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  1. This mix really feels weird to me. The ambience completely feels out of place in my mind. I'm not a big fan of those organs in the beginning, either. They're too "noticable". The flute and tubular bells sound empty and lacking. If anything, I would expect the ambience to be more stereographic. Give it some pan delay. That'd improve this mix a great deal. NO
  2. Okay, PxFury submitted this mix before I submitted my Shining In The Darkness ReMix. This is more than old enough to be posted here ^^ Get it here:
  3. Nothing can be downloaded from my geocities account for some reason. Perhaps it's related to the DoS attacks that've been going on. If the issue isn't resolved soon, I'll post a new link.
  4. This brings back happy memories of sitting infront of the TV hours on end playing Top Gear. I loved that game. Now, to the ReMix - This is a very difficult decision. The bass frequencies are much too overemphasized. Metal doesn't necessarily have to have so much focus on heavily emphasizing the bass frequencies. If anything, it makes it sound worse. The arrangement itself is okay. That, and the ending is really quite strange. However, it works Overall, the overemphasization on the bass kills this mix for me. It'll be no for me. NO
  5. Wow. This is pretty rad. Sounds REALLY cool. Definitely enjoyable to listen to. A little strange, but it's all worth it YES
  6. Wow. Sounds almost EXACTLY the same as the original. Only problem - It's not as good. How is that? NO
  7. Wow. Why are we voting on this again? It sounds too rad. Update: After listening to the original (It's been a while since I've seen the credits, if you know what I mean), I instantly became aware of how unoriginal this is. NO
  8. The sample quality is mediocre, but I thoroughly enjoyed the arrangement. Hands down an excellently arranged ReMix. YES
  9. Ugh, the same melody repeating over and over and over. I can't take it. When it does change, there are massive amounts of high-pitched distortion which kill it for me. NO
  10. Okay, there are serious mastering problems display in the production of this ReMix. The bass frequencies are way to heavy, and it's a pain to listen to. Additionally, the structure of the mix itself is weak. Learn to avoid overemphasizing frequency levels by more effectively using an EQ. NO
  11. Okay, this is definitely quite strange. I personally REALLY dislike the fact that the bitrate is so low. Other than that, I feel that the ReMix is really quite unique. I hate voting no because of a bitrate issue. If we can get our hands on a higher bitrate version, I'd gladly say yes.
  12. Wow. This is a difficult decision. The first minute or so really feels empty for me. Yet, after so, I feel that the mix is pretty cool regardless of its unprofessional sounding percussion which really gets to me in a bad way. I feel that the percussion REALLY needs to be worked on. The transitions are really quite strange also. NO
  13. Okay, first off, and most importantly. It feels like that the guitars are on a totally different "level" than the rest of the components of this ReMix. It just doesn't fit in for my ears. It sounds weird, and needs to be worked on. I'm not too fond of the synths used - Particulary at about 2:40. They simply don't acquiesce to my ears. They make my head go boom. NO
  14. I personally did not enjoy this mix that much. There are mastering problems. This mix also exibits repetitiveness and lack of length. I additionally believe that the reverb placed is too strong - Though, one part of me says that it sets the mood for the ReMix. Work on such things, and I'd say yes. NO
  15. I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this mix. There's nothing wrong I personally think of it. YES
  16. I thought that the beginning 30 or so seconds was pretty cool. However, when reverb and a bassline comes in at 0:44, the reverb is way to powerful. I like the synth that comes in at 1:12. At 3:01 is when I really start to appreciate this mix. Before that point, it's the same repetitive stuff over and over. The singing is REALLY beautiful. I really like it. Regardless of the fact that the underlying work isn't as good as it could be, I still appreciate the work put into this (apparently by the author's sister-in-law). YES
  17. Okay, this mix shows off some really cool ideas. However, as Antonio Pizza mentioned, it does need a bit more. It's missing something. I don't know what else to say other than that there simply needs to be more. NO
  18. I would have to say that this mix shows off a cool idea or too. I don't know how much it differentiates from the original. Regardless, this ReMix is just WAY to repetitive, and there are mastering problems. It is indeed BOOM IN DA FACE. There needs to be more variation too - It gets old after the first minute. NO
  19. Holy shit, this is rad. However, as mentioned earlier, there is about 15 seconds of trailing silence. NO (Until fixed)
  20. This does indeed follow the melody of the original super directly. Much too simplistic. I also believe there's too much reverb for my ears to handle. NO
  21. In regards to Protricity's statement - Since I became a judge, I have not judged this piece. You were added after me, so I'm assuming you haven't judged it either. Well, to the ReMix - I personally really like this ReMix. But, that's probably just because I had a huge emotional attachment to the original. For that same reason, I could hate it. However, I simply don't hate it. It's pretty cool stuff. However, the ending is a bit abrupt, but that reason doesn't instantly change my decision. I dig Mr. Lichtman's style. YES
  22. Goodness, I love the originals which this ReMix came from. It's a shame that the ReMix doesn't do justice to the originals. The percussion is really boring and repetitive. The mastering could have been executed more professionally. It's much too quiet for the style that is trying to be achieved. Work on this things, and we'll see a rad ReMix. NO
  23. I really think that all of the fx makes this ReMix what it is. I think it's pretty rad. Enough said. YES
  24. Oh yeah, that's right, I've had this. K-Wix sent it to me a freakin' long time ago. He knows that I love it. YES
  25. Link does not work. ... And Cotmm is gay. Who dares edit my posts in such obscene ways?
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