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  1. Xenosaga. Not about the battle system at all; rather, the game was all about kicking back and enjoying 45-minute long cutscenes. I guess there were some parts in-between the cutscenes where you like, wandered and stuff, and sometimes fought some monsters. But thankfully those didn't last long and you could get back to watching the cutscenes. lol re: FF13, I agree that if you like the battle system you can get through the game, and if you don't then it's a huge waste of time and/or money. I absolutely HATED Lightning and Hope's story, Snow's was just okay, Fang didn't really HAVE story ... but I was absolutely riveted by Sazh and Vanille's story arc. And then, around what ... chapter 11 (I think?) most things get resolved and you become the traditional RPG Party, and after that what is there to complain about? I mean, as long as you don't mind the whole homogenized party thing. Also, I happened to like the soundtrack. Very well integrated into the game, appropriate to each scene, at least I thought. I just wish there was more than one place it was worth it to grind xp in besides the Valley of the Turtles (200k+ cp per run through). Any suggestions of places you guys have found to grind? (for reference, I have Growth Egg, all chars lvl 5 in 4 classes and 2-3 in a 5th, only Fang at lvl 3 weapon (but I have 2 Trapezos in the wings waiting for when I have enough $ to split them again ... then buy a million ultracompacts), still can't figure out how to take down an Adamantortoise without spamming Death, ugh)
  2. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction haiku reviews, which can be read individually or in sequence! Also, if read in sequence, you can loop back and start at the beginning again with no interruption! (1) Spend twenty dollars. Try to find legit items; frustrated, you'll bot. (2) Hdins everywhere, duped high runes make every character broken. (3) "At least B-Net's free," you'll think, as you fail to do something productive. (4) Click on some monsters. Wait for one-point-one-three patch. Click the same monsters. (5) You will keep playing, secretly wishing that Bliz will ban you for botting. (6) You've been gone for months, years; then: "What's a good way to kill an afternoon...?"
  3. Honestly, even if the change is nothing more than taking Teleport off of Enigma, the update will be worth the wait. That change alone will make the game 100x more fun.
  4. Oh, I suppose you can remove Psychonauts in the 'want' part for me; wonderful game, btw! Thanks!
  5. OMG Natural Selection is like the most fun mod ever. I must play this! There's nothing quite like setting up a strategy as commander and having your squads communicate and actually pull out a victory through teamwork. It's so satisfying when your RTS units are actual people and trust you enough to follow your orders.
  6. I suggest Beck and Planetes. Beck is a coming-of-age story told through the lens of rock and roll, and is completely awesome. It takes a few episodes to get rolling, but is riveting once it really gets going. Has incredible music to boot. Also, the dub is on par with the original Japanese; they *really* took their time to get the dub right, including all the music. Planetes is a hard sci-fi show about space garbagemen. I know that sounds stupid, but if you like hard sci-fi, you need to see this show. Has some twists you just won't see coming, and is beautifully animated throughout. And for my money has the best ending of any anime I have EVER seen (and I've seen a lot of anime). I couldn't watch another show for 3 weeks after I finished Planetes simply because I knew its ending couldn't begin to compare to Planetes'. Edit: Also, ignore the people who tell you to get Akira. Instead of getting that and being confused, go buy (or borrow from the library or a friend) the manga. It is ridiculously good. THEN, once you're done with the manga, go back and watch the movie, and you'll enjoy it a whole helluva lot more for having read the manga first.
  7. Dervish

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    Is the blue game fuel as good as the red stuff?
  8. 1. The Incredibles 2. Cars 3. WALL-E 4. Ratatouille 5. Toy Story I'll admit, though, that I haven't seen Finding Nemo (I know, what's wrong with me?)
  9. Hey, when the new patch hits I think I may be reinstalling the good ol' D2. Are you guys on East or West, and would you mind if I joined ya?
  10. Ah yes, my bad. I guess M.D. Geist is only FOURTH worst anime ever. My mistake.
  11. I read somewhere that M.D. Geist was officially the worst anime ever produced in the U.S. I have seen it (and a lot of other anime), and I agree with that statement. AVOID
  12. Hey there, love the thread. Think I'll try this out, 'cuz who knows, right? I'm looking for a copy of Intelligent Qube for the PS1. Rare, I know, but this is a community of gamers. Also looking for a copy of Psychonauts for XBOX. Also, for the 'other' category I'm a Magic: the Gathering player, so if anybody has any cards they don't want anymore or want to trade or sell or whatever, let me know.
