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    I'm a born again Christian, I used to spend quite a lot of time back in the day making arrangements of old game tunes, I don't come out with stuff very often, seems like once every few years now, but it's a fun change of pace. I used to take it very serious, but I just like to have fun when I work on arrangements. I'm currently involved with various musicians engaging in spontaneous worship. It's quite a trip cause you never know where you'll end up.
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  1. Love this, it's like a cat purring on your lap, soothing...
  2. jaxx

    Star Trek Into Darkness

    I thought it was pretty awesome. Had lots of fun. I've never really been someone who breaks a movie down to discover faults. I like to take it in as a whole and walk away, hopefully with something, Cumberbatch was awesome. Great actor, very freaky. Actually liked him better than the original Kahn in some ways. This Kahn really seemed like he was truly superior. Star Trek is one of my greatest loves in fiction, TNG being at the top of the list. Honestly I think JJ's Star Trek movies really complement the big screen better than previous incarnations. However I think if you put this cast into a TV series I think it would flop. It's super fast and exciting, making for a great quick 2 hours, it would be hard to keep that pace on TV. On the flipside, TNG made a great TV show. It seemed to be more of a slow building mystery detective show with great dialogue and an excellent cast. I don't think TNG really translated well to the movies, except maybe First Contact. I don't think you have enough time to recreate the essence of the thought provoking, intelligent, mystery solving Trek that we've come to know and love in the TV shows, especially when you have to create origin stories and context for the cast of [spoilers]alternate reality[/spoilers] characters that really differ from the Prime timeline characters. When the previous Trek movies came out, they already dealt with all the necessary character building in the TV shows so you could easily get into the thick of it. These Movies are tons of fun, they don't feel like "my" star trek, because I feel like I have history with the Prime universe characters and that just takes time. A movie is 2 hours, so we have roughly 4 hours with JJ's Trek, we have 178 44 min episodes of TNG.
  3. jaxx

    OCR02465 - Xenogears 'You and I'

    Damn Dale, I love this...
  4. Hey, Jaxx. Just wanted to say that your Ninja Gaiden work for DOD is one of those tracks I can't stop listening over and over again. You did a really good job. If it had been up to me I would have given you the first place.

  5. jaxx

    Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

    watching the ending of crisis core made me feel less sad about Aerith in the original. It's especially how Zack and Aerith interact in Advent Children
  6. jaxx

    I miss arcades

    I live in Portland OR, there's this sweet arcade downtown I go to quite often (mainly to play street fighter games against people in the flesh, there aint nothing like it) called Ground Kontrol. Flippin tight, has every classic arcade game you can think of, mainly 70's 80's and 90's, not too many new machines. It turns into a bar at 5, at the bar you can play nes games. Awesome atmosphere, they have a stage where they have shows and "Rock Band Tuesday", where tons people come to get smashed and play rock band, flippin hilarious. Best arcade I've ever been to. Too bad next gen online game play has killed off most arcades, it's fun playing SFIV againts someone across the country, but it's just not the same when they're not right next to you, that and when someone mops the floor with your ass you can give em the finger, sure you can flip off the tv but we all know you're not accomplishing anything.
  7. jaxx

    Create a band/album/song (funny)

    funny thing is, I was in a band 4 years ago with the same name...
  8. my first arrangement. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00183/ this one wouldn't have been accepted today, It's pretty gross My latest arrangemnet. http://dod.vgmix.com/past/mag7/05tie-jaxx-StormOfProgear-Harvest-DoD.mp3 this one would probably not get posted either, too close to being a "cover". been having fun with music since 96 I decided I'm not going to arrange music to OC standards so as to get accepted these days. If I arrange something that in the end fits the standards then I'll toss it to the judges. I just like having fun these days. I hope people don't stress too much about getting accepted, just have fun and learn something in the process. This isn't a job, have fun
  9. jaxx


    Saw it, loved it. Haven't read the book (yet) so I'm coming from a different perspective than most of the contributors of this thread. You could easily say that it was slow going in many parts, it's pace was set up to help you really enjoy the climax, without the needed character development it would be hard to see why the characters made the choices they did and. I thought the ending was awesome, wrapped up everything into a nice bow, even sounds better than the original ending, seems like it possibly gave some characters more depth in the end while maintaining the same moral points that it was getting across in the book. People that didn't like the pacing are usually those impatient types that always need something stimulating them. It's like sex, some people would prefer to climax every few seconds, but the best climax to have is one that is built slowly, taking your time, enjoying the process and then "pop" what a glorious climax, twas the end of the movie, I left satisfied. Unlike woman that have their men always wanting to pop one off real quick. "It's business, It's business time" "business is closed"
  10. jaxx

    A Very Special HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    dude, have a happy birthday, hope you get something cool like an arrow dynamic spaghetti glass
  11. excellent. I am downloading right now. It's cool to see a project like this come through.
  12. jaxx

    Classic Ancient PC Dos VGs

    well, there was a remix of "Another World" ("Out of This World" in the US), but it was taken down because it was "Too similar to the original", which is sad. Was one of my personal favorites. Here's a link to it http://doulifee.com//Storage/OC_Removed/Out_of_this_World_Open_Ending_OC_ReMoved.mp3 This one would be considered a "cover" (as far as ocremix goes), It's excellent quality, 80's synth music. When I first heard it I was confused at where this song was in the game, because at the time I had only played the SNES verson, but found out that they changed the music when they made ports. They wanted a more cinematic feel. I enjoy both soundtracks.