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  1. ocre

    Happy birthday, SBX!

  2. I know you're a big pokemon fan, so maybe you already know but, this guy on youtube, Skotein, has just opened up a website (akin to Zelda ReOrchestrated) for the Pokemon games. http://pokemonsymphony.com/ Check it out. Probably wouldn't hurt to post a thread on OCR too! Apparently they want to release a song every week. Anyway, take care.

  3. You may want to try sending again. I don't seem to have gotten it.

  4. You throw like a girl, Tucksworth!

  5. Just popping in to say hi, Kaleb. :)

  6. Yeah, I'm usually in there. :3 you should pop in sometime. Hehe

  7. Gotta hand it to you on your Robot Master mix title. Nice one.

  8. Found your youtube VGM remasters. Pretty cool stuff.

  9. 23... This was graded on a curve?

    This katamari is tiny! Infinitesimal!

  10. Haha. I love your nerdiness. :)

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Dude, I've been collecting Sonic comics since they first came out! I THINK YOU'RE MY CLONE.

  13. ocre

    Get in irc you cad.

  14. Yo long time no see.

  15. where the HECK have you bean?

    we 'miss' you in irc :(

  16. Happy birthday!

  17. By we I meant me and by 'miss' I meant 'miss'.

    Also: dang.

  18. ocre

    I like your Shredder sig :)

  19. Get your sassy-frass into the irc channel.

  20. That's cool. :) Glad you like it.

  21. Hope ya had a great birthday!

  22. Just stopped in to say 'Hi!' :)

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