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  1. You know, I've had a European copy of Shenmue 2 for several years now, but I've never been able to get very far in it because it often crashes when loading between areas. I don't know if it's the boot disc I'm using or what, but if there's any suggestions relating to the issue, I'd certainly like to sit down and finally play through the darned game.
  2. I'll second Toy Commander. It looks like some cheap shovelware at first glance, but it's actually got some really inventive levels and gameplay. Another one I enjoyed was Elemental Gimmick Gear. Kind of like an overhead Metroid/Zelda fusion.
  3. Yeah, that's what I figured. We'd probably be better off looking for something specifically focused on 2D games or with some sort of "First Timers" category. We're really just doing it for the sake of being able to say "Holy shit, we actually made a game," but sticking it in some little competition might be kind of fun, if we could just find the right one to enter it in.
  4. I didn't see anything about giving up rights, except for the part about the competition owning any physical media or materials you send them (basically so they don't have to send it back to everyone). And I guess if you actually got a publishing contract, there'd probably be some adjustment of rights. With that said, I'm curious if anyone knows if this has been held before, and what kind of games are usually entered and/or win? I've actually been doing the graphics for a little game with a couple of friends of mine (the programmer has finished almost all of his part while on vacation in Japan... it's a trans-Pacific project! ), and we could probably have things done by October if I sped things up a bit on my end (and the soundtrack guy did the same). It's a simple retro-inspired 2D puzzle platformer, mostly centered around block-pushing puzzles, with various types of blocks with different properties and effects. It's the first time for any of us working on anything like this, but I think we've got something on our hands with a surprising level of polish for a bunch of total noobs. A couple of early screenshots, just testing out some of the tilesets to make sure everything connects properly: 1 2 Not sure if that's the sort of thing they go for, or if its more like a big super deluxe 3D extravanganza.
  5. You can adjust the controls to have mouselook on, plus set the keyboard keys to strafe rather than turn. It's in the options somewhere. It's pretty much a must if you're playing an archer. As for killing things early on: I always (ALWAYS) answered the "create a character" questions in such a way that I started with an ebony dagger. Makes things much easier at the beginning.
  6. Metroid and Ys stole their "Item Get" jingle from each other. Or both stole it from some common third source. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyFeGs5xeV0
  7. These may be of interest. Although they're kind of hard to find. I lucked out and got the last huge set (the 2700 piece cube that they don't make anymore) at a local education museum... and then found another marked down to half price a few months ago at some little toy store in a small town I stopped off at on the way to somewhere else.
  8. I just noticed the Pony Canyon link on the she website, which brought to mind Nahoko Kakiage, formerly of the Eccentric Opera. Maybe not quite what you're looking for (perhaps a bit too Bjork-esque), but... uh... well, there you go.
  9. Wait, they're freaking out about these "Grass-Eating Men" when they've got stuff like happening on a regular basis?
  10. I always thought the ending to LoI seemed like a total setup for a game where you play as Dracula himself. Newly created vampire who has a magical stone that absorbs the power of other vampires? It's freaking Castlevania: Mega Man Edition!
  11. Very nice, I've given it a quick listen, and I'm hearing a bit of a Falcom-esque vibe to some of those upbeat tracks that I really like. I could seriously picture Synphetic Aspiriations in particular as being a background track for an Ys game.
  12. Hrrrmmm, just looks like more of the Devil May Cry Lite COMBOCOMBOCOMBO gameplay they've already tried twice. Not terribly impressed.
  13. I'm guessing that's part of the idea: that this is a creature capable of both endearing love and friendship, but also outbursts of terrifying and dangerous ferocity. I anticipate some heart-wrenching ending which plays on this.
  14. yangfeili

