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  1. Get a link to a midi file and diagram it with your mix. I hear very little theme in there; point it out.
  2. I won't touch production issues here since they seem to be touched on enough: Arrangement wise, where is Schala's Theme? I'd like to think I'm fairly familiar with the source, but I hear only slight traces of the theme in there. For this to be considered as an OCR remix, you have bring those elements of the source way way out. Make it more recognizable. One thing production wise: I suggest losing the vocal samples. They sound very low grade.
  3. I mean, what is there to say about this? Stunning....as expected!
  4. Are you using a talk box for this or is that just a synth?
  5. Working on it . Should have a recording sometime soon!
  6. Ok people, it's official! Because of how popular the show was and how much positive response the station got from airing it, they have decided to re-broadcast it the night of Halloween!! That is Wednesday, October 31 at 8:00 PM EST!!!! That's right, my friends. If you missed it the first time, you have another shot to hear it. It is, without doubt, the best production I have ever been apart of or designed in theatre, and it shows (try to ignore my extreme bias ). The instructions for streaming are the EXACT SAME!! Look in the first post to see what to do. For those of you who didn't hear about the production the first time around, check the first post to catch up on the publicity and promotions there are.
  7. I beg you to try and prove this with credible sources. Once again, do your reserch before you give advice. Yes, Live does record aucoustic instuments. It is also VST compatible and is a very good program all around. Several mixers on the site (including your truly) uses it. EDIT: Live Lite 6 and Reason Adapted 3 are much smaller versions of the full program. You will be severely limited in what you can do in those versions. I recomend trying the lite/adapted version (if you can get them for free) and then purchase the one you like. Not to mention also that Reason 4 came out not too long ago and it made some vast improvements over Reason 3.
  8. Michael is the man for classical guitar!! He brings the thunder (if the thunder was a soft guitar mix).
  9. Damn dude, this is hot!!! Is that you on the guitar is is that a sample?
  10. Far easier to use to on the fly or when your concentration is elsewhere (like running a sound board that's broadcasting a live show over the radio or performing a live show as a DJ). Also, it's much easier to configure not to mention my Midi keyboard was being used on stage by the foley artists. Try hitting a G at the last second to trigger a sound without clipping any of the other keys that will trigger another sound. Give it a whirl sometime and you'll see what i mean.
  11. Ah, I see what you mean, and that makes more sense now. I actually have the exact same midi interface! I think it's the model just before it. It works well and I love it for "on site" recording sessions (small sessions, that is). My suggestion remains: with the RCA outputs of the Edirol, get two RCA (mono) to 1/4" (mono) cables and run that into a small mixer. if you don't want the mixer and just want to patch directly into the PA system, then thats fine too. Small suggestion (which you very well may know) is to never use the Tape inputs (RCA) on a mixing board for your music. I have yet to see one that has an inboard pre amp for them, and some don't even allow playback through the main mix. I would also suggest that you use two mono channels in the board as opposed to a stereo channel. Reason being is that many mixer boards do not offer internal preamps for their stereo channel. Almost all mono channels do. If the stereo channel does give you gain/trim control, then go nuts . Also, by not using the tape inputs and using the actual board channels, you'll have atleast a three broadband EQ capability. That's why I'm suggesting RCA > 1/4". Yeah, if there is a PA system for you to use, then your idea for "one suitcase" is much more doable. Mind you, it'll be one big-ass suitcase . If it's a cost issue, then I wouldn't worry about it. In what I do, I need as many trigger pads as I can get. You know like I do that when you remote override a pad to one particular key or function in a program, unless you change it again, it will always be with that one function (in that particular Live, FL, or Reason file). I constantly run out of pads. You can use the enigma software that comes with both the trigger finger and the axiom to set the different presets to represent different notes for the pads. For example, Preset 1 for me is C1-D2, Preset 2 is from D#2-F#3, etc (pad 16 is always an auto stop button for the whole track just in case). That way I don't get cross over issues when I use the same pad for two different triggers. However, changing the preset means that you can't trigger the same sounds from the previous preset. The axiom will give you 8 more triggers to use before changing presets. The knobs and fadders can be VERY helpful for volume levels and effects controls. For "War of the Worlds" I needed to have as many different trigger pads as I could in order to trigger all the SFX for the show, and even then, I had two different Ableton Live files for all of them: one for Act 1 and one for Act 2. Depending on how much triggering you will be doing will really determine the number of pads you will want. For what I do, I need as many as possible. You, on the other hand, might not need quite as many, so you might be ok with just the TF. It's my opinion that one can never have too many trigger pads, but that's just me . If you can get by with just the 16, then the axiom wont be necesary. If you think you may need more, then it might not be a bad idea. Ideally, two trigger pads would be best (which is what I'm working towards) but I don't think you need that atm.
