as to how the jumpers need to be configured?
  11. I'm definitely going to have to experiment with each of the four control styles. I'll probably end up using either the GCN or Classic controllers, since I can't immediately picture how it would be practical to use either the Wiimote or Wiimote & Nunchuk styles.
  12. The newest version of ZoneAlarm has an annoying "feature" that blocks IRC access as a safety measure (can't connect to any IRC server). This is fine and all, but it is enabled by default and you cannot disable it unless you are using the pro version of the product. The way I got around this was to activate the free trial of the pro version and disable it, then when it reverted back to the free version I didn't have a problem. It's annoying that they enable this limiting feature by default without any recourse in disabling it.
  13. When I got home from college this year I was able to move everything into this room finally; previously it was full of clutter; now it's my own stuido/office space. The speakers are going to be higher up on shelves once those get finished. For now where you see them is where they are.
  14. I have a Dell inkjet printer that came with my computer for free. When the ink cartridges are either full or nearly full, it prints decently enough. Whenever the ink levels fall below around 70 percent, the printing starts to fade a bit. I just printed out a short typed paragraph and a few of the lines are faded/have miniscule white lines running through them. Do I need to clean the ink jets or something, because I am not low on ink by any means.
  15. I believe Hale-Bopp has a couple remixes on the site that contain lyrics that aren't related to the video game itself.
  16. The second one was really great, but the third one pretty much threw the plot from the first two movies out the window; while it had a decent action scene or two, it was a really long, boring movie overall. "But Mr. Arnold, didn't we stop Judgement Day from happening by destroying that lab and--" "Judgement Day is unavoidable; there's nothing you can do to stop it!!!1"
  17. That'd be pretty fun to play CS in, even though it would take much getting used to. Oh, and for those who didn't see the image: He linked to another web site to show the picture, but OCR's skin shows links as the same color as plain text. So here it is:
  18. Some colleges block the popular IRC ports (6666 and 6667) for security reasons. I ran into the same problem when I first moved in. Try connecting to fl.enterthegame.com:6668 (it's what I use to connect while at college).
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