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  1. I had one that went bad a few years ago. It would power on, but it would come up with a black screen. I thought maybe it was something wrong with the video output, but the screen would flash as it powered on or off, and would occasionally get garbled nonsense rather than just black. I ended up just buying a new one, but as an experiment, I put the pin connector from the old one into the new one to see if that what's the problem had been. It worked fine, so it must have been something else.
  2. I always give it all to the developers. There's plenty of people giving money to plenty of charities out there in world. Indie game developers deserve some attention.
  3. Hasn't there been a translation patch for a while? We can only hope that she knew of the joys of emulation.
  4. I thought this was going to be about the dichotomy between male characters (who generally sound good) and female characters (who are generally unbearable except for the select few who sound like Kuroneko of Onmyouza rather than the usual SQUEEEEEEEE, but I think that's more of a problem with Japanese female character design than voice-acting itself). EDIT: Also, after having watched loads of American animated productions throughout my life, I know there are good English voice-actors out there. The problem is that the gaming industry seems to keep drawing on the same group of people who do anime dubs, which is definitly NOT where most of the good actors congregate.
  5. yangfeili

    Metroid: Other M

    Am I the only one who always (ALWAYS) customized my controls in that game? Yeah, the default scheme does suck, but I never used it for more than like a minute on accident. Y = Shoot B = Jump A = Run X = Weapon Switch Generally you don't need to use the run button much other than for the speed booster, but if you insist, I recently tried an experiment in which I used L to run. Sort of messes with your ability to aim while standing still, but it does make it very easy to run, jump, and shoot simultaneously. Really, what the game needs is a Playstation controller, but a perfectly functional layout can be done an SNES controller.
  6. Hmm, the music is nice, reminds me of Ys a little bit. And the art direction is certainly more tasteful and appealing than anything seen in Final Fantasy for a long while. But unless the gameplay is more than the usual "linear story + a battle system" JRPG standard, it's going to be a pass for me.
  7. I always thought it would be cool to build a car where the interior is flipped. You know, so it looks like you're driving down the highway in reverse. Probably get pulled over a lot.
  8. I think this would be a great theme for a first enemy-free puzzle-centric dungeon: And then at the end, you revisit the first dungeon and open a deeper level, which is the final dungeon:
  9. I grabbed Atomic Robo and Mouse Guard. They also were clearing out their manga for $3 each, so I grabbed the two copies of Blame Vol. 6 which were mysteriously in the box and not being sold on ebay (out of print, potentially sells for a helluva lot). I hear you on that, sometimes I like to attempt to read random wiki articles on some particular superhero and see how far I can get before I am a hit by a massive WAT. I find the bulk of manga to be horrendously obnoxious, but I do think there's something to be said for the Japanese "one author/artist" method of comic production, especially those that tell their story and then end. I definitely prefer single-volume stuff when it comes to graphic novels, something with a nice, neat, thought-out, self-contained story.
  10. On that note, I really wish JRPGs would get out of this "an RPG is a battle system and nothing more" rut. WRPGs still tend to be fairly combat-centric, but they usually at least incorporate some other gameplay styles.
  11. I've been watching Dwarf Fortress for a while and love reading stories like this, but I've held off on diving into the game myself. Not sure if I'm just waiting until I've got the time, or until further development progress, or what, but I don't think I've ever been so entertained by a game I've never played.
  12. WANT: Book BLAME!, vol. 4, by Tsutomu Nihei It's the only one I'm missing.
  13. Everyone here should just play this: http://www.skipmore.com/freegames/synopsis/synopsis.html An oldschool JRPG with all the filler cut out.
  14. Lately I've been listening to a lot of old stuff by Zabadak, which is kind of like Japanese-Celtic Progressive Folk Rock.
  15. Am I the only one who found Okami kind of mediocre? I'd been looking forward to it since it was first announced, preordered and everything. It started out pretty good, but as I got further into it, it really started to feel like a bit of a drag. The dungeon/puzzle design didn't feel quite up to snuff, and the combat needed a little something more to it, but I think the biggest issue was simply the pacing, which felt painfully and unnecessarily slow, especially in the second half. (Wind Waker had a similar problem.) I guess I felt like it degenerated from what could have been a fun gameplay-centered action-adventure to JRPG levels of story-centric inane chatter and corny writing. When they pulled that excessively long and entirely unnecessary "EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS AND BELIEVE" cutscene in the middle of the final boss fight, I was rolling my eyes so hard that I was in danger of suffering a detached retina. At least it looked nice and had some good music in spots. Keep that, cut out the fluff, and beef up the gameplay, and it'll be solid.
  16. I don't really have anything to contribute, but I just wanted to post to fit in.
  17. Ohhhh, okay, I've already got World of Goo, but I went ahead and did it. Looks like some neat stuff. The only one I wish I could swap out is Mr. Robot and put in Starscape instead, based off of playing the demos for both waaaaaay back when they first came out. (Mr. Robot looked like a really cool isometric puzzle-platformer at first, until the clunky boring JRPG-esque battle system kicked in and I said "Hrmm.")
  18. I'm bothered by the fact that copyright infringment is punishable by prison at all. A fine? Sure. But prison time? The legal system has been hijacked. Heck, it really should probably be a civil matter rather than a criminal matter.
  19. This is interesting, because I've said something similar with a bit of a twist: there are a lot of games now which are absurdly easy because they think they have a great story, and difficult gameplay would serve as an obstacle to presenting this "brilliant" story to the player. Final Fantasy is a good example of a particularly flagrant offender. Regardless, I think Strike911 was trying to point out the difference between games with carefully crafted difficulty VS games which are difficult because of crappy controls, poor balance, or they just spam enemies everywhere in a nonsensical manner (such as the classic "unavoidable enemy spawns right in front of you while you're in the middle of jumping over a hole" gag.) In other words, a game can be difficult due to EITHER good or bad design, with the resulting experience either being "tough but rewarding" as opposed to "obnoxious and frustrating."
  20. It's funny you mention Battletoads. Now, I've never actually beaten the whole game, largely because I get kind of bored with it after a while. But as a kid, I remember that hover bike level was murder. I spent hours trying to get through it, and I usually used the warp in the middle rather than seeing it through to the end. I found a copy of the game a few years ago. Popped it in without having played the game for... gosh, fifteen years, maybe? Anyway, I beat the entire hover bike stage with only one death -- and that was due to a premature jump rather than hitting a wall. I think to myself "Wait, what? That's it?"
  21. I made a little something in Electroplankton once using Audacity to record a couple parts over each other and move them around a bit. http://ofadam.com/macroidtoe/dump/Holy%20Plankton%20Ocean%20Temple.mp3 Aaaaaaaaand that's the the full extent of my musical accomplishments. I guess I could pop in my old copy of Mario Paint and load up whatever's saved on it from 15 years ago. Probably just random notes thrown around in an indiscriminate manner. Which, based on the whole "Shakespeare, monkeys, typewriters" principle could in fact be a work of pure genius.
  22. I was thinking this was going to be a comparison of different boards reacting to news. e.g. OCRemix: Fairly reasonable discussion of a game or system's flaws and strengths VS GameFAQs: Psychotically swinging to one extreme or the other. Someone should make that chart.