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  1. The way I do things is to buy a new PC every several years for super cheap, and then play the backlog of games I missed, again for super cheap. At least that's what I had been doing. But the consoles are so crappy this generation, and I've been having so much fun with PC games lately (including some great import stuff from Falcom: it's pretty weird that the best console-style games I've played lately are on the PC), that I'm actually going to drop the cash to get myself a decent gaming laptop. EDIT: And I guess I might also add that I've always been primarily a console gamer, and yet my "Top Ten List" would probably be at least 50% PC games, which is way out of proportion with the ratio of console:PC games that I've played (which is probably something like 95:5).
  2. Yeah, kids have done play-fighting since the dawn of time. Several decades ago they probably played GI vs Nazis. Centuries ago they probably played at Knight vs Other Knight. And before that they probably played Hercules vs Random Mythological Creature. And hell, sometimes they just play Me vs You. Same activity, just the "skin" that keeps changing.
  3. I already mentioned Go!Go!7188 earlier... but I'll do it again because I just found this song I hadn't heard before, and it's totally awesome. http://youtube.com/watch?v=dgkJg2XHPqg&feature=related
  4. You might want to take a look into some of the criticisms of the American Cancer Society before you dismiss my half-serious/half-facetious hyperbole. link This sort of thing is fairly well-documented among sociological circles, these self-perpetuating organizations that have a tendency to set goals which are unobtainable either by nature or by intentional design/self-sabotage. Child's Play strikes me as a pleasant alternative.
  5. Medical research is a scam anyway. Most organizations don't actually want to find a cure for whatever it is they're dedicated to, because then they go out of business.
  6. Maybe not quite as heavy and a little more power metal than you're looking for, but .
  7. Yeah, I actually didn't like Looney Tunes much either as a kid. I always saw it as "the boring cartoons" when it came on. One funny thing, a lot of people--myself included--rant against the excessive anime influence in modern cartoons, but one of the shows I would most like to see come to DVD is "Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics" which used to be on Nickelodeon... and was all done by a Japanese animation company. (But it was that more subdued oldschool late 80s/early 90s variety of anime, which I tend to like a lot more than the all-out-eXtreme tone they aim for these days.)
  8. The thing I've noticed about a lot of recent cartoons is that there seems to be less and less emphasis on having a coherent narrative in favor of just blasting kids with a half-hour of directionless zany antics.
  9. yangfeili

    Free Rice

    Yeah, I capped out at about level 45 and then dropped down a bit. I guess reading nothing but Jack Vance novels for the last few years has had some unconscious side-effects.
  10. yangfeili

