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  1. I listen to the music while I play the game, then wait twelve or so years until it randomly pops into my head and I go 'oh man, that was a sweet tune.' But usually, I doodle on my keyboard until I get a cool idea that reminds me of something, and then I go from there. When I do chiptune stuff I usually make it up as I go, since I don't really work on the keyboard as much.
  2. Starting a project is the OCR equivalent of having a new year's resolution to get in shape.
  3. Every now and then I'll have a binge where I go through my old stuff. Usually only the stuff that I think had quality to it (I have a lot of stuff from college that I should probably sequence/track so it doesn't exist as manuscript forever). If I'm drunk then I'll include my OLR shit and other horrible things, just to giggle. My more recent stuff though I'll listen to like once a week since, as most people have already stated, I write music that I like to listen to!
  4. I agree with DaMonz that some type of melody would be cool; you've already set up the atmosphere, so something to fill in that gap could be interesting. But obviously you'd have to make sure it worked with the atmosphere, rather than becoming the prominent aspect. Good stuff so far!
  5. Awesome! Throw that shizz up on 8bitcollective and MAKE MOAR CHIPS!!
  6. What are you using for the demix? It sounds like FamiTracker, and if that's the case, the DCPM channel is used for really small samples, so you can crunch up a sample (or browse through their forum to find samples from other games like SMB3) to give your bass drum more 'oomf' like the original has. There are also tricks to use the triangle channel as a bass drum, but the bassline has to conform to that. Also, if you use the VRC6 setting, this gives you two more square channels with finer duty-cycles and a sawtooth that can double as a bass (specifically for the ostinato part you got going o
  7. Six years late, suckas! And since you are adamant on arrangers who don't have their production chops up to par, I'll have to think of something to send for a claim...
  8. man, I don't think anybody does limbo dances with you considering all you do is raise the damn bar. awesome as always
  9. Beginning is a lot cleaner, very nice. Love that violin lick. All the additions sound great, and give a nice fuller sound, but you still need to slap some bass in there to round things out. All that's left now is the length!
  10. Bottles was probably my fave also, TWO WHOLE DOLLARS the fuck is this a charity case
  11. yeah, change that guitar; it's kind of distracting from everything else going on. Also, MOAR BASS. But I'm likin' it so far!
  12. Our theme this month is prophecies! (No, not that Prophecy.) Any game with a strong lore about the end o' da world is game for the mixing! While I do not know what exactly what would fall into that category (presumably every JRPG ever), I'll post some examples when cotti gets around to letting me know what applies! And our bonus is maniacal laughter! As an instrument or as an effect (or both), the choice is yours. And to quote cotti, original recordings are highly encouraged!
  13. -release an album -get some type of job (music or otherwise) -be more active 'round these parts or something
  14. A little bit early there! The results have just been posted, so once our winner, cotti, finds out that he's won, he'll supply us with a theme and a bonus and then we'll be underway for this month!
  15. OMG, an actual turn out this month??? See for yourself! http://sites.google.com/site/xenonodyssey/olrmageddon
  16. THIS ISN'T CHRISTMAS MUSIC Hopfully PayPal and the exchange rate won't ruin the rain I am making on you.
  17. Good stuff! Only gripe is that Carol of the Bells is so short; it was over before it started.
  18. BELATED BIRFDAI now finish your Cha Cha mix jeez
  19. Shariq is the only one who can have his cake and eat it too. HAPEE BIRFDAI
  20. From reddit: There are quotes from the developers who said that Ocarina of Time was actually the Imprisoning War mentioned in A Link to the Past, so I think that this is how they covered their tracks after they made the ending to Ocarina split into two. So now, rather than Ocarina being the Imprisioning War, that event happens after the Hero of Time 'fails' to stop Ganon from acquiring the entire Triforce. So basically, don't time travel kiddies.
  21. this alone makes Volume 2 much more badass than Volume 1 was. get BB to do vocals plzkthnx
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