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  1. I would use the NNXT or 19, but i need to be able to hit the trigger pad button and not have to hold it down.... Any suggestions?
  2. Can anyone tell me why redrum is fading out my samples early? I've got a several farily large samples going thru in terms of length. It will just start fading it out slowly. The "length" knob is maxed out, and i'm just about out of ideas. Any ideas?
  3. NEW PROMOTION ADDED!!! Promotion 2 Info for streaming the show is still coming in, but we'll have it soon!! Also, if you guys have any comments or questions, post away .
  4. A quick observation: It's low-end heavy. With all the verb, it's losing it's Frequency spread very quickly. One thing that might help would be to turn on the "high shelf" in the Combi Mastering Suite at the top of your rack. It won't be much, but it could help expand and open up the sound a lot. Also, if you're using the RV-7 reverb, it's been my experience that it is one of the main reasons for songs to lose a lot of high end. I feel the RV7000 is much better about that and it gives you more control, not to mention presets that can really sound awesome for you to choose from.
  5. Thanks for all your help, guys. To see why i wanted to figure this stuff out, you can go here: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=12207 Cheers!
  6. EDIT October 22: Ok people, it's official! Because of how popular the show was and how much positive response the station got from airing it, they have decided to re-broadcast it the night of Halloween!! That is Wednesday, October 31 at 8:00 PM EST!!!! That's right, my friends. If you missed it the first time, you have another shot to hear it. It is, without doubt, the best production I have ever been apart of or designed in theatre, and it shows (try to ignore my extreme bias ). The instructions for streaming are the EXACT SAME!! For those of you who didn't hear about the production the first time around, check below to catch up on the publicity and promotions there are. ------------------------------------ Hello all! While I may be Tweek, a mild mannered OCR mixer by day, I am also Brian Arnold, "Super Sound-Design Boy" by night! MWWWAHAHAHAHAHA.....cough.....sorry.... I want to plug a show that is turning out exceptoanlly well, and it's something that all of you can be involved in! The University of Geogia's Department of Theatre and Film Studies (which I am an Undergrad in) is performing "War of the Worlds." Here is the UGA Offical anouncement: "WAR OF THE WORLDS, adapted by John Kundert-Gibbs from the novel by H. G. Wells" "A STUDIO THEATRE PRODUCTION. Just in time for Halloween, UGA will present a brand-new adaptation, for stage and radio, of this tale of Martian invasion that terrified the nation seventy years ago in Orson Welles’ legendary broadcast. This performance will be broadcast live on WUGA. Seating at the Classic Center will be at 7:30 pm (with no late seating) for the 8:00 pm broadcast." As it says, the performance will be broadcast at 8:00 PM EST. For those of you not in the Athens area, the broadcast will be streamed on the WUGA Website. Details are still pending in terms of where to go to stream the show, but I will post the instructions as soon as the information is available! The radio station is providing us with wonderful coverage and exposure which can be seen here. More information is coming in daily, so check back for news and updates. We have promos (that I recorded, mixed, and composed) going out on the air right now, but you can find them right below. There are mulitple promotions on the air, but I will release them one at a time, so be sure to check back often: Promotion 1 Promotion 2 Publicity/News for the show: University of Georgia Website Article Full UGA Article (longer than the first with more info) INTERNET STREAMING INSTRUCTIONS: To tune in, open the following URL in iTunes (or other internet music software). Choose Advanced > Open Stream, and copy in the following: http://live.wuga.org:8000/ This will be a great show, so be sure to tune in!
  7. I have a registered copy of 4, but still waiting for it to be shipped here . I think it's supposed to be here today!!!!!!!!
  8. Do any of you with R4 know if Rewire with Live and other DAWs is working properly?
  9. Beautiful!! Working like a charm!! Thanks guys! Another question. I have two different midi controllers (both work with Reason). Is it possible to assign one of them to one device and the other to another device (if that makes sense)? Cheers. B
  10. ...how do I do it? Longer version, I need to be able to assign divverent wav files to different to different kets on a midi keyboard in order for some one to trigger them. My first thought was to just use the ReDrum device, but I'm concerned that there will be more than 10 sounds to trigger, and I will not be the one working the controller or Reason, meaning that this has to be as simple as possible for the operator. Ideas for how to best go about this? Cheers!
  11. Quoted for truth. My one "argument" (but really, still is in support for what Tensei-San has already said) is that the brass instruments that come with Reason are crap beyond crap. Check into the Quantum Leap Brass. Nice and pretty cheap, and they're good quality! One of the most effective ways that I have found to orchestrate something with Reason is to choose a composer and take a track or two from that composer and try to replicate the sound. I can tell you that one of the most talented orchestrators (not sure if that's even a word) on the site, Steffan Andrews, draws heavily from Danny Elfman, and Steffan's sound is wonderful because of it! Yours truly practices this same method. Practice makes perfect. Good luck mate!
