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  1. What... the... fuck? This would be okay if the rap would be funny and it wouldn't be placed right over the original. NO
  2. The beginning music box sounds relatively fake, but it's not a huge problem. Not as bad as other music boxes I've heard. The quality of the saxaphone is not the greatest, either. Though, the arrangement of this piece overall is just fantastic. The percussion isn't that bad, either ^^ Nice to hear from a new face to knows what he's doing. YES
  3. People need to learn how to fucking follow the guidelines when it comes to required ID3v2 fields. It fucking pisses me off when people don't follow this. I'm close to voting no for people who do this for they aren't actually following the guidelines when they easily could. Though, that'd be wrong. As for the ReMix, it sounds like General MIDI to me. Not having heard the original, I don't know how different it is. The quality of the arrangement and samples just don't cut it for me. And what's with the high-end cutoff? It sounds muffled because of the filter. Work on finding samples that don't destroy your ears and mastering, and maybe we'll see something of yours on OCR real soon. NO
  4. Mega Man 6 'Master of Flame' Having never played Mega Man 6 (shoot me, I'm not the biggest Mega Man Fan.) Overall, this is pretty darn happy ReMix. It's definitely groovy. Though, sonically, it doesn't meet my standards. It could definitely use some panning. You won't believe how much panning helps increase the enjoyability of a ReMix (at least for me). Regardless, it's still enjoyable to listen to. There are a few instances of clipping. The mastering could have been executed a little better. Try limiters, or maybe a compressor. Limiters tend to be more effective for less energetic music, but they're good overall. Compressors are typically good for really energetic music. If you don't have access to any of the above, work on avoiding clipping just by simply adjusting volume levels. Though, it may not always be the best solution. Depends on what your going for.
  5. Kirby Super Star 'Floating Islands of Grand Beach Manitoba' Wow. That's all I can after listening to this mix. This is the song for grooving. The parts that really stand out for me are when the ReMix gets all atmospheric as heard at 0:46 and 2:27. On the other hand, I really don't like the piano at 1:32. Though, I do like the transition into the piano The total break in the music at 1:53 does something for me deep inside, but I don't know what. Kind of reminds me of parties where the music stops and everyone gets quiet. Regardless, everything else makes up for it. I really love how this arranged - Not to mention that it's Kirby Super Star! Such a happy exotic tropical dance ReMix. Like I said before, it does make you want to groove.
  6. Ninja Gaiden 'Death of a Legend' I have to admit, I don't remember this song from Ninja Gaiden. It's been so long, though. Nevertheless, this is one hell of an orchestral piece. It starts off beautifully with a windy instrument and some well done harps. Soon after, horns and strings are introduced. At about 1:02, beautiful chromatic bells (or something) are introduced. Soon after at about 1:32, you will be surprised. That's all to say. It threw me off, but it really made me feel like that a conflict of some sort was brought upon. It has that mood of conflict. This is proved at 1:57. I really love how this mix builds. At 2:26, everything drops out to low strings and bells. Soon after, the harp and flute take place again as in the introductory parts. Overall, a stunning mix. Russell Cox did an excellent arranging a piece from Ninja Gaiden into an orchestral style. Nothing I'd ever expect. Regardless, it's well worth it.
  7. Super Mario Bros. 3 'aquacadence' Wow. That's all I can say when I listen to this. Some really damn nice instrumentation and arrangement here. If you like music, you WILL like this mix. It's a guarantee. That is, unless you absolutely hate anything close to orchestral. Regardless, recommended without a doubt! There is simply nothing bad I can say about aquacadence other than that the ReMixer's name is deceiving
  8. Chrono Cross 'Time's New Scar' That's right folks - A piano piece played live by an individual. A talented one for that matter ^^ There are only a few (most not even noticeable) problems due to the fact that it was played live. Definitely recommended to anyone a fan of piano pieces, and definitely those fans of the Chrono series in general.