  12. I still maintain that the Axiom would be a more durable keyboard to go with. It's just under 10lbs, so it would be managable. The extra trigger pads, knobs, and faders are not superfluous. When I said "leaves room for growth" that's what I meant. Your show, as you develope your style, will become more and more complicated, and you'll want to make sure you can expand. The Axiom will certainly help you with that. For me, I am MUCH more partial to semi weighted (if not fully weighted) keys, but that's just personal preference. Never take M-Audio's price quote seriously. They always over price it . You can get the Axiom 49 at MF for $80 less then what they're estimating: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/MAudio-Axiom-49-49Key-USB-MIDI-Controller?sku=706314 Please don't misunderstand me. The KeyRig will get the job done for you. My thought is just that you will be able to expand your show further with the Axiom. Well, your typical performace type will determine this. However, I'm affraid you may have hit a bit of an impass, but perharps I'm wrong. Here's what I mean: Doing live shows, especially starting out, you most likely will be required to have your own PA-esque system. When I DJ, 80-90% of the time, I have to bring my own stuff. I really don't think studio monitors are the way to go. Even in a room of just 30 people, they will absorb more of the sound than you can imagine . This is why dry tech rehearsals in theatre (rehearsals with no actors or audience) is so misleading for sound designers. I would recomend keeping your PA-esque system as analog as possible. Here's what I mean by that. Keep your computer, synths, etc. as digital as you want, but make sure that you can convert the output to an analog form, be it RCA, 1/4", or XLR. It's not hard to do. Radio Shack has just about everything you would need. Patch that signal into a small mixer board (I seem to remember reading that you have the Behringer 802 which is precisely what I use to connect my DJ mixer to before I run the line out to my amp) and then you will connect that to your amp or powered speakers (I suggest passive over powered, though). The problem is that with an amp and speakers, you're looking at a lot of equipment. In your situation, that doesn't seem to be an option. Hence the "impass." I'm not really sure what to suggest here, mate. I can always give you suggestions for Behringer equipment, but in this case, it doesn't seem you'll be able to use them. However, one avenue of doing music you ought to look into would be sports events. It may mean you're playing more popular music from time to time, but they almost always have their own PA system for you to patch into. It may sound crazy, but high schools are not a bad place to start. Just a thought. Not sure what to tell you here. I just run my sound directly out of the headphone port of my Mac. 1/8" to RCA > DJ Mixer (Behringer DJX700) > 802 > amp. You know just as well as I do that sound in a live context is MUCH more forgiving for little imperfections in it's quality. You have a lot of wiggle room, so if it sounds fine without an outboard interface, I would go without it. Less for you to carry/setup. Setup time can be a bitch if you have a lot of stuff . I know the video with CM that you're referring to. They were talking about a road-worthy studio setup, which is much different from a live sound setup. Unless the venue does have (and allow you to use) a sound system for you to patch into, one suitcase will be very VERY difficult. To be honest, I'm not sure how it would be possible . I promise I'm not trying to be a dream smasher here, and I'm really not trying to be pessimistic about this. I'm more than willing to help you try and brainstorm all this. Let me know .
