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  1. My speakers/sub woofer checked out perfectly with this test: Using 2 Yamaha HS50M Powered Monitors and a KRK RP-10S Rokit Powered Sub. The 30hz sound got my windows rattling Malcos, this is an awesome post. Thanks a ton!!
  2. tweex

    I have a job!!

    The irony here: they just finished doing the music for a Corona commercial . And thanks everyone. I'm very excited and looking forward to what's around the corner!
  3. tweex

    I have a job!!

    ...as the studio manager and in-house sound/Foley designer with this studio. If you remember the Budwiser frogs, then you have seen the work of this studio in action. It's quite an honor to be picked up by them, to be the person to run their studio, help write the music/jingles for their clients, and bring a new service to their already impressive list. I highly recommend each of you checking out their various demo reels. You will not regret doing so. I'm very much looking forward to getting up to Nashville to begin work. Only a few weeks left until graduation!
  4. I agree people. I DL'd the album a while ago thanks to neminem's suggestion. Peter's mashups are top-notch!!
  5. As the subject says, this is a club track I've put together for when I DJ. It originally was going to just be the Daft Punks, but I realized that by adding Rihanna to the mix, it became much more American dance club friendly. Anyway, I really like how this has turned out and it will make a great addition to my live set. Enjoy! www.tweexmusic.com/remix/dp_mix_final.mp3
  6. A 97....yeah, thats a damn good victory!! Awesome work mate!
  7. Just like the subject line says, I need a trumpet player for a track I'm working on. If you're interested let me know. If you know of people on OCR who play the trumpet, tell me who so i can contact them. That is all. Cheers.
  8. Hmm, I thought Xenosaga had already come out.....
  9. I agree, it's probably the lead. However, NEVER exclude the possibility of a faulty cable. Before you go to painstaking efforts to get a new lead, try another cable. 1/4" cables are volatile at best.
  10. It has certainly been a while since this thread was last dug up, but alas, the time has come!! After months of phone calls and emails, we finally have a version of "War of the Worlds" posted online for you to listen to at your own leisure. Here it is: Act 1: http://podcaster.gcsu.edu/podcastdata/UGA/Channel_7150/podcast_16387/16387.mp3 Act 2: http://podcaster.gcsu.edu/podcastdata/UGA/Channel_7150/podcast_10647/10647.mp3 The show has been a massive success both nationally and internationally! I highly recommend everyone to take a little time and immerse yourself in the mind of H.G. Wells!
  11. I admire your passion for this one track, but I would ask that you please stop bumping your own post. If you truly desire djp to remix this track, send him a PM or email. Contact him directly.
  12. I'm not sure if you know what Live actually does. It performs in exactly the way you are talking about. Triggering loops and having them continue until you trigger another one to go in it's place. That's one of the main functions that makes it stand out among other DAW's: it's designed also for the live performer. You may not have looked at Ableton Live close enough . I use it for that exact same purpose when I DJ. EDIT: Here are some videos from the Ableton website that shows you how Live handles loops. http://www.ableton.com/_common/downloads/movies/improvising_with_loops.mov http://www.ableton.com/_common/downloads/movies/live_6_defy_the_timeline.mov
  13. Oooo, dangerous ground there. Not saying I disagree though...... I kid, I kid. Just wanted to say that I also use Live. It has done some wonderful and amazing things. It really is a brilliant DAW and for live events, it can be a godsend! I use it for DJing and theatre productions. However, don't get me wrong, Cubase is excellent too. Hell, Harry Gregson-Williams uses Cubase, and that's almost enough reason for me to switch to it full time But like everyone has said, try it and see what you think.
  14. To be honest, I really am not sure what you mean. What I can tell you is that the majority of my mixes on the site and for projects are being posted out of order of when I first did them. In this case "Confronto Finale" came WAY before "TEEM.ROKIT" so if there's any carryover, it would have been the reverse . In fact, "Confronto Finale" was the first song I did after "Final Panic." Damn, that makes me feel kinda old....
