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  1. Ekaj's Super Metroid 'Zebes Rising' Nase's Castlevania HoD 'Swingin' with Death'
  2. Har har. I think you need to talk to Level99 about cheating, Mr. Fire. The shiny pichu is not the same as the spiky-ear pichu. The shiny pichu, when traded into HeartGold/SoulSilver, unlocks an event that takes place in the Ilex Forest. You're able to capture the 'Spiky-Ear' pichu there. Hope that helps.
  3. I got mines. Though I have a confession to make, I parked in front of the gamestop and downloaded them from my car. I didn't have the gall to go into the store solely for the download.
  4. Well ok, maybe I should've said 'everyone on deviantart who mocked up what they thought the shadow was going to be'. But yeah, what a buncha crybabies.
  5. I'm pleased with the designs of these new ones(at least the two 'official art'-looking ones on the top look badass. The other ones looks kind of goofy.) Though there seems to be an unsettling amount of "OMG WTF" from every pokemon community under the sun. I suppose it's to be expected when most people can't get over the 2nd generation being the best one yet (and it was, don't get me wrong).
  6. Conglaturation for winning PRC163!

  7. To add url links type: [ URL=URLGOESHERE ]visible text here e.g. Blue Moon Theme[ /URL ] The stuff in the brackets goes without spaces. Best of luck.
  8. I endorse this thread. Another great tune from these games is the (and Sami's theme is pretty iconic too).
  9. The Wii version will not be HD, you're right, but the PS3 and 360 versions will.
  10. I recently started a Sonic3&K playthrough and it felt like I had gone back in time. I was going through the levels just like I used to. I hope this new game has the same pace as the Genesis games. As for the zones themselves, I'd love to see Act transitions make a return (eg. Angel Island zone, the zone gets set on fire by that one blue robot and the fires continue to burn for Act 2) and even narrative Zone transitions (eg. Mushroom Hill to Flying Battery zone, it was simply Sonic jumping onto the ship). If they can pull little things like that off, I'll be impressed.
  11. ocre

    I like your Shredder sig :)

  12. By we I meant me and by 'miss' I meant 'miss'.

    Also: dang.

  13. Apparently someone left an image in the in the sites code. Also some .
  14. ocre

    MAGFest 8

    *seethes with generic jealousy* Just kidding. Baham that's a hell of a thing.
  15. Thank you. That's another one that bothered me when Capcom used "Wiley" in, I think it was, the Mega Man & Bass manual or somesuch. It just feels sloppy when a company goes back on an already established localized name. And annoying to no end when a fanbase tries to justify it (though 'Eggman' being explained as a nickname is tolerable). Another example would be: (and I'm warning now, it's a bit of a SPOILER for Mother3/Earthbound's Japan-only sequel) Even if Mother 3 wasn't localized officially, the guys who did it kept the Japanese name of 'Porky' for Pokey, which I can understand as 1) they were trying to respect the original Japanese and 2) the whole pig army pun would be less effective with "Porky"s localized name. But it gets pretty annoying that when Earthbound fans raise a stink about the name, they always get flamed because "IT WAS ALWAYS PORKY POKEY WAS A TRANSLATION ERROR". But I digress. Woo, Sonic 4.
  16. where the HECK have you bean?

    we 'miss' you in irc :(

  17. I think it looks ok. They could've made the character design look a bit more classic (I never liked the green eyed EXTREEEEME Sonic that emerged with the Sonic Adventure era; I think now would've been a good time to fix that). And this is more an issue with that emblem graphic. The screen shot looks nice enough Sonic looks decent but yeah that run animation bothers me. Not so much when Sonic is on the loop, but when he's on flat ground, he looks weird. I don't mind the '3D' as much as I thought. The rings look a bit huge though. And yeah I like to call him "Dr. Robotnik". Screw whoever prefers 'Eggman'.
  18. I think I laughed harder at the mental image that summoned up than I should have.
  19. ocre

    Sony PS3

    Hooray! Rockstar just announced that the until-now Xbox360-exclusive GTA IV expansions "Episodes from Liberty City" ('The Lost & Damned' and 'The Ballad of Gay Tony') will be headed to PS3(and PC) in both a $19.99-per-episode downloadable form on PSN and a $39.99 standalone disc on March 30, 2010. It's a great time to be a girl! http://www.rockstargames.com/news/2010/01/29/2861/grand_theft_auto_episodes_from_liberty_city_coming_to_playstation_3_and_pc
  20. Oops, you're right. I was thinking of Dave Manak. His art really fit the light-hearted stories of the early life of the comic.
  21. I've been a subscriber to the Archie Sonic comic since I was in kindergarten and I have every issue (#0 - current of the main series), the 48 page super specials, the Tails, Sally and both Knuckles mini-series/series, but not Sonic Universe. Yeah, the comic was really good up until around issue #100 or so. The stories got crazy and the comic started becoming more and more full of ads. I still get the comic I guess just because it's something I've collected for so long, but usually I just put them away with no interest in reading them. Another thing that turned me off of the comic somewhat was when they started using the Sonic Adventure redesign for Sonic (longer quills, buckled shoes and green eyes). Never sat well with me. And I have to agree with the Spaz-love. He's the master of drawing Sonic with great detail. I was really excited to see his verion of Cut Man for one of the comic-adaptions of Mega Man that were produced but I've never looked into getting ahold of those. I also liked the way Ken Penders drew Sonic in the early days.
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