    Metroid: Other M

    They've tried to expand the Metroid universe a bit in the last few games, and I personally don't think it's gone all that great. I still cringe at the character designs for the other hunters, who look like they were pulled from Rise of the Robots. I've always appreciated Metroid's "less is more" approach to story and setting, which result in the feeling of a more expansive world filled with mystery. The irony is that when you over-develop a setting (as in the typical JRPG), it actually ends up feeling smaller because you know everything there is to know, you've seen everything there is to see, you've visited every place you can visit.
  15. Almost sounds a bit like a hazily misremembered version of the Terminator 2 theme.
  16. Maybe this is MGS5 and ZOE3, and they'll connect the series by having the Metal Gears evolve into Orbital Frames.
  17. This topic came to mind when I started replaying Etrian Odyssey earlier tonight. Every time I hear the Pub theme: I think of this old Faye Wong song: http://www.karaoo.com/video/1485/王菲-Faye-Wong--可爱眼睛 Not so close that I'd call it stolen or anything, but there it is. (Actually, I understand that the Faye Wong song is itself a cover of something else.)
  18. I don't see why everyone is freaking out about the "Will work for free" line. When I saw that, I just assumed that meant he was looking around for anyone working on little freeware projects who might want some music (I see posts all the time from people looking for music for their game), not that he was trying to enslave himself to some commercial project for no pay. I mean... don't most of the people here contribute remixes for free?
  19. yangfeili

    Keyboard Cat

    I can't help but think the effect would be better if keyboard cat videos were not explicitly labeled as such. You'd just be browsing around for funny blooper-style videos, and then bam keyboard cat randomly at the end.
  20. I've always wanted the chance to really get into pen and paper RPGs, but all I've done is some Shadowrun years ago and a tiny bit of Vampire: The Masquerade that a guy at my college was running. And I guess one game of D&D back in grade school using some super old set that my friend got at a garage sale for a dollar. I guess part of the issue is that I seem to go into pen and paper RPGs with somewhat different expectations than most of the people I've played with. I'm interested in the games for their ability to do what video game RPGs can't do. Complex character interaction, elaborate freeform schemes and weird approaches to situations. To that end, I often create characters who really aren't geared towards combat (which has the odd side-effect of making combat VERY interesting). Like in one of the few Vampire sessions we did, we were sent on a mission to kill a guy. I completely blew away the GM by taking advantage of the circumstances of our encounter to convince the target we were actually trying to protect him, and we ended up delivering him alive to our employers for interrogation (followed by execution). But it seems most of the people I've played with got their idea of what an RPG is from JRPGs: they just want to make damage rolls and commit random encounter monster genocide for a few hours. I guess I just need to find a like-minded group to play with. :\
  21. Yeah, I tracked down some kind of patch/tweaker which helped a little bit with the odd movement and the goofy atomic glow on objects. Had some other neat options like the ability to adjust the eye-zoom color.
  22. Thief I and II are possibly my favorite games ever. Seriously. The third one was okay, but had some issues with level design, gameplay, and the somewhat wonky story. (I liked the general idea, it's just that the execution was a little off.) I'll definitely have my eye on this... MY MECHANICAL ROBOT ZOOMY EYE.
  23. A while back I was trying to find videos of the fairly well-known Arai Akino, and somehow or another stumbled upon some stuff by the not-as-well-known Kakiage Nahoko, formerly of the Eccentric Opera. Since then, I've been pretty much listening to her various projects non-stop. They don't have a lot of my favorites up on youtube, but there's still some good ones: Solo: Film de l'Amour Eccentric Opera: Album with countertenor Nobuo Fujioka:
  24. I'd rank Ys: Oath in Felghana pretty high. Just a few samples of its awesomeness: I kind of think it out-Castlevanias the recent Castlevania games. :\
  25. Eh, they can change the battle all they want, but it doesn't amount to much as far I'm concerned. A real advance would be for the game to be more than just a battle system. You know, more like an actual RPG instead of just another random encounter monster genocide machine. As it is, the last several JRPGs I've played have been 50+ hours of a battle system that really only has enough to it to last for 20 hours without getting stale. (Except for Ys, but it's really a hardcore action-platformer thinly disguised as an RPG.)