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  1. Holy crap. 100 already? I told myself I'd be in the 100th one, but man, who knew it was here already. Came a long way from #2. Ha, poop pun. Larry's a douche. But I still love him like my own mother. Now that I have spoken, let the trembling begin.
  2. OMG I STILL LOVE YOU PO!! ....no but seriously, you rock.
  3. A couple things: - I published my own salary in another thread so it's ok. - How's the gf, Larry? - I appreciate that the judges still let my low tech music through the panel. I appreciate you guys.
  4. It definitely wasn't very well advertised. My roommate heard about it on the radio about a month ago and then one of my clients told me Wednesday about it being THAT night.
  5. I heard that the 1-ups group all made it wednesday night instead. DOH!
  6. Maybe this is old news and there is a long boring thread about this already (if so, just link me and I'll not be offended) but is anyone else headed to this? I've got tickets for the 21st (Thursday). OCR T-shirts represent!
  7. Ah, Prophet. Congratulations to you and the wifey to be. I never thought that the OCR community would feel so much like family to me, but I'm like, way excited for you. You did NOT just make your wedding into a PRC competition!! HO SNAP
  8. I got a BM in Composition about 3 years ago. I now make about $38k/year. Doing computer tech support.
  9. Tears of Contention will never be written out, only because I didn't so much plan it out as just improvised the majority of it. On the other hand, I've gotten so many requests for the Yoshi remix that I plan on making that a project to write out very soon. Yay for being on the list 3 times! You make me happy.
  10. I've read through as much of this as I can stomach and thought I would just chime in (damn you Dhsu for calling me out). As far as remix removal is concerned, I have no problem with that. This is just the contract that you are going into by submitting remixes. If this changes your perspective on submitting remixes, then by all means, stay as far away as possible. At first glance, it seems that I am losing out on this prospect and that my personal work is being shackled in by this policy, but if I don't like it then I don't have to get my music distributed in such a public way. If I really think that I'm going to see as much traffic by putting up my own website with my music on it exclusively, then I will. But I seriously doubt that. In submitting to OCR, I'm telling them that I appreciate the chance to get my music hosted and seen by a much larger audience on the internet than I could make happen myself, and in return I'm asking djp and the staff not to have to go through the ass-pain of someday having to remove my mix from their site, their mirrors, and their torrents. Can you even imagine how crappy it would be if someone decided to depart from OCR and all their music was removed from the torrents and re-setup only to have another dissatisfied remixer come along days later and do the same? These torrents would be screwed up all the time. Who the hell would know WHAT they were downloading, or hosting, or seeding? For this reason ALONE I think that the policy stands. Again, it's our decisions as musicians as to what we what done with our work. If OCR is a bad choice for you because of the policy, then make the right decision and don't submit. As far as the public performance stuff goes, I don't imagine I'll be doing too much of that, but I think it's a little strenuous. I agree with Taucer's points in the other thread that actively yelling out "OCREMIX.ORG" for every time the music is played in any public venue is a little over the top. Especially considering that if you go to the remixer themselves and grab the original file before it became OCR submitted then you have no legal tape to worry about. In Taucer's case, I know that these type of shows/competitions never have anyone actually telling where the music came from. Maybe that's illegal on everyone's part but it's still over the top. It feels like being forced to advertise. All that being said, the policy is fine with me. Back to work.
  11. Well, it's not like they were just saying, "We have money, how much do you want?" He was more asking, "Have you gotten this published, because we'd like to pay you" i.e., whatever the cost of the music would have been had it been published. I don't want to just hold my hand out and expect money.
  12. I don't know who this Deutsch Karl guy is you're talking about...
  13. I did my best to suck up as much bandwidth as possible before you found out. I'll either do the youtube thing or make sweet sweet (diabetic) love to wingless for some bandwidth.
  14. Let's take it way back here... *wavy flashback screen* A couple years ago, a young man named Dennis from Germany emailed me about sheet music for one of my remixes because his sister wanted to play it in her recital. This was pretty cool, I sent him the music, he gave it to her, then sent me a recording later of her playing it. Good times. Somewhere in there, he had heard about some of my original pieces and asked if I had any that he could see. I gave him a duo piano piece called "Salsa" from a set I wrote for my senior recital. It's a rocking piece and you should all learn it. So, a year or more goes by and then I get an email from him. He's given it out to a couple people: his best friend who performed the piece in his postgrad recital, and then his best friend's mom owns a music school where she conducts a woman's choir and an accordion orchestra. One of the other teacher's there (I think I'm getting this right) arranged my salsa for accordion orchestra and percussion and they performed it at one of their concerts. This guy is the best publicist I've ever seen. I have been heard in more venues in Germany than in my own backyard! I promised videos, and that's what I'm giving you. He sent me audio recordings of both the pieces, but then sent me the real payoff: the video of the accordion orchestra performing my piece. Watch me be a proud father! This is the biggest high I've been on for years. YEEEEARS. http://members.iinet.net.au/~barberoz/salsa.mpg It's in mpg2 format, so if you can't watch it, I used VLC (?): http://videolan.org/ This is way awesome.
  15. Holy wild transitioning batman! Other than that, I'm all about this piece. The cumshot was awkward. But aren't they always.
  16. It's not so much that I haven't acheived puberty yet ... it's more the fact that I haven't got testicles.
  17. I remember this one from the wip boards too. Glad to see that it made it on the site. I have to agree with the people that enjoyed this piece. It's just so different that I had to appreciate it. The original tune is just so great and this is a really nice way to pay homage to it. I don't think that something more beat-oriented or uptempo would have done it justice. I'm also very glad that Neil Benjamin got another one up here. I've listened to Far Away Memories more times than I care to count. You have a knack for memorable concepts.
  18. I have a music degree. I think this means I should be a judge AND be an elitist. I am currently 1 for 2.
  19. It's like all the people I would have invited to a real life OCR party found this thread and posted in it. *sniff* I love you guys. In other news, I got my picture with all the girls at Bone Daddy's (local "family restaurant") and I look 12.
  20. Awww yeah, this thread rocks. Thanks for making the day pretty awesome, even at work today. Everyone pull out your favorite bladiator tune (or your least hated) and have a listen on me.
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