  13. After taking a week mostly off besides lugging around 50-lbs of books all over campus all week and one light workout, I'm glad to be back working out more regularly again. The week off actually was really nice, too, as it gave some muscles I didn't know needed rest some time off, which really let me hit the weight machines harder than ever this week. Overall I'm really starting to feel good, so that's nice. When I checked in first on pg 4 I weighed 224, which was sort of disappointing as I'd gained like 6 lbs from when I first started. Well, I'm happy to report I'm back down to 218 as of Thursday! I was very pleased to get back down to where I was; maybe my metabolism is finally deciding to kick in now. Hopefully this week I'll lose another couple. The really great part about this is that yesterday I helped some friends move into their 3rd story apartment, and despite their massive amount of stuff, I didn't really get worn out. Tired, yes, but I wasn't dead. I was the guy at the bottom lifting boxes and such upwards over my head to a guy halfway up the stairs to start an assembly-line lift up, and it wasn't really terrible at any time! Lifting couches and bookcases didn't prove to be a problem either. Good stuff! Today I bet the other guys who were working are really feeling it, but all I feel is great.
  14. You know what really cheeses people like that off? Agree to play them, like it's some huge big thing like, "Ok you can get your revenge" blah blah blah, then completely throw the match. Don't even bother playing hard. Talk to your friend and look away from the screen constantly. Play with one hand. Make them see that if they're gonna be a whiny bitch about playing you, that you aren't even going to dignify it with an effort playing them.
  15. I think I may join in on this business, as I am trying to get a bit more healthy and I do have a goal in mind. My best friend's wedding is upcoming in March and I'd like to look pretty good in a suit for that. For me, that means losing some weight, particularly around my stomach. Current weight: 224 Ideal weight: ??? Height: 5'11" So here's my problem, though. I was born with a clubbed foot, and the surgery to correct it left my leg an inch shorter and my foot much smaller than the other one. Because of this, even with corrective shoe stuff, running is extraordinarily difficult, especially at my current weight. It messes up my lower back pretty big time. I hurt it pretty bad a few months back and it's never quite gotten back to 100% because of shoe troubles. Anyway, running is out; are elliptical machines or exercise bikes equivalent exercise? I know I need to work on cardio, I'm just trying to figure out the best way to do it. Currently I've been doing 8-minute exercise bike rides after a moderately heavy weight-machine workout twice a week. I'm just getting back into this whole working out thing, so I'm not exactly in tip top shape yet. I'm looking to bump up to 3 times a week in the weight room and bumping up my time on the bike to about 11 minutes starting this next week, then up from there at some point. One question I have that maybe one of you can answer, is how to work out and lift weights but not like, get huge? A couple years ago I did just resistance band workout consistently for like 3 months and all of a sudden a lot of my shirts don't really fit any more and I look even funnier than I normally do. If I'm building a good bit of muscle I'd like it to be lean muscle rather than huge burly muscle; do I have any control over that? Or am I stuck with what I've got?
  16. I beat Marble Madness in like 4 minutes or so ... not world record time or anything, but not bad nonetheless
  17. I don't see how you can say it's not a tournament-viable game ... there are lots of subtle intricacies in strategy and move choice, and certain moves are naturally better than others given their frame data. Just ... like, uh ... every other tournament-viable fighting game out there? Now if you don't like the game, that's your own business, but don't claim the game isn't tournament-worthy because you don't want to spend time playing the game and learning its depth.
  18. I'm usually not into brutal death metal, but a friend made me pick up Austrian Death Machine, a death metal album entirely based around Arnold Schwartzenegger movies and with an Arnie sound-alike. I think the guitarist from As I Lay Dying does most of the musical work in it. I love the album because it is absolutely hilarious.
  19. Hey Vegeta, what does the scouter say his calorie intake per day is?
  20. MitsuR.kelly is awesome; and those online guys don't know what to do against his 3a wakeup game at all. Also, (since I've only played a couple times at friends' houses) is Mitsu's 2k still good?
  21. That may be the catchiest midi ever, but the greatest *name* for a midi ever has to go to that other mix, The Fighting Illini Become Huge Ninja Robots and Take the Championship. Rawk.
  22. Hey, does anybody know any moves that can chain into Astaroth's 28B+G air-grab powerbomb? The only ones I've found so far are the standard 3 ~ 28B+G and the command throw 63214 B+G ~ 28B+G. But the move is just so awesome that I want more ways to do it! Also, anybody know if it's possible to nail The Apprentice with it during his levitating tricks?
  23. Oh noes, SSBB is becoming Counterstrike!
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