  15. I'll preface my comments by saying that this is remarkably better than your other material. Production wise, you have a good sound. I have to disagree with ambient. I think your drums, for the most part, are just fine. The kick has a good attack and feel to it. The hi-hats sound good as well. The snare is what gets me. Your track is a sweeping/soaring mix, and you have an overly dry snare in there than really stands out. Now, these drums samples could be FL presets for all I know. Having never used FL (being a Mac user) I really couldn't tell you if they are. Your rhythmic synths sound good and help the mix with what I like to call, the "chair factor." I.e. a songs ability to make a person dance/jig while they're in their seat. You need to work with your lead synth, or in other words, the synth playing the main melody that comes in at :40/:41. It has no attack on it, so we can't hear it and it simply blends in with everything else. Find something that pierces the soundscape, but obviously, not in an annoying or painful way. Best suggestion would be to looking into Mono synths (not poly synths) or synths that are labeled as "Lead Synths." Both are designed to be more of an upfront synth. Poly Synths can definitely work as well, but to narrow your search, I would recommend sticking to those 2. Your rhythm. Techno/House/Rave/Trance/etc. is meant to keep a steady beat that people can follow and dance to. Since it's obvious this is the style your aiming for (whether that's a conscious decision or not) you ought to concentrate on keeping the pattern steady. Here's what I mean. Assuming that your track starts on the first beat of the first measure (i.e. no pickup notes/beats) you might want to keep all of your transitions on the first beat of each measure. For instance, your song starts out with 8 1/2 measures of music before you kick into the steady beat. This feels very jarring cause people aren't expecting it to start there. Essentially, as a dance track that's being played in a club, you have just thrown off every dancer on the floor...not good. The song ought to kick off with the steady beat on the first beat in measure 9 (i.e. make the intro shorter) or the first beat of measure 10 (extending it out a little further). I know that sounds a little counter intuitive, but here's what it means. You have 8 full measures of music. You get halfway through measure 9 before you start the steady beat, when in reality you ought to start in on the 1 of measure 9 or wait to the 1 of measure 10. If it were me, I would start on on the 1 of measure 9. Don't get me wrong, playing music on the of beat and doing things unexpected in tracks is perfectly fine, but taking into consideration the type of track your making, you might want to keep away from stuff like that. The way you've done it feels a bit jarring and misleading. Another prime example is your big snare build up that starts at :36. You've started it a full beat too early. You start it on beat 4 of that measure which causes it to end on the 4 of another measure, essentially ending it too early. Push everything from the start of that snare part and everything after back by one beat, and you'll hear what I'm talking about. This is a much better start, but be very aware of your beat by making sure you can tap it out with your foot without feeling disconnected.
  16. I use this exact keyboard for composition and piano practice. It's a wonderful keyboard for it's price. Sure, not as flashy as some others, but for what you're looking for, it will be a wonderful purchase, and you don't pay a lot for it!!
  17. All I can say is LOL to all of you!!!!! SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMiT!!
  18. Sorry mate, I have to disagree completely there. While "blaring brass" can be characteristic in some jazz, this particular piece doesn't call for it...at all. In fact, blaring anything will sound out of place. The track is meant to be smooth and laid back. Anything that is not playing the melody is meant to support the remix, not stand out. Some tasteful, soft brass/woodwinds might be the trick, but blaring...I think not.
  19. Ok, screw all of you!! The song is PERFECT!! David, I beg of you, please don't change a thing and get this track submitted the way it is!! I would protest further, but I really can't stop laughing!!
  20. Dyne, if you haven't already, check your PM inbox and hit me up with a reply. Cheers mate .
  21. I've been using the American Audio Pro Scratch 2 CD Turntables for years. They are incredible. Look into them.
  22. Tempo change automation was something added to Reason 4, so no, there isn't a way to do it in 2.5 . The only option is if you can use Reason as a slave in a program that does allow for temp automation. I.e. Live, Protools, etc.
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