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  1. It's a waste of time voting for this. Super impressive. I dig the instrumentation. I dig everything. YES
  2. Super Mario World 'Super Mario's Sleigh Ride' Sorry about not getting to the late Christmas Eve mixes earlier I've been with my family and playing with all of my new stuff. Now, to the ReMix - What can I say? It's just some REALLY well done live video game music action It's really fun to listen to to. The OneUp Mushrooms cover several Super Mario World tunes here. It's a must download Super highly recommended. I respect these guys a whole lot. I've always dreamed of playing live video game music with some buds, and these guys fulfilled my dream, but for themselves. It's all worth it, though!
  3. Okay, first off, it's a shame this ReMix hasn't been posted earlier. It's just too awesome. Really well done arrangement - I love the instrumentation. Having never played Metal Gear Solid (yes, I'm serious - kill me), I don't know how much this variates from the original, but I'm assuming that it's quite a bit different. I mean, Metal Gear Solid just wouldn't have music that would sound like THIS. Maybe it's some ending music or something ^^ Whatever it is, I don't know. Back to the ReMix - Nothing much else to say other than those ARE real guitars, and this mix is just excellent. Nothing bad to say about it other than that it should have been posted earlier YES
  4. A Metal Gear Solid ReMix by Vigilante whom had submitted this ReMix in September. He supplied his email as JTNights@attbi.com
  5. Why are we voting this? I bet my life that if it were to be submitted through DJP, it would be posted in no time at all. Didn't we establish also that we are to not submit our own ReMixes through the judges forum anyway? Regardless, this ReMix is fucking awesome. Us voting on it is a waste of time. YES
  6. It seems that whenever I go to vote, it seems that everyone has the same reasons that I would have had. Oh well. Serficus Winthrax does a good job playing the guitar (that is, if it is real). Though, it sounds way too muffled as compared to the drums. Speaking of the drums - The drums do not variate in volume at all, and it gets annoying hearing the EXACT SAME drum beat over and over again. So... NO
  7. LOL, very strange stuff here. I really dig those disco style toms. They really do make your day. However, sonically, M@ fails to meet my expectations of a composing good sounding ReMix. The percussion really REALLY doesn't fit very well at all here. It sounds totally out of place for the style. As Protricity said, go for a more rockin' percussion track. You wouldn't believe how a percussion track makes all the difference between a NO vote and a YES vote. NO
  8. OKAY... I don't remember this song either. This song is totally problematic for me. Way too simplistic (not necessarily a good thing here) and repetitive. And those FM hits at 1:48 come in out of no where, and are totally out of place. The same things just repeat over and over in this song. Not pleasing at all. He did the ID3 tags perfectly, though NO
  9. Wow. This is freakin' awesome. I would vote yes in a heartbeat if it weren't so short and undeveloped though. I really liked how it developed at the end, but it was just too damn short. Definitely not good when the climax is at the VERY END of a song, I would say. NO
  10. Wow. I love the sound of everything pretty much. Though, the percussion sounds too dry as compared to everything else. Apply some panning delay to the percussion. I agree that the bass sounds really superrad, too ^^ The choir really sounds out of place in comparison to everything else. The major I really have brings me back to the percussion - When compared to the other orchestral elements, it sounds completely left out. Work on that, and I would definitely consider voting YES on it. NO
  11. Well done orchestra arrangement as I see it. I could have seen this really expanded upon, but the author (as I assume) was lazy, and decided to stop and not do so. However, I can always listen to it again ^^ It's worth it. YES
  12. Mega Man 3 'Mega Man 2003' First off, I feel differently about the intro than djp does I felt that the introduction was just supercool. Listen for yourself At 0:30, Gecko Yamori quickly changes the style in a full-fledged electronica arrangement. But seriously, I'm tired of hearing Mega Man 3's intro music. It's almost annoying now. Speaking of annoying, I don't like the synth that comes in at 1:52. It's too loud and too "noticeable" for my tastes. However, this is probably the most enjoyable Mega Man 3 intro ReMix that I've heard in my time.
  13. Chrono Trigger 'Crying Mountain' At first, I was like "WTF" simply because it was the EXACT same as the original just with different instruments. Though, it quickly changes at 0:17. Believe me. It's a dramatic change. At 0:34, the percussion is introduced. It's simple, yet cool for the style. New OC ReMixer Saiko does a great job making this ReMix sound really fantastic. I just dig the bass ^^ Enough said. Enjoy the mix It's worth the short download.