  12. Bear in mind that as a DJ (which for all purposes, it sounds like what you will be) you will need your own sound equipment as many venues may not be able to offer you a system to patch into. My argument as to you being a DJ comes from the simple truth that you will be using very similar equipment. On your list of things to get, here is what I suggest (and things that I use as a DJ, myself): Small Mixer. 4-10 Channel should work fine. I use the Behringer Eurorack UB802. The mixer will be VERY handy for setting levels on the fly. Power Amplifier. Lots of amps to choose from. Just about anything that's Behringer will work well for this. Take a look and see what might be in your price range. Speakers (passive if you're going with the amp; powered speakers if you don't want the amp). I recomend passive speakers, but that is simply my opinion. Many prefer powered, but I find the passive a bit more manageble and easier to control. Lots of speaker choices. Again, Behringer makes some wonderful speakers as does JBL and Peavy. Look into it, read reviews, and you'll be fine. These are things that I purchased over time as more and more gigs came, so don't read this a think you have to get it all, cold turkey . Lighting can be another issue, but its certainly not something you should worry about for a long time, if ever. Analoq is right: every performer is different. I will go even further to say that every performance you do will be different and will require different aspects that others have never required before . I have pushed Behringer pretty hard in this post for two main reasons: 1. They are relatively inexpensive and 2. their products are generally very good considering the lower price you pay. Yes, there are better pieces of equipment out there, but Behringer is made to take a beating .
  13. Brilliant mate! I highly recomend this for anyone who wants to learn anything about a synth (especially in Reason). Even though I knew the Subtractor was a powerful device, it was always the red-headed stepchild of the Reason devices. Not anymore!!
  14. Not unbeatable. As sephfire as my witness (which hopefully he remembers) I did beat the black choco rider without a black choco. Most likely was just luck, but I did it
  15. What vivid picture .... Beautiful orchestration. I'm quite jealous!
  16. Treasure Planet was a project for a class. No, I'm not an animator. That was a demo reel done by someone, but wanted sound behind it. As it says here on the site, my name is not Sam Griffiths...
  17. When it comes to music, my main tool is Reason. However, I focus a lot of time on Foley/Sound Effects. All sound effects project are done in either Live (majority of the time) or Pro Tools. Whne I'm composing the music, it will be in Reason, but as a slave to the host, so I can see the video playing while I'm composing. A couple of examples: Foley Effects only done is Live: http://www.tweexmusic.com/movies/treasure_planet_foley.mov Foley and Music done in Live and Reason: http://www.tweexmusic.com/movies/sam_demo_reel.mov Also, any stutter effects that I use are created in Live (TEEM.ROKIT mix and REAKTR.1 mix). Totally up for a collab at some point. Don't be surprised if you hear from me soon .
  18. When I was doing the research for my home studio set up about a year ago, I came into the same problem. PT is very confusing, and they really don't tell you what the differences are. So let me break it down for ya: Simply put, the version of PT that you use is determined by what kind of outboard hardware you use. For instance: The TDM and HD systems are the big studio systems. The TDM consists of the really complex didgital mixers. Very expensive. The HD systems use the hardware that will convert a regular analog mix into a mixer that PT can read. Again, very expensive, but the HD system is the most popular in studios that I've found. Base price for an HD system is about $10k. I won't go into detail about what they do, but you can find that info pretty easily. The LE and M-Powered systems are designed more for the traveling engineer and hobbyist musician. The LE systems run on the Mbox, DigiRack 001 (and 002 I believe), and a couple others. The M-Powered runs on certain M-Audio pieces of hardware (there are a lot, so I'll let you look them up ). You mentioned being tempted by the M-Powered version. Beware (as I'm sure you know) you have to a have an M-Audio product that is supported by M-Powered. I use the M-Audio ProjectMix I/O. Hope that helps .
  19. Is the rewire client going to be the same as R3 or will they be upgrading it which will effectively screw up all Rewire connections I have for Pro Tools and Live. Anyone know?
  20. To quote Robin Williams: "Aww shit, where's the fun now?"
  21. No argument, Pro Tools has many many faults. And while the LE systems maybe shotty at best, I can think of no better outboard hardware than the HD and TDM systems. Completely revolutionary. However, with sudios becoming more of a novelty rather than necesity, these systems are far too overpriced for the hobbyist musician or even a home studio user. Yes, while ProTools has its limitations (I'm an Ableton Live man myself) and I agree that it's popularity is decreasing and will continue to do so over time, it still remains the most popular and widely used piece of software. For those of us in the business or working our way towards it "forgetting" ProTools would be an unwise decision. However, with Logic dropping in price, and it's rise in popularity, I can only hope that it continues to grow.
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