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  1. Now available for the low low price of nothing! http://bladiator.vgpiano.com/other/o_say_can_yoshi.pdf Tell your friends. Actually, they've probably already asked for the sheet music. Anyway, yeah ... just take a copy and spread it around. And then let this topic die. ~Karl / the bladiator
  2. I'll be there for some of it. Mostly just so I can get all up on djp and LT.
  3. I am engaged and getting married in September. Also, I would like it to be known that OC Remixes are ... not the reason I bagged my woman. Although I would have loved to have given a lot of people hope. And maybe increased the volume and quality of remixes 100-fold.
  4. Wow, I can't believe anyone still remembers those old "Karllovesyou" mp3s. I still have just the original one that Alex created, lol. Sinewav: I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. I need to get with TO, since he was the mastermind behind it and change it up. Seeing as how I don't ever actually post here much anymore, I sorta forgot about it. Until I see Larry's chesticles and get all woozy again.
  5. Brandon, when you coming back down to Dallas to check out your property?
  6. My fellow remixers and remix enthusiasts, After 2 wonderful (and sometimes trying) years, I have proposed to the girl of my dreams and bewilderingly enough, she has accepted my proposal. I'm engaged!! I have exposed my new relationship on facebook, but weirdly enough, I was more excited about posting it here. I think it's just the fact that I can tell all the geeks, nerds, and the otherwise miscreants that there is a chance! Women ARE willing to to love just about anyone! Also, I would like to throw in my concession to the Liontamer. Larry, I will never be able to best your erotic chocolate. To Paige, I apologize for my lack of black. And to all the rest of you out there in OCR-world, the evening of March 22nd was the happiest moment of my life, and I wanted to share it with people I call true friends. WOOHOO!!!
  7. Nasenmann, you continually make me hot in the pants. How do you do it?!
  8. Man, how can I NOT go to something in my home town?
  9. Congratulations you guys! And.... Damn you Wingless for giving me reason to keep checking this thread.
  10. Such a hot track. Glad it got up here. Easily my favorite from NBNG.
  11. So, there's this radio station in the DFW area called "Live 105.3". It's all talk radio, and they recently grabbed a new midday show called "Ben and Skin". They've also had a certain advertiser called "Frenkle and Frenkle -- The Dogs" for years and years. They're a lawyer duo that specializes in car wrecks that aren't your fault, divorce settlements, etc. They've decided that they want a new jingle, so they had the Ben and Skin show put it together. It's been running for a couple weeks now (the entry part at least) and I came back into town just as it was shutting down. So I put about an hour into a really crappy entry just so I could hear myself on the radio. So here are the two clips I grabbed. The first one is where they are going through all 30 entries and they come across mine finally. It's pretty funny stuff. They pass it on to the next round even though they're adamant that it won't win. http://bladiator.vgpiano.com/music/my_radio_debut.mp3 So then the next day, they have Mark Frenkle in the studio (of Frenkle and Frenkle, duh), and he helps them whittle it down to 3 for the final on Friday (which is tomorrow). Here's the clip of them listening to my piece. And no, I didn't get moved ahead, but they talked long enough about it that it made it all worth that hour that I worked on it. http://bladiator.vgpiano.com/music/2nd_chance_radio.mp3 It was a great two days of listening that I enjoyed immensely. Really does something to ya to hear your stuff on the radio. It was intense .. I was actually nervous to hear them blast it because it was so stupid, and they would have been right for that ... but they really got a good laugh out of it.
  12. Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #2. When I listen to it on a CD, sometimes the climaxes will sorta get a tear to well up, but I recently went and saw it done live with my gf, and I was just a teary mess from the get-go. I spent the majority of the performance thinking, "Don't cry." I don't know what the deal is. That music is just so beautiful to me.
  13. Yet djp decides to dub "Dragon Song" as the "finest" remix on the site...Contradiction much?
  14. Once again, wingless makes me happy to have an internet connection.
  15. Hey, nice to see a couple more replies to this... thanks for the heads up, guys. And Dhsu, yes, I likes me da cheez.
  16. LOL, that you did. Good times. That was the highlight of that trip. How sad is that? Oh, and I still remember the funniest thing that GL ever told me on AIM. I tell the story still to real life friends. Me: So, where did you come with your username? GL: My real name is Gray Alexander. Me: Holy crap, that's an awesome name! Where did your parents come up with that? GL: Well, they were hippies, so I'm just glad that I wasn't named "Wednesday". Man, good times. Good good times.
  17. I remember I had totally talked him into meeting up with me one time when I visited out in Cali, and then my gf of the time got all pissy because I was making these plans that she didn't like, and then I just said the hell with it all, and then she broke up with painfully shortly thereafter and I'll never forgive her because I didn't get to meet Gray. :'( But seriously, if he wasn't fer real, then who collab'd with me on that one remix? P.S. I'm still mad about that chick out in Cali.
  18. bladiator

    Diablo III

    I have to agree that I enjoy the more colorful look. Maybe I'm just pansy for liking to have to squint to see stuff, but when they have the tools to make something that gorgeous, it seems dumb to brown it down all UPS style.
  19. bladiator


    I've got a couple spoilers as well, although less spoiler-ific than the other ones since everyone beat me to the punch.... SPOILERS: I also felt like Pixar had been playing WAY too much Portal right before creating Presto ... and it pissed me off that I couldn't be like, "This is just like Portal!!" to my gf who has never played or seen Portal. It was like being caged up, lol. Also, I thought to myself, "You know, I don't think 'Hello, Dolly' got this much recognition when it came out on the big screen originally." Seriously, that musical is SO boring. At least they picked a couple decent songs from it. I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE how they used it in this movie over and over, and I just thought to myself "I wonder how many people actually know what 'Hello, Dolly' is." And if they did, did they realize 10 seconds into the movie that we were listening to the original Hello, Dolly soundtrack with Michael Crawford singing "Put on your Sunday clothes"? And then I felt really gay for knowing that. All that being said, I am SO DAMN glad that they picked "Sunday clothes" over like .. "When the parade passes by" or some other shattastic music from the movie. Pixar again is awesome. I know I had some other things to say, but really ... getting all that Hello, Dolly stuff out on the forum really took a load off of me and I'm good to go now. EDIT: Oh yeah, one more thing. When the captain is reading up on Earth, did anyone else think, "Huh ... nice to see Wikipedia made it to 2700..."
  20. OK, so after a week or two away from "the sauce" known as OCremixes, I'm finally back into it. I'm up at approximately 250, and I've burnt through all the of Final Fantasy up to 7 now. Ugh ... I'm not much for the Terra theme, so that was kind of a beatdown.
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