    Free Rice

    Is there a way you can have them send the rice to you instead of Africa or wherever? I mean, I'm not technically starving, but I am pretty hungry.
  11. It's things like this that further solidify my belief that most developers don't understand the good and bad parts of their own games or what is important to the fans of their games. (Every Final Fantasy after FFVII also serves as evidence of this phenomenon.)
  12. I have no musical skill to speak of, but I do often find myself looking over visual works I've done. Particularly after I've just finished them, I'll sit there for an hour or more just kind of staring at it, thinking "Sweet, I did that." Edit: Actually, wait, I did make a kind of neat song in Electroplankton/Audacity once, if that counts for anything.
  13. As do I. I particularly miss the later phase of that competition, where the SNES was pretty well dominating, and yet some of the greatest games ever came out during that period (sort of messes with the whole "We need competition" thing).
  14. Tracks 2 and 16 from the Katamari Damacy soundtrack. You might check out Pizzicato Five as well (the singer did a track for We Love Katamari). Also, look up Shinohara Tomoe. I can't stand her, but I keep a few of her songs around for comedic effect.
  15. I picked up a bunch of the Ys games direct from Falcom a while back. They take international orders through email. Usually much cheaper than going through an import store. The best part is that Ys I+II Complete and Ys: Oath in Felghana both have fan translation patches available. Form email and ordering details: http://nick.serveblog.net/forums/index.php?topic=10.0 They also have some good special deals regularly listed under this section: http://www.falcom.co.jp/mailorder/special/index.html For example, I snagged Felghana Special Edition + Ys Origin for more than 50% off during a special back in August (the extra copy of Felghana sold on ebay and pretty much paid for the whole thing, so in the end it was like getting a free copy of Origin for no reason).
  16. Gotta love Nintendo's added "import fee" to their already inflated VC prices. Because, you know, it costs an extra 20% to send that ROM all the way from Japan.
  17. I once carried on a surprisingly lengthy e-mail correspondence with a scammer claiming to be a Nigerian banker. The main reason I say "surprisingly lengthy" is because the entire time, I was writing in the persona of "Captain Lance McWafer" (a name I derived from a package of crackers which was at hand) and I kept going on about how we could "Stash the booty at me secret base on Skull Isle," and so on (I think I dropped a few Monkey Island references here and there). For some reason, it took several e-mails before the guy caught on.
  18. Really? All I could think while I watched my brother play Skytown was "When is Lando going to come out and greet you?"
  19. The day after Columbine, a classmate who I had gone to school with since kindergarten asked me if I was going to shoot up the school, apparently because I owned a trench coat (tan, not black), played video games, and had a somewhat dark sense of humor. For the record, my response was to ask "Do you want me to shoot up the school?" "Haha, no." "Then shut the fuck up, you stupid bitch." (Which had all the more impact because I was known as a fairly mild mannered guy who was rather averse to swearing.) My point is... I don't even know what it is. Just something about the way people get labeled, the way that even people who have known you your whole life won't hesitate to slap some label on you.
  20. yangfeili

    MarioKart Wii

    MKDS was probably the best Mario Kart since MK64... at least in terms of playing offline or against friends over wireless. The online was a mess, Nintendo really should have tested things better and corrected the snaking, and they really needed to adjust the items. It gets pretty annoying how you can do an entire race perfectly while your opponent intentionally hangs back so that the game gives them a blue shell, which they hold for the entire race and then unleash right before you cross the finish line. I think it's a very good example of Nintendo's flawed philosophy of trying to "even the odds" for beginners at the back of the pack. I also don't have a lot of confidence in the wheel thing. I would think a much better setup would be to use the nunchuk to steer and use the remote to aim projectiles. I just have a bad feeling that the wheel is going to be far less responsive than a plain old-fashioned analog stick, much as Zelda's remote swinging was less responsive and inferior to a simple button press (the bow controls worked great, though).
  21. I think part of what makes Earthbound so great is that it can be appreciated at different levels, kind of like Calvin and Hobbes. When I was younger, I thought all the nonsensical stuff like evil hippies and trippy backgrounds was funny. But when I replayed the game years later, I was better able to recognize and appreciate a lot of the meta-humor regarding game design and the conventions of the RPG genre (my favorite being the message if you try to use the Insignificant Item, which I understood as a jab at completionist gamers). I'd love to see a new game which does to the post-FFVII RPG genre what Earthbound did to the Dragon Warrior-era games.
  22. yangfeili

    Fallout 3

    Bethesda needs to buddy up with these guys to make some promotional items for the game: http://www.wetanz.com/rayguns/index.php?itemid=20&catid=4&catid=4#more
  23. I've got old issues back to Volume 26, and it was pretty cool back in the NES/SNES days, when it had pages and pages of maps of levels from sidescrolling stages, which to my mind is a fascinating and bizarre phenomenon. Some of the "bonus strategy guides" were good, especially the Mario Mania one, which was about half Super Mario World strategy guide and half history of Mario. I actually first subscribed on on the deal where you got the NES, Gameboy, SNES, and Mario Mania guides for signing up. It really went downhill around the time of Pokemon/N64 though. The shocking day eventually came when I did not renew my subscription. I got three free issues a while back for registering some stuff at Nintendo.com, and it was depressing to see how low the magazine had sunk.