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  1. Creativity starts with an idea in your head, then you work it out and manefest it in reality. It’s fun to think of how different compositions will sound in different styles. It’s no less creative than coming up with melodies and rhythms. Just a different expression of creativity. If you make a door and then carve a unique design on the door no one would think that wasn’t creative and unique to you. But you didn’t come up with the idea of a “door” on your own, you just remixed it.
  2. Love this, it's like a cat purring on your lap, soothing...
  3. I thought it was pretty awesome. Had lots of fun. I've never really been someone who breaks a movie down to discover faults. I like to take it in as a whole and walk away, hopefully with something, Cumberbatch was awesome. Great actor, very freaky. Actually liked him better than the original Kahn in some ways. This Kahn really seemed like he was truly superior. Star Trek is one of my greatest loves in fiction, TNG being at the top of the list. Honestly I think JJ's Star Trek movies really complement the big screen better than previous incarnations. However I think if you put this cast into a TV series I think it would flop. It's super fast and exciting, making for a great quick 2 hours, it would be hard to keep that pace on TV. On the flipside, TNG made a great TV show. It seemed to be more of a slow building mystery detective show with great dialogue and an excellent cast. I don't think TNG really translated well to the movies, except maybe First Contact. I don't think you have enough time to recreate the essence of the thought provoking, intelligent, mystery solving Trek that we've come to know and love in the TV shows, especially when you have to create origin stories and context for the cast of [spoilers]alternate reality[/spoilers] characters that really differ from the Prime timeline characters. When the previous Trek movies came out, they already dealt with all the necessary character building in the TV shows so you could easily get into the thick of it. These Movies are tons of fun, they don't feel like "my" star trek, because I feel like I have history with the Prime universe characters and that just takes time. A movie is 2 hours, so we have roughly 4 hours with JJ's Trek, we have 178 44 min episodes of TNG.
  4. watching the ending of crisis core made me feel less sad about Aerith in the original. It's especially how Zack and Aerith interact in Advent Children
  5. jaxx

    I miss arcades

    I live in Portland OR, there's this sweet arcade downtown I go to quite often (mainly to play street fighter games against people in the flesh, there aint nothing like it) called Ground Kontrol. Flippin tight, has every classic arcade game you can think of, mainly 70's 80's and 90's, not too many new machines. It turns into a bar at 5, at the bar you can play nes games. Awesome atmosphere, they have a stage where they have shows and "Rock Band Tuesday", where tons people come to get smashed and play rock band, flippin hilarious. Best arcade I've ever been to. Too bad next gen online game play has killed off most arcades, it's fun playing SFIV againts someone across the country, but it's just not the same when they're not right next to you, that and when someone mops the floor with your ass you can give em the finger, sure you can flip off the tv but we all know you're not accomplishing anything.
  6. funny thing is, I was in a band 4 years ago with the same name...
  7. my first arrangement. http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00183/ this one wouldn't have been accepted today, It's pretty gross My latest arrangemnet. http://dod.vgmix.com/past/mag7/05tie-jaxx-StormOfProgear-Harvest-DoD.mp3 this one would probably not get posted either, too close to being a "cover". been having fun with music since 96 I decided I'm not going to arrange music to OC standards so as to get accepted these days. If I arrange something that in the end fits the standards then I'll toss it to the judges. I just like having fun these days. I hope people don't stress too much about getting accepted, just have fun and learn something in the process. This isn't a job, have fun
  8. jaxx