  13. Out of curiosity, what exactly do you mean by "Live shows?" Since you would be doing more electronic music than anything, it would seem you'd be serving more as a DJ. Even if you are performing in more of a band-type set-up, I still have some suggestions from my experience as both a DJ and band musician. 1. The keyrig 49 is a decent piano. I use the Keystation 88es, which is like the big brother to this but with semi weighted keys. The KeyRig is ok, but the Axiom line is MUCH more sturdy and roadworthy. It can take much more of a beating (and it will) than the KeyRig. Also, the Axiom will leave you with room to grow. 2. The Trigger Pad is phenominal. If you were to use a program like Live, triggering your song would be SUPER easy. I've done it numerous times while DJing and it works like an absolute charm! You will have complete control over the progression of your song. You just stem the parts out, and trigger them when you're ready. 3. The Sennheiser's are wonderful. Good for live shows and studio recording. Their response is relatively flat, but are a little lower on the low end, but that's not too surprising. They are wonderful for noise cancelation. I own two pairs of them. 4. The monitors have me somewhat confused. If you want to use them for personal monitoring during your show, that's one thing. If you want to use them as your projectioning system (i.e. PA system) that's something else. In all honesty, for either situation, I wouldn't suggest these. Your monitoring will need to come from your headphones. Reason being is that the speakers projecting your music will be facing away from you, and you will be hearing a risidual delay from the bouncing of the sound, which will throw you off beat. You will trigger things too late. The headphone (especially noise cancelation headphones) will keep you in time. It feels weird the first couple times you do it, but you get used to it. If you are planning on using them for your PA system, I would also advise against that. Studio monitors are not designed for that kind of thing. If you're focusing on live shows, your best bet will be to go with a small 2-4 channel amp and speakers. Behringer makes cheap, but VERY reliable gear. 5. If the Presonus works, use it. Yeah you have the potential of having something stolen or broken, but doing live shows is an assumed risk. This is precisely why I have my clients sign a contract (which you are more than welcome to see, if you'd like). You know the presonus and its quality, so I suggest you stick with it!! My two cents. If you have questions, hit me up
  14. I just lose myself in this mix. I'm quite happy.
  15. T MINUS 2 HOURS UNTIL THE SHOW!! That's right, it's here ladies and gentlemen. We just finished the technical rehearsal with a complete run thru of the show in the new theatre, and it sounds GOOD!!! Be sure to tune in. You won't be let down!!! Instructions for how to tune in are in the first post!! Enjoy the show!!
  16. Which is something the DJ community is very happy about. Having a company press vinyl is expensive.... And in case I went too far off topic: good project.
  17. BIG NEWS COVERAGE UPDATE!!! The show is being advertised on the University of Georgia website and you can read the story they're running. Another, extended, article about the show can be found here. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY: INTERNET STREAMING INSTRUCTIONS!! Here is the info you need to be able to stream the show over the internet when it's broadcast live: To tune in, open the following URL in iTunes (or other internet music software). Choose Advanced > Open Stream, and copy in the following: http://live.wuga.org:8000/ I've tested it, and it works!! Remember, the show airs at 8:00 PM EST this Saturday (October 13th)! More updates are bound to come, so keep checking back!
  18. Ok, here we go. Not familiar with the source at all, but I gave it a listen. You have changed a lot from the original, and I'm feelin' the groove. The strings sound almost verbatim to the original. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing, but at the moment you have them doing practically the same thing throughout the WIP. Since this is infact a WIP, I'll leave a lot of arrangement ideas out, since you haven't finished it yet. I'm not feeling the guitar synth (is that's what that is) that you have going there. The track, as a whole, is pretty grating, which is fine, but maybe something with a little more pure tone would work a little better. Since this is a rap-esque track, maybe look into the "Gangsta Synth" (with some effects on it) from the Maelstrom (mono synths). I like the beginning how you blend the scratching with the drums. It sounds a little abrupt to me. An ambient intro (doesn't have to be long) might help get into the song a bit smoother. Like I said in IRC, you need Gandhi here to rap for you!!! A lot of what I'm suggesting is personal preference, so take it however you'd like. When you have a full arrangement, feedback will be easier (and probably more helpful) for me . I'm feeling the groove, mate. Looking forward to more!!
  19. Just to let you know, I'm working on Map 5, and not Map 4 .
  20. Yamaha HS50M Powered Monitors KRK RP-10S Rokit Powered Sub Marvelous set up!!!
  21. Very nice mate!! Congrats on the first mix! Is that the "Gansta Lead" that I hear in there ??
  22. The BBC sound collection is one of the best out there. But it is fairly expensive as you can see. You can always run internet searches for SFX, but in my experience with foley effects, the ones I've found online are pretty poor .
  23. Never mind. I'm using Live now, and it's sooooooo sweet. It does exactly what I needed in the first place. I still love Reason, mind you, but not for this . Would this be considered an affair that I'm having??
  24. Not's working that way. It ends up fading out before it does on the Redrum. Any other suggestions?
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