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  1. And yes, I most pathetically just made this announcement myself. Call me self-serving. 27 ftl.
  2. Phil says he swindled me, but in fact I heard the original and begged to be let on the new and improved version.
  3. I felt the same way. Even on headphones and turning the bass down it was like "BASSBASSBASSBASS" in my ears. Other than that, it was pretty (can you say that and stay manly?).
  4. Nice work on this one. I'm all about the string work on this one. Call me for piano.
  5. This is sadly the most ingenious plan I've heard. Now if I only I can kill Wingless and become him becoming zirc .. hmm.
  6. I was going to say something, but I don't really remember now. You're right. It's pretty boring.
  7. I don't understand why there's a reason to come into this thread to tell everyone that there's no reason to speculate and that it's a waste of time. We know it's a waste of time, and we've got a crapload of time on our hands, and this is how we're wasting it. Why am I not playing a video game right now? Cause I'm wasting my time here instead. POINT: It's all a waste of time. You win. Some people like to watch a lot of TV and I think that's a waste of time. But I don't go in their house and say, "WTF THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME SO GET OVER IT." OK, keep speculating. Being a guy that has only played through Link's Awakening and a 1/4 of WW, this is still pretty interesting.
  8. I agree with Izzy: I think that these tests will mostly just be about knowing what level you are at. Mostly because these are all things you end up learning in college if you don't already know them. Otherwise what is the education for, eh?
  9. Now he can sit around waiting for all his guild to catch up with him ... fun fun. And yes Arek, me too.
  10. Got my BE Pally "Badabing" up to 13 last night. There was a 25 pally already that evening on Gorefiend. Friggin no lifes. I want to be him. But instead I'm at work. FEMALE pally btw. Rawr.
  11. OK, to everyone that thinks now that I've labeled them as "useless" and "nothing" ... is an "Unmodder" the only thing you are? What about a regular user here at the OCR forums? All of the people involved are not what I was glad to see go. It was the forum itself. Do you know how dangerous that place was for my work browsing behind? Someone would want me to go check out something there for real, and the next thing I know I'm looking at chicks with dicks or a tentacle rape and I'm scrambling for the X button. For a place that seems as uber-legitimate as it does (OCR) on the outside, when I saw Unmod it just gave it a filthy feel. But not the people of Unmod. I NEVER said that. Maybe it's just because I'm a old-skool moralistic bastard. Who knows? Is it the death of Unmod itself if the act is cleaned up? Or can the fun keep going? Can't you have a "And it made me smile..." thread still? I mean, I'm just hitting the tip of the iceberg of Unmod I know, but I don't have enough room to talk about all of it. All in all, please accept my apology and know that I appreciate the PEOPLE of Unmod a whole lot. My own main man TO lurked in that dungeon all the time. Even if he is an Aussie.
  12. Big words don't make Unmod a beautiful place, I'm sorry. UnMod was useless, that's all there is to it. There are plenty of places on the internet for stupidity, so find another one. I didn't ask for the difference between class and arrogance either, kthx.
  13. I didn't even realize UnMod was gone. LAWL! gg djp. This place just became classier.
  14. Check out my website (albeit old): http://bladiator.vgpiano.com It has all my sheet music.
  15. Yay comments! (Yeah, I'd like to see them. It's a slow work day, and I need a laugh.)
  16. Will we be able to see what was said about or mixes, or was that information in the votes only so you knew that it wasn't a popularity vote? I'm interested to see...
  17. Seriously, wtf were you guys thinking when you voted for me? XD Oh, but thanks.
  18. Wha wha!?? I'm not going to say who I think should win, but it's clearly one of the entries.
  19. Way to turn this into a US bashing thread.
  20. I agree with Mustin. Besides, I was able to pick out about 3 of them right away, and a 4th one was mine, so it's probably not a good idea during the voting phase to let that kind of thing out. I'm also paranoid and a picses.
  21. I'm so sick of this background track now. On the bright side, I'm roffling excessively. Also, I'm really impressed by the people that sang a melody not involving the tinkly piano. That's tough.
  22. Quality right here. The mix of sonic devices all of a sudden at 1:36 after the more simplistic straightforward rendition of the mario themes really hit the spot. Everyone loves a good scratchy vinyl fx as long as you don't wear it out. This piece was all types of groovin'.
  23. The voting period will last one week (once I've hosted everything). That's enough time, right? I know people might get busy around the holidays, so in order to make sure all the entrants remember to vote (a rule I stated in my first post), those who do not will be disqualified. ^_~ /me cracks da whip Gotten a couple entries so far, and they're sounding good! Can't wait to hear what everyone else comes up with. One week is best, since people tend to procrastinate if given two. My name is bladiator, and I approve of this message.
  24. I hope the voting round is dutifully long, seeing as how I'll be out of town until the 26th.
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