    Saw it, loved it. Haven't read the book (yet) so I'm coming from a different perspective than most of the contributors of this thread. You could easily say that it was slow going in many parts, it's pace was set up to help you really enjoy the climax, without the needed character development it would be hard to see why the characters made the choices they did and. I thought the ending was awesome, wrapped up everything into a nice bow, even sounds better than the original ending, seems like it possibly gave some characters more depth in the end while maintaining the same moral points that it was getting across in the book. People that didn't like the pacing are usually those impatient types that always need something stimulating them. It's like sex, some people would prefer to climax every few seconds, but the best climax to have is one that is built slowly, taking your time, enjoying the process and then "pop" what a glorious climax, twas the end of the movie, I left satisfied. Unlike woman that have their men always wanting to pop one off real quick. "It's business, It's business time" "business is closed"
  9. dude, have a happy birthday, hope you get something cool like an arrow dynamic spaghetti glass
  10. excellent. I am downloading right now. It's cool to see a project like this come through.
  11. well, there was a remix of "Another World" ("Out of This World" in the US), but it was taken down because it was "Too similar to the original", which is sad. Was one of my personal favorites. Here's a link to it http://doulifee.com//Storage/OC_Removed/Out_of_this_World_Open_Ending_OC_ReMoved.mp3 This one would be considered a "cover" (as far as ocremix goes), It's excellent quality, 80's synth music. When I first heard it I was confused at where this song was in the game, because at the time I had only played the SNES verson, but found out that they changed the music when they made ports. They wanted a more cinematic feel. I enjoy both soundtracks.
  12. dude, I know it was mentioned, but "Another World" is a must play, I still play it all the way through every now and then, it was so epic for it's time, the cinematic cutscenes were amazing, there was nothing like it, still isn't. It's a sweet game of full of puzzles and action, there was nothing like recharging that lazer gun in those recharge rooms. The laser gun was awesome, making shields and frying aliens into chard black remains. Tons of fun. I must say though, I spent the majority of my dos life with Lucas Arts adventure games, how can anyone resist those babies.
  13. people are way too picky these days, spoiled gamers and their snobby opinions keep people from playing good games. Crisis Core is awesome... also, you can't really go wrong with either of the Burnout Games, tons of fun. And if you're into retro games, there's a whole bunch of neo geo bundles that are fun, looking forward to Samurai Showdown Anthology.
  14. by the way, most of the "ideal actor for jet" choices in this thread have been horrible. Jet is only suppose to be 36 years old, even though he seems older, (maybe 50's) in the series. He's balding, is a harry beast of a man and is a flippin badd ass. Jason Statham would be one of my picks (he fits the age, and I think he looks like a decent Jet). but for an "older" feel for Jet, you could do Jeff Bridges al la Obadiah Stane (Iron Man) But for some reason, I also like the idea of Liam Neeson as Jet, for some reason I feel like his personality fits jet's the best, and his voice is priceless. anyways, they'll probably pick someone that will make the crowd gasp, and then we'll go through all the smack talk again
  15. I'm still going to be positive towards this, it's old news now and people have settled down about it, but I'm going to have a good laugh if this movie turns out to be amazing. It seriously grossed me out how much junk smack talk this news got.
  16. Guilty Gear X "hard rock tracks"
  17. shai would not be good for ed, ed is a girl, although ed is sometimes confused about what sex she is, there is no confusion of what sex shai is. it would be cool if they didn't work on backstory at all, and just picked up the movie during a "missing" episode, like the anime movie. Somewhere I read they were going to use the "bloody eye" drug as a topic for plot. Which would make a good 2 hour plotline, it was a great early episode, and it was before the series had gone into the depth of the characters. Keanu does have the pretty boy look that spike needs, and thats why when I heard about it, I thought it wasn't the worst casting idea. Heath Ledger doesn't have that baby faced pretty boy look, but his acting would be good. Johnny Depp, back in the day (edward scissor hands) would have been sweet.
  18. I love subbed, but actually enjoyed the bebop dub
  19. I remember reading about the live action bebop movie on Japanator not long ago ( http://www.japanator.com/elephant/post.phtml?pk=8386 ), they had Johnny Depp as an ideal actor to fill spike's roll. I thought he'd be a good fit for spikes attitude, but not for body or hair (the hair is hella important). So I thought about it for a while after that and came to the conclusion that there really isn't an actor that could caputure spike, he's a character you can only dream up with a pencil and paper, which is the beauty of anime. Easily one of my favoirte fictional characters. Sounds like Keanu thought of this as a "dream project" and now everyone is pissed that it's going to happen. I'm excited for the movie myself, I think I'm I'm going to take a stance where I'll seperate the movie as it's own interperatation apart from the anime. The anime IS my favorite anime, still haven't found anything that has fascinated me more in the anime world. You could relate this situation to videogame remixing. First there is the original, then there is a dude (myself) that wants to interperate the original in the style of ska. Well, there might be a few folks that laugh and pass it by, but no one is going to freak out at me and say I am ruining the original and never should have tried to do it!! Well maybe there would be but I'll just say "screw you", I'm doing it anyways, and you can suck a binky and stop whining, cause I'm having fun, no one told you that you had to listen to my remix. But most likely thats not going to happen in the vgremix world. In the movie world it's different, like all of a sudden we live in a world full of whiny fanboys that demand this and that, and they'll do the "sign the petition!!" crap to stop a certain group of people (that happen to have the money and resources to actually make something worth watching) choose how they want to interperate the source. It's hiddious... If Keanu wants to do this "dream job", let him, don't take it from the dude, let him have fun and be creative, I've enjoyed his movies, maybe he's not the first person I'd think of as a spike. If you (all you freaky fanboys) want to see it done better then do it yourself and quit whinning, suck on your binky and enjoy some bebop. I do however hope they keep the same flavor with the music, hell they should hire on Yoko Kanno to do the music, hopefully they don't turn it into matrix electronica crap (good for matrix, not for this). If the music was different, they might as well take the "bebop" out of the name. And personally, if they did a remake of any of the episodes, they should do either the mushroom one or the refridgerator one. Haha. </2cents>
  20. when it all comes down to it, is this movie an exploited money maker or are they doing this story because they want to create a piece of creative art? Iron Man could easily have been a horrible movie that everyone went to see because it's a "marvel" comic book with special effects just to make some dough. But people like Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow handled the film well and breathed creative life into it. Same with the Dark Knight, V for Vendetta etc... It's possible to do a good job with a game to movie adaptation, but most at this stage are just franchise money makers, and not taken seriously yet. And I'm sure the budget will say it all. I bet this thing has a pretty low budget, and how big the budget is, is how much the studio believes in the film, really, in the end to make money, but if you can make a movie with a low budget yet rake in 5 times the amount it cost to make mainly on franchise alone then we're all a bunch o flippin suckers throwing our money at money sucking Hollywood. I personally don't get the whole game to movie adaptation, most games I love have crappy stories that are just there to back up the incredible gameplay. None of us fell in love with Street Fighter 2's storyline first, it was all about gameplay, if it wasn't for that we would all care less about the story, although they could do wonders with a Ryu based movie. Hell if I know why they chose Chun Li, I'm not all that interested in her backstory, never realy was but put into the right hands and done right using the right resources (budget) there could be a good movie out of this, but I doubt that'll happen here.
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