  9. Chrono Trigger 'Memories Lost in Time' Yay, more Schala, you're probably thinking. Really, it's just as worth of a listen as the other Schala ReMixes out there. The orchestral work is quite exceptional - Beautiful strings, piano, and some winds. Plus, some nice chromatic percussion work is also shown. It blends all quite nicely with the underlying (yet repetitive) percussion. The ride cymbal that continues throughout the bulk of the mix gets on my nerves. I'd rather it not be there ^^ On the other hand, at the end, there is some greatly done percussion work. Though, overall, I found the orchestral instrumentation is worth it all.
  10. Ultima Online 'Create Deconstruct' Well, it's about time we hear something from the Ultima series (and Suzumebachi for that matter). This mix is really quite relaxing on the outside, but once you get into it, it's pretty intense. Great string usage, as with guitar usage is shown here. Definitely something to listen to if you're into orchestral or anything different than the usual for that matter. This ReMix really isn't quite orchestral, but it's definitely worth the listen regardless.
  11. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Party in the Shop' This ReMix from newcomer Dr. Fruitcake is quite the well arranged ReMix. It's really quite catchy all the way through. The only potential problem is the sample quality (listen to that guitar). Though, such things happen to jazz this mix up. I don't think it'd have the same spice with higher quality samples. Overall, it's an enjoyable mix. If you're a fan of Zelda 64, or just happy music, why not take a listen?
  12. Oooh, chillin'. Very very smooth and relaxing. A definite yes. There is nothing holding it back from being in its glory of OCR! YES
  13. Okay, what the fuck, we JUST judged another song by this guy. Yeah, as the ReMixer, states, this is definitely a total twist. First off, the percussion is just breath-taking in here. It's soooooo driving. That, I like. The mix itself is arranged quite well. Although, I really don't like the ReMixer's name. Variating CAPs like that is evil. Heh, that has nothing to do with the actual ReMix. Regardless... YES
  14. Ach, yeah, the flange is really quite annoying. That lead guitarish usage is really quite strange, also. I found this mix to be overall quite weak and unenjoyable NO
  15. Okay, this is a damn nice beautiful mix. I really hate the snares at the beginning and end though ^^ Besides that, this is a nicely arranged mix. Very relaxing YES
  16. Nothing happens. This mix is ultimately boring. Several of the samples (the winds) "stand out". Not a good thing More could be happening here. NO
  17. This is one hell of an arrangement one couldn't pass up - Though, the beginning is a little quiet, it gets more powerful later on in the end (which is aurally orgasmic. Really.). Sure it's short, but I can always listen to it multiple times ^^ YES
  18. Ooh, very smooth. Quite relaxing. Simplistic, yes, but worth it. YES
  19. What the hell is this? Heh, it sounds pretty cool (atleast in the beginning), but, DUDE, look how short it is! Uh, how am I supposed to vote yes for this? It's not a pretty ReMix at all, even in the short time that it exists in this world. NO
  20. Heh, what the hell is this? It really catches me off-guard. It's quite surprising. It's a pretty cheery mix, but that's not going to keep from voting no. This mix has some nasty samples (it sounds like WinGroove (atleast some of the samples) to me). NO
  21. Mmm, this gets me in the spirit of Christmas for some reason. Sure, it's not Christmasy, but it's Wintery ^^ The problem I have is the lack off fall-off (I always forget the technical term for this) on that main instrumenty thingy. Listen at 1:57 and 2:09. Not very pleasing to me. That happens at several other places, too. Some vibrato or something spicy like that would be nice. It sounds like to me that this mix pretty much repeats itself over a time. It gets repetitive to me, and the over-reverbed conditions of this mix with the annoying lack of fall-off on that instrument just kills me. Listen to the original. This version hardly adds anything to it besides reverb and some semi-fancy samples. NO BTW, Those submission guidelines were implemented at a much later time then when this mix was posted. To blame this mix that it didn't meet the guidelines, that'd be totally uncostitutional (think ex post facto) for it did indeed meet the guidelines at the time it was submitted.
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