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  1. My friends and I always used a weapon mod I made for the original Jedi Knight, where the Repeater fired Concussion Rifle shots. Needless to say, those were some very high frag-count matches. Storm Trooper Rifle + Sticky Rockets was also quite amusing.
  2. This thread has reminded me that I've been waiting forever for Star Wars: Best of PC to get a price drop... and it still hasn't happenend, so I'm just going to go pick it up right now and get some Jedi Knight II going on.
  3. Best definition I've seen: http://onlyagame.typepad.com/only_a_game/2007/08/game-literacy.html
  4. For the most part, although I think you'd be pretty hard-pressed to find much of anything cute in Zelda II. Except maybe some of the artwork in the manual, but even that's not really so much cute as it is standard late 80s anime-esque. Now some of the artwork from the original Zelda is pretty darned cute, and I think it would be kind of neat to see them do another big cel-shaded game, but with that art-style rather than another with WW football head. It's . And quite well, I might add. (Well, okay, the third one was a bit wonky.)
  5. yangfeili

    Mad World

    Haha, I made that exact same joke to my friend the other day.
  6. One of the first remixes I ever downloaded from here was "Feena Flow" from Ys... and all these years later it's still the only Ys remix on here. Ys, for crying out loud! And really the same goes for all of Falcom's games. The quality of the Gurumin soundtrack really surprised me... still no remixes yet, even though it got a US release. Even their really obscure games have awesome music! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5DPtoFlGd8
  7. The standard turn-based, menu-based gameplay in both oldschool RPGs and current RPGs is pretty lame. But I still find the older games playable because they're short enough that the lameness of the gameplay doesn't become overwhelming, as it does in the modern bloated 50+ hour vaguely interactive anime episodes we've been getting. I had always imagined that JRPGs would take advantage of new technology to expand their gameplay beyond being nothing but a "battle system." That's just one small part of what makes a real RPG, not the single defining feature. But instead, all they've really done is take the same old games we've been playing since forever, made them a bit flashier, and stretched their already thin gameplay even thinner...
  8. I think people are going a little overboard, although I know it's all well-intentioned. I wouldn't start freaking out until AFTER you've contacted them about it and then been told "Screw you, we're gonna make you pay it." More likely than not, you'll call, say "Hey, I got this wacky bill," and they'll say "Oops, sorry, we'll fix it." That's pretty much what happened when my previous university sent me a bill for a semester during which I did not attend: I rang them up, said WTF, and they told me to disregard it.
  9. Symphony had its flaws (such as NO gameplay balance whatsoever), but there's one thing it did that I haven't seen any of its imitators do nearly as well: secrets. The GBA and DS games might have a secret room here and there with an item in it; SotN had entire optional secret REGIONS of the castle, often with their own extra boss.
  10. Last time my friend was playing CT, we kept making up lyrics for the Robo song every time it started up. "Always TONIGHT, we'll be together..." Can't remember the rest, I just know there was some sort of breathy spoken monologue that started "Girl..."
  11. Has anyone mentioned Windaria? Because I'm going to mention Windaria.
  12. There's some tracks on the site for Gurumin, although they're missing a lot of the best ones. http://www.gurumin.us/downloads.html
  13. I'd buy a "Squaresoft Classics" collection for $20 with all their SNES games on it, like Capcom or Konami would put out. People allow themselves to buy into the whole "It's worth any price" mystique surrounding stuff like Chrono Trigger way too much, as if these were some sort of sacred holy treasures that S-E keeps locked in a magically sealed vault rather than just a couple megs of data which they could have slapped onto a compilation disc at any time.
  14. I had the same problem when I played Morrowind: I set out to play a selfish jerk character, but I kept lapsing into "play the hero" mode. So for Oblivion, I resolved to play a truly evil character. I was basically a serial killer, and I'd pick out victims, every time I reached a new town follow them around, break into their house and wait for them... It was surprisingly and disturbingly fun. I was also running some mods that slowed down leveling and made the game a lot harder, which actually worked really well with the character concept since it meant I pretty much had to rely on killing weak defenseless victims in order to boost my skills. To restore the karmic balance, I probably need to play Fallout 3 as a grandma who wanders the wasteland, handing out cookies to children.
  15. yangfeili

    AIDS cure...?

    AIDs is kind of goofy in that it can very easily and cheaply be "cured" via behavioral modification. Actually getting everyone to go along with that behavioral modification, of course, is the hard part. So the "billions of dollars of research" route may, indeed, be easier.
  16. yangfeili

    PC RPGs?