  14. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind 'Island of Edges' Having never played any version of Morrowind, chances are I haven't heard the original to this. Well, listen time... The Wingless starts this mix out with some cool ambiance with bells. Soon, strings and piano fade into place. At about 0:49, it then all fades out. I really didn't like how it's silent for a full 5 seconds for it all fades back in at 0:54, but with a beautiful flute and guitar. This sort of arrangement builds up upon itself, and it's just stunningly beautiful. Even if you haven't ever even played Morrowind, this ReMix IS for you. It's just soooo beautiful. My favorite by The Wingless thus far.
  15. Outrun 'Passing Breeze (Lounge Suite)' This ReMix is great. It's so relaxing. If you've never been into jazzy genres, this will pull you in It's beautifully put together, and just overall really well done. I can't think of anything else to say I just really like this entire mix. Thumbs up to Remorse giving us our (Believe or not) 4th OutRun ReMix. There was another one back when djp was accepting Impulse Tracker (.IT) files, but that's beside the point. Download this mix now
  16. Raiden Trad 'Gallantry (Nobility of Spirit Mix)' Okay - I really, really liked the first part of this mix. I was hoping a style like this would have built up deeper in the same style. Instead, it goes into a techno arrangement starting at about 0:30. Though, it's actually worth it considering how well done it is. Rayza never fails impress me and compose great ReMixes. This one is definitely no exception. Not much else to say other than that I enjoyed listening to it, and it's well done (I couldn't write anything in this style better myself). All I can say is: It's about time we get a Raiden ReMix. The wait was worth it
  17. This mix is great. Why? It's arranged quite well, and it's pleasing to the ears. Ryu7x knows how to pan. That's a fact. I enjoyed this mix. Though, it may be a tad be repetitive. Regardless, it's definitely OCR quality. I couldn't make better trance myself (or techno. I don't know electronica worth crap) YES
  18. I think DiscoDan summed everything up quite nicely. Though, the big problem I have with this mix is the percussion. The drums are REALLY boring and repetitive, and definitely don't fit for the style. Atleast, that's what I believe. This mix just overall felt empty for me. The guitar playing is pretty damn nice, yes, but it's just not executed very well. The transition at 3:00 is not smooth at all. The tempo change is instant, and it really throws off. NO
  19. After clicking the link, the mp3 started downloading, leading me to believe that the link works at the moment. Oh well, maybe it's just me. If it's not working later for anyone else, I'll host it somewhere.
  20. Okay, I personally didn't really enjoy listening to this mix. It's much too drawn out, and builds weakly. The fade-out transitions between the different parts are lame. I don't find this mix exciting at all - It's pretty much the same things repeating over and over again. Though, I do like it when the "far away" melody comes in at 4:23. That's the only part I remotely enjoyed. The fade-out ending isn't something spectacular, either ^^ NO
  21. Learn how to name mp3s appropiately, Flextone Junkie. The ID3 tags themselves are fine. Now, to the ReMix. The beginning is pretty damn good, but it all falls from there. Starting at 0:42, the EQ really REALLY kills. The bass and the absolute high frequencies are really overemphasized. The mixing could be much better - The lead guitar is way too quiet, and the drums don't variate enough for the style. I'd really love to see this with better mastering and mixing taken into consideration. NO
  22. Uh, okay. More could really be going on here. The sound effects are super annoying, and nothing really goes on. The guitar isn't bad, but it's all put over the original piece. Though, the second part IS pretty decent. The entire mix should be of that quality, maybe a little better. The guitars are overemphasized, and the percussion greatly lacks. NO
  23. The first time I listened to this mix, I was skeptical. It sounded just like something that'd come from an RPG by Squaresoft (minus the obvious very nice sample quality). Though, after further investigating, and listening to the game's awesome music, I felt that this mix variated from the original enough to be one with the submission requirements. The mix itself sounds superb, and the mastering is well done. Clipping is not evident, yet the volume is loud. The ReMix is extremely driving, and puts you in a fighting mood. Though, the ReMix is a bit repetitive. That's not always a bad thing when it comes to mixes like this. The ending works, too. Not bad for ReMixing Rudra No Hihou. I never thought anyone would do it YES
  24. I'm split on my decision on this mix. The arrangement is decent, but super repetitive. If you listen to this one time through, you're guaranteed to go insane. Work on variating the mix a bit more besides just by adding and removing instruments as you did. The percussion is decent, but it's the same thing all the way through, and that further drives me insane. It's a promising mix, and I'd definitely love to see more Startropics ReMixes, but this one just doesn't cut it. NO
  25. This ReMix does have some good ideas involved, but it's just not executed as it should be. The bassline is WAY to heavy (it kills my subwoofer), and guitar sample is super thin. The percussion isn't all that bad itself, but it could definitely be better and more driving. A short and dangerous mix ^^ The ending is quite lacking. NO BTW, the submitter did not follow the guidelines in that there is an obvious lack of ID3v2 or even ID3v1 tags.
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