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  1. There's some pretty hilarious ones here: http://www.brawlinthefamily.com/comic001.html
  2. Solar power...this consequently means it would have to be set either outside or inside with a skylight or large window. Would it get enough light be simply sitting next to a window? And if it was outside, how would you keep it safe? Just curious.
  3. Wait, that was actually made by Nintendo? If so, that's not bad. Then again, it doesn't seem to hard to make a movie about Animal Crossing. That movie was just as mellow as the game.
  4. I recall hearing that as well, and that it would come out in 2007. Since that obviously didn't happen though, and since I haven't heard a thing since then, I'm guessing they ditched that plan, sadly. If there's going to be any good video game movie, it has to be made by the people who made the game.
  5. Komet Non-Stop! http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00936/ LT: Added, but only 95% complete.
  6. Just curious...could this kind of work condition be much different than the other big game companies? It seems like most of the game companies really push the envelope in getting games out in the market. I would say that in terms of creating a good game, you should take the time needed to make it good. Too bad that doesn't work for keeping up a company's revenue.
  7. I'm curious as to the meaning of the Strike911's title "Eat This, bLiNd." It sounds like a challenge or something. I like it though.
  8. My first system was the SNES, so I haven't played many NES games. When I heard this rockin' awesome remix, I checked it out, and it's actually fun. Maybe I'll have to get a copy sometime.
  9. Of all the songs from Project Chaos, this is probably my favorite! I love the intro; Original sounds are played, and then, a heavy, rockin' guitar strings in. Rock on!
  10. Sweet awesomness! This should be 7 Up's theme song! For some reason, this song reminds me of Megaman Zero. Either way, still cool.
  11. First off, great improvement from what I heard last time. Personally, I like the ES version, but that's a matter of taste, really. I'm not good with the technical stuff, but something about the claps in that version don't seem to be that great. Maybe a different sample, or just replace it with some other beat. I rather like where it's going though.
  12. The way I see it, the awesomeness of this game depends on the amount of daytime gameplay. If it's 50%, then this game will be 50% awesome.
  13. I've had this one for some time now; can't recall who I got it from.
  14. Ooh, OCR could use a Chill Penguin mix. But, I agree with the previous post; needs more change, too close to the original. Something I've seen done is to have something almost completely original that transitions into the more familiar source tune.
  15. Groovtastic! I really like, but, there's something the puzzles me: how does the name of this song relate to the game or the song itself?
  16. I would love to play this game. I just need...a Wii...and the money.... At the rate I'm going though, it'll be years before that happens.
  17. For me, there are several songs from Sonic the Hedgehog, both original and remixes: "Live and Learn" "What I'm Made Of" "Malicious Fingers"
  18. I was wondering if there are certain guidelines to adding videos to the OCR YouTube group? I've made a few videos that use OCRemixes and tried adding them, but they never showed up. Here are the videos: (This one uses a song no longer on OCRemix, so it would be understandable to not have it up)
  19. Anyone know where I might find a sound effect of a light bulb popping?
  20. Very smooth, excellent remix, but am I the only one who think this sounds SO much like the song from The Sims?
  21. This is an excellent rock remix! I love how it picks up and then jumps into the song. This song doesn't have a nostalgic effect, but it's just as rockin'.
  22. Wow, a love song that I like! This is some good stuff. Can't believe this was actually made for a wedding.
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