    Falcom demands a word with you! http://www.falcom.co.jp/mailorder/category/game.html The Ys series is pretty awesome, and a number of the games have English patches available. Ys I & II Complete are basically like SNES JRPGs in style, although they have more in common with the likes of Illusion of Gaia or Terranigma than Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. (Not surprising considering that Quintet was created by former Falcom employees.) Ys: Oath in Felghana is so action-packed and hardcore that it's barely an RPG at all. The whole series has awesome soundtracks which are sadly under-represented here. (Falcom in general is known for great music.) English patches are also in the works for Ys VI (already available in English on PS2 and PSP) and Ys Origin (which again is so action-heavy and gameplay-centric that I got through it fine without any translation). If you played Gurumin on the PSP, that also originally began as a PC game, as did the upcoming Zwei!! which is going to be hitting the PSP in Japan soon and might have a shot at a US release.
  17. I'm curious about this as well, seeing as there were those "unlicensed" Tengen games actually be sold in stores back during the NES era. I distinctly remember buying the Tengen Pac-Man at Target when I was a kid.
  18. I've heard that as well, but I think I've always taken at least one hit in all the fights, so I can't personally verify it. Taking no damage is definitely doable though, and seems to have been so much a part of the design philosophy of the boss fights that I have no trouble believing that they put in "No Hit" rewards. In fact, I think it's easier to take no damage in OoE than it has been in other Castlevanias. The difference is that in the other ones, you took a lot less damage when you got hit.
  19. I'm doing all the bosses with no health items. It seems like while this game is harder in one sense, it's also easier in that it feels like it allows you to dodge EVERYTHING once you know what you're doing. Whereas some of the boss fights in previous games at times felt like they had a JRPG-style "let's wail on each other and occasionally heal" design philosophy.
  20. The lighthouse boss can be beaten without taking a single hit once you learn the pattern. But I'm coming into this straight from playing the recent Ys games on Nightmare difficulty, so I might have the fortune of being in a mental "super tough pattern-based boss fight" mode right now.
  21. Answered it for me. In fact, that's why I've really started to dislike turn-based traditional JRPGs. There's no allowance for me to use my skill to avoid an enemy attack -- I just have to take it. At least in an SRPG, I've got some control over the movement and formation of the characters. (I know the discussion is platformers, but I'm just mentioning it to explain why I've come to enjoy action/platformers more than JRPGs -- a complete reversal of what I used to like -- and why it annoys me when a platformer incorporates this JRPG-esque trait of unavoidable attacks.)
  22. yangfeili

    O the horror!

    The original Thief did a great job of freaking me out for one specific reason: nowhere on the box or in the manual or during the early part of the game did it give me any indication there were horror elements to the game. So I dismissively walked past that conspicuously placed rotting corpse in the second mission... and then freaked the hell out when it stood up, and I ran to hide in the dark tunnels, freaked out again when another shadowy shape rose up off the ground right in front of me, jumped around like a madman as I tried to get away, stumbled down into a pit full of giant spiders, and died. I think the fact that the gameplay is based on hiding from enemies also helps things a bit. It's pretty tense in the non-horror missions when you're hiding behind a pile of boxes and you hear a guard open the door; it's downright terrifying in the undead missions when you're hiding behind the boxes and you hear insane blasphemous whispering all around you as footsteps draw closer and closer, and some kind of enemy you've never seen before -- a hooded figure with a skull-like visage and glowing red eyes -- pokes its head through the door and scans the room. Of course, you eventually learn the tricks to the game, you learn when to most effectively use your holy water to take out the maximum number of enemies possible, you learn that most undead can be killed by two flash bombs (mentioned nowhere in game -- I only found out on accident), you learn the unstoppable sword-fighting pattern which can even take down the super fast and powerful undead haunts without fear of reprisal... but even then there's still the atmosphere to enjoy, which the series piles on thick.
  23. Part of the reason my brother loves zombie games/movies is because he's genuinely afraid of zombies.
  24. One of the first remixes I ever downloaded was "Feena Flow" from Ys (I also think it's one of the oldest mixes on the site). At the time, I was only vaguely familiar with the name, having seen Ys III occasionally pop up in Nintendo Power magazines from the early SNES era. Fast forward to today, and it's pretty much my absolute favorite series.