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  1. Atomicfog

    Sony PS3

    Wow, that is really interesting; I wish I could read it though.
  2. Atomicfog

    Sony PS3

    Well, ethics towards their customers is extremely important; but I have never had any problems with Sony.
  3. Atomicfog

    Sony PS3

    Since when have I become the representative of Sony? I couldn't care less what the company does. Kill off small businesses? Do I give a shit? No. All I care about is the games. Everything else is just politics, and extremely stupid politics at that. If you are going to get up in arms about something, there are many more pressing matters in the world today. Video games are not that important. Damn right. QFE.
  4. Atomicfog

    Sony PS3

    And the Cell processors are formed from the tears of a thousand weeping rape victims. Each. And the vibration in the controllers? They were made by vibrating fairies. WHICH ARE NOW EXTINCT. Wow, awesome.
  5. Atomicfog

    Sony PS3

    Well, it is hard to resist making so much money by doing so little. I want a PS3 extremely bad, but if I did get my hands on one, even I might sell it for the insane prices that they are going for on Ebay. I just have to wait for the second shipment to arrive. I do think it will be more than worth it's original $600 price tag when I do get it though.
  6. I want to buy one of the shirts, but I am not sure how problematic the static of it's material will be. I have several pets (and live in an extremely dry area), and have purchased several shirts that are unwearable because of they are way too static-attrative. So, how are these shirts regarding static?
  7. When I saw the trailer yesterday I was in awe. I have nothing important to say about it; All I will say is, "Wow.". Also, I wonder if it supports uploading the stats and trophies from the GC SSMB -- I spent so much time playing that game.
  8. I have only posted in one other remix review. I only post in ones that I think are extremely good, and this song is flawless, I love it. Excellent job, can't wait to hear more from you, Trenthian.
  9. I hardly post here, mostly just download songs, but damn that was awesome. I love your style Protricity.That was the one song in Zombies Ate my Neighbors that needed a remix, and you more that covered it. More please...
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