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  1. Conglaturation, Ashame and Neko. May your love overcome all obstacles for the rest of your days. Or something. Glad to have had the privilege of watching the live stream.
  2. Level99, you're my hero!

  3. Thanks guys for filling my VGDJ podcast void! *snicker*. Quite entertaining. Downlerding part 2 now.
  4. Everyone get yer dang WIPs in. Oinky is really counting on you to get this thinger done, y'all.
  5. You are a very bad man!

  6. OH PLEASE let it be Sapphire Elegy.HOW DARE YOU. even forgetting. who raised you. you. stupid disciple! Also, I strongly disagree with you. Aria of Sorrow and/or Dawn of Sorrow are definitely the best since SotN (DoS's anime character art be damned). Order of Ecclesia suffers from a far too shallow weapon variety and collectible items from enemies. Though, I do love it's general art style and the darker look of it's character art.
  7. I know a few of us from the IRC channel have the game. It's absolutely brilliant.
  8. I think you should links to the original songs next to the arrangement titles, that way it's less work to hunt them down off starla's ThaSauce profile. Since people are here already. Ya know?
  9. I endorse this request. Particularly the or the themes.
  10. 23... This was graded on a curve?

    This katamari is tiny! Infinitesimal!

  11. I vote YES. My favorite tracks are probably Wrong/Beans and the Injured Melody for the sweet 'Same Server'(1:20) arrangement, which sounds muy 'Navidad-y'. For the most part, the album gives me a sort of 'Rockabye Baby!' (lullaby arrangements of popular rock bands) feel, and that ain't a bad thing.
  12. I guess this is as good a place as any to let you guys know that there's going to be a Darkrai "Member Card" (Key Item)event over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection from August 3rd-September 13th. This will be for Pokemon Platinum only, and is for the NA territories. Note that you have to have activated the Mystery Gift option in your game (I'll let you look that up yourselves). EDIT: Whoops. I didn't realize this had been brought up before. Guess I'll leave it up in case someone didn't see it. Can't wait to play HG/SS.
  13. I know this isn't really a "What project would you like to see?" thread but (and this should come to no surprise to those who hang around the IRC channel,) I think a Mega Man 7 project would be nice.
  14. I like the idea of the alternate versions of each song. My favorite track would have to be the Night version of 'My Way Or...'. I've been listening to it on repeat for about 20 minutes now.
  15. YES GS DS x 2 !!!

  16. 1) The Incredibles 2) Monsters Inc 3) WALL-E 4) Toy Story 5) Finding Nemo These guys are geniuses. The Pixar film I was least impressed with was Cars (Bugs Life has a better story and better characters). Can't wait til I own all the Blu Rays for these (one down).
  17. Very beautifully executed. An interesting and unexpected collab from two of the most talented people in vg arranging/remixing. The angelic vocals of Destiny meet the master melodies of The Wingless in this rendition of a classic video game theme.
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