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  1. Very cool concept for an album. I also like the genre choices for each Koopaling. Very appropriate. I'll be keeping an eye on this albums progress for sure.
  2. I think the question is how would they handle the Don Corneo portion of the game. Ooh lala. (Hey, it kinds looks like Lightning. Female Cloud indeed.)
  3. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=28339 Em. Now atmuh's post has a double meaning.
  4. I think he was slightly drunk. He was rambling about an OCReMix-listening game in #ocremix this morning. Love ya, KB. I would also like to know who 'DrakeSword' is.
  5. I think it's every week that Kotaku runs an article about Square dangling the 'tiny possibility' of them doing an FF7 remake. Why is this a topic again? I'd rather have FFIX(even a port) on the 3DS. Oh yeah.
  6. Pretty cool. Now I'll always picture that video when I hear the music. also: No, you're thinking of Dixie and Kiddy, who are cousins. Dixie is Diddy's girlfriend. Unless you're talking about the artists or something, who may have some relation I'm not aware of. o.o In which case I'll shut up now.
  7. Hehe. I remember this. Those little plink SFX are from the chess minigame. Good times. That's some nice chill music.
  8. Really had me a TIME for what part of the listening party I caught. Wish I could've been there for the whole thang. We must do this again.
  9. DKC3: Double Trouble (two games being remixed and pays homage to the original title) DKC3: Third Banana 'Northern kReMixsphere' (portmanteau of ReMix and Northern Kremisphere, the area explored in DKC3) or 'Northern ReMixsphere' The last two could also be seen to reference the 'scope' of the project (which boasts a large number of tracks); a 'sphere' or collection of ReMixes
  10. Just read your vote-notes on my OHC entry from two weeks ago(RareMineralGet)

    I like that you took the time to give everyone some feedback on their entry. Mine was actually original, but I drew inspiration from the very old-school, goal-oriented gameplay of Pixeljunk Shooter. I was totally going for that "rare element get/ victory after hard work" vibe.

  11. Avatar stealer! I seem to remember you having a Mr. L avatar.

    Just playin. :P

  12. Hmm. Maybe I should start filing some of my favorite songs into the ol' "unremixable" category... OLBIGATORY SMILEY
  13. Great of you guys to be giving OCR and the DKC2 album some much-deserved exposure. Thanks.
  14. Really enjoyed the album in general. Obviously a ton of heart went into the making of every song. My favorites of the bunch were Rare Respite, Backwards Room(which kind of gives me the same feeling I get listening to CKY's '96 Quite Bitter Beings'), Tepid's Snakey Chantey remix (which was a pleasantly surprising diversion from the source!), Nutritious's 'High Seas' is powerful and beautiful (gives me chills) and sounds so majestic in it's ending, and Skrypnyk's take on the Flying Krock definitely hit me the right way. And I can't stop listening to Paleolithic Park. All of this praise and every good thing so many are saying about Sixto, virt, djp, and everyone else is well-deserved! Bahamut, Taucer, be very proud.
  15. Got my Jirachi(s) today. Will be getting SoulSilver. Gonna be off the chizain.
  16. What a great round we had this past thursday.
  17. I believe they also made Mickey Mania.
  18. I like the Ubisoft logo.
  19. Submitted my entry. Hopefully some more people turn in some cool interpretations.
  20. Looks more appropriate for the sister remix 'One Girl in All the World'
  21. Star Fox 64 - My favorite N64 game. The fast and fun gameplay along with the fact that every spoken line of dialoque is memorable make this game fun to return to. And I can totally relate with Emperor Charlemange about Metroid Zero Mission.
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