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  1. Holy crap, the clicks and pops. The quality of the mix itself isn't too great, either. The instruments cut-off too quickly. The clicks are killer, no way I can say yes to this. NO
  2. I never had a good feeling about this mix being posted. The reverb is just piled on. That's me, alright The thing about this mix is that the original composition is like 20 seconds long. There's not much you can do with such a short song. Considering my lack of übercreativity, this arrangement is particularly repetitive. NO
  3. This ReMix overall lacks quality. Boring and nothing new introduced. NO
  4. This mix is really quite bland and boring, and the lack of harmony is difficult on my ears. The percussion is way too noticable. This is NOT a good thing when the percussion itself is unchanging. Repetitive NO
  5. Mastering problems - Clipping, terrible qualization (too much focus on lower frequencies), hard on the ears. The length is ultimately lacking and The arrangement itself is repetitive. NO
  6. This ReMix stinks*. YES * If you miss out on the chance of listening to it
  7. The link simply doesn't work. I've right-clicked and left-clicked both.
  8. Uh, DJP, this isn't ViolentRage's ICO 'Shrouded Castle' information that you posted here in this thread.
  9. I firmly believe that the author's brother is right when he says that he bastardized the original song with grainy, erratic drum-loops. The drums feel out of place for this style, and the author could have done a better job mastering. Some parts are simply just too quiet. Particularly the main melody in the... backround. NO
  10. I don't have this song in my judging logs. However, I haven't been judging since judging had originally began. I really like the introduction here. I seriously dislike how it changes into a technoish arrangement. I like the variation from the original, though. I particularly like starting at 1:48. The ending is quite nice, also. It's comparable to the introduction. YES
  11. I've heard way too many arrangements of this song - Almost to the point where I simply just couldn't live listening to any redition of the song period. However, this soothing arrangement is quite nice and simplistic. I think that it works out quite well. However, it's super short, and the ending stinks. I don't mind listening to it a time or two more, though. YES
  12. I'm quite fond of the arrangement heard here, but the saxaphone quality really kills me. It's not good. Maybe I just don't like saxaphones. Either way, I don't like it. Considering that the saxaphone is one of the lead instruments, it makes my decision difficult on what I should vote for this mix. The bit from 2:47 on really sounds not good to my ears. The piano sounds oddly negative. NO
  13. K-Wix had sent this to me long ago, and I even told him that he should submit it. It's not his best work, but it's definitely worthy of OCR. YES
  14. Sounds just like the original with downgraded sample quality with a crappy repetitive drumloop on it. Seriously. NO
  15. Oooh, I like the sound of this. I've never played the game of which this tune came from, yet the melody sounds strangely familiar. I don't see why this mix is being judged on. It sounds too cool to be here in the first place. Mildly repetitive, but it's all worth it as I hear it. YES
  16. DJ Carbunk1e had sent this particular piece to me long ago. I've always enjoyed listening to it. It's definitely worth being up on OCR. YES
  17. Ugh, this sounds like a MIDI RIP to me (I'm not saying it is. I'm simply saying it totally lacks originality). It's got the same instrumentation (atleast until the off-key flutes). I don't think I could be more blunt... NO
  18. I'm not really big about the synths until about a minute in. Then, it gets REALLY rad. I totally dig the arrangement at this point. However, this same arrangement continues and continues without any major changes. And what's with the chiptune transitions? Sure, they're neat... but... I dunno. It feels like there's not enough power in the main arrangement. The bassline feels like it's not there, and the percussion feels weak. NO
  19. I liked this mix back when it was originally being judged, and I like it even more now. Sample quality may not be the best, but I dig the arrangement. YES
  20. I like the arrangement - However, the mastering isn't the best. There's a fair amount of clipping. Plus, it's quite short, and the ending is not good at all. NO
  21. I've had this Starky ReMix forever. The strange thing is that I like it a whole bunch. I'm not the biggest fan of Starky's work, but this one shines. Sounds rad in my ears ^^ YES
  22. This mix really feels weird to me. The ambience completely feels out of place in my mind. I'm not a big fan of those organs in the beginning, either. They're too "noticable". The flute and tubular bells sound empty and lacking. If anything, I would expect the ambience to be more stereographic. Give it some pan delay. That'd improve this mix a great deal. NO
  23. Okay, PxFury submitted this mix before I submitted my Shining In The Darkness ReMix. This is more than old enough to be posted here ^^ Get it here:
  24. Nothing can be downloaded from my geocities account for some reason. Perhaps it's related to the DoS attacks that've been going on. If the issue isn't resolved soon, I'll post a new link.
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