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  1. holy crap. do you know what a grudge fuck is? my friend this is a grudge fuck. samus v. phantoon, and samus ain't got a sub tank kinda stuff. cool. much fuller and richer than previous. like a double fudge chocolate i-need-insulin-now cake that's been frosted with sugar base... i don't know where i was going with that, i'm tired.
  2. no comments, it's good. can't wait til it's done.
  3. in regard to the Pipe Maze mix: i don't know how you can make something that is so immensely repetitive and do a good job making it interesting with very little change from the original. BUT, you did. i like the choice of sound. and i'm liking how it's laid back but still alert. it's weird, you've combined things here that work well but are not usually tried. It's like that spinart thing. turn it on, squirt on the paint and see what happens. always good but never the same. very interesting. Castlevania mix, even though its been submitted: does anyone else think of the alien planet from half-life when they hear the groans and ambiance...creepy, i hated that level.
  4. i think the sound here is fantastic. it does need some noise reduction but nothing serious. for a megaman style mix static is certainly a requisite in a way (static = techy future shit). i have to agree with Rho. the piano is elementary. but it could serve well, i think. it's you're mix, do what you think is best there. i'm immensely impressed with the guitar work btw. toward the end it almost has a castlevania feel to it (if you're interested in doing another mix soon, that's kind of a suggestion ) :nicework:
  5. :shock:oh, this is too good to pass up... i like the feel of it. it contains the original message (always a plus). whats with the dropout about 2 mins. in? i think this is one of those tracks that needs to get more intense throughout with a mind fuck ending that leaves you wanting more, ya know. I like how it picks back up but that climax is too short. my biggest irk on this though is the part where you lose the bass at about 1 min., i don't know what to suggest except that right now it sounds like a radio playing on a TV if you understand what i'm saying. I certainly can understand the idea but there is too much of a fade in sound quality there. maybe try to keep some kind of harmony going instead of dropping to nothing but the melody. i don't know, i guess it's just open to interpretation , other than those two things, i have nothing else to suggest. it's a good fight sound and it certainly retains its metroidiness (is that a new word...yes, yes it is!) It could be longer, but it's current length isn't necessarily a bad thing. anyway, overall i like it, but it's not a heart stopper yet. a tweaking here and there, i think you got it.
  6. eh, what do they know from good. you can't put bullet points on talent. at least in the real world, but that's not where the judges live. good work, none the less. :please to be no bannings:
  7. i actually like the drop off...i like the emptiness... it's meaningful may i suggest you leave it...
  8. in reference to CC V3.2: I love this, no, like, really really love this. i truly believe it is this kind of effort that makes music touch people in ways nothing else can. this is well executed and has a proper duration leaving me satisfied knowing that i have shared the emotions this work of art can induce with its creator but am also wanting more because of an abrupt drop off that leads to an immediate feeling of emptiness. i would like to cry now. very good work.
  9. damn, screw these bad reviews, this is sweet. sounds like link's gonna die! i hate dying, but this is the final heart with no fairy kinda death that you cant afford cuz youve been playing for 4 hours kinda thing. god this is cool.
  10. its great, it has a flavor that i like but i don't wanna listen to it again... if you understand what it is im saying, i think it just needs something, you figure it out, that screams listen to me again.
  11. impressive, i don't know where to go with it either. good execution, a little quirky, and all around just fun... i don't like it.
  12. ok, i'll do it... this is your first mix so i'll be gentle in my calling of bullshit. what you have here is a blatant disregard for the remix submission rules that you may or may not have read. sans the extra drumbeats this is just the sparkman MIDI that can be found almost anywhere on the net. you CANNOT submit this. now to tell you the truth for a first attept, i like the sound and i think once you figue out how your music software works you'll be good, but don't try and submit MIDIs meshed with FL or ACID beats cuz it's not gonna fly. and it's plagerism.
  13. i dont care what other people are saying abotu the end. its different and thats good. its abotu time someone grew some ballz and threw something new at these judges. i hope you leave it in, and i hope they give it a yes. this is well done.
  14. I really love this song. It's prolly my fave. FF song ever. so i will not go easy with this: I simply cannot see how you can interpret this into something so light and spirited. This song was made to represent a very troubling situation. And IMO it should continue to carry that intensity, no matter what genre you choose to do it in, and that severity has been washed out. Don't misread and feel that i'm saying you suck at your work. it is well done. but i think you should replay the original and really feel where this song was meant to affect the audience and try to put back in the emotional state it is supposed to reflect. i think a lower bass line and a darker melody would do well. the tempo doesnt need work. I sounds pretty good at that speed i think. but its just not heavy enough (i mean it's airy, not soft).
  15. i like this a lot. tempo is good, there's a good market on OC for the slower side of things right now. and i new metroid mix is alwyas welcome. good work, looking forward to seeing it posted.
  16. i would like to comment on your creativity. this is very well done and it sounds great. its very interpretive, and the lack of any one style does it great credit. but to be sure, i dont like it. keep working on this. Despite my tatse which will not allow me to enjoy this, i would like to hear the final result very much.
  17. it's creepily liek the original but noticibly different. i love it. a little heavier than expected, but it really works. very good work for your first FL mix. Kudos.
  18. sounds good to me. wish it was a bit longer. and im trying to listen to it without subconsciously hearing it next to the monstrous turtles mix. i like it a lot.
  19. i must say that this is not working for me. it just too repetetive. i love the sound, and for a beginning and end its great. it just lacks the meat to make it substantial enough to be really good.
  20. its still good. and i still like it. a little repetetive, if i were a judge id say no, only because it doesn't stand out. it needs a kick to make it more original (not that it sounds unoriginal, but we have a lot of zelda mixes. the need for something different is high)
  21. this could be good. however right now it just isnt grabbingmy attention. It needs something to flare it up a bit. it just stays very low, but given its beats and melody it sounds like your trying for something with more punch. so give it more punch.
  22. a lot of these lately. well, i guess this is the new gerudo theme. This mix is not particularly well made, forgive me. it sounds very midi-ish and its almost as if i was listening to it through a road cone. I think this has a great deal of potential. There is a lot of reverb that could be removed. there's too many things going on at once too, let the melody come to the front and drop the beats back a bit. its also a slow mix, and not all too powerful, this should be quieted down significantly to suit its speed and temper. It's a good mix, but right now it just needs a good amount of work.
  23. God couldn't remix this. So A+B= is telling me that you're better than God.
  24. This is awesome. it needs reworking, and the suggestions have all been made. Just tone it down a bit and it's golden.
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