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  1. hmm, that shifted fast. too fast. i think you could go somewhere with it. too early to tell. i'm not sure i can deal with the sudden tune change like that, without some sort of fade
  2. why get bent out of shape when you get constructive criticism? you asked for help with your next remix. it's not like it's not a bad mix, in fact quite the opposite. this is one of those fence pieces...it could be an OC. we have some older pieces that have the same feel and energy, they made it. But times change, so do people. the standard rises and falls. right now, you're absolutely right, some of the pieces getting through boggle my mind (not that they are bad, just not similar or interpretive enough [despite a bold rule that states the piece must contain some resemblance to the source])But i also think we yearn for raising the bar around here, and this was the bar 4-5 years ago. It's good, it's interpretive, it's talented...it's behind the times. Rework it and resubmit. It's in the running i think. Oh, and for a bit of perspective...why ask for feedback and help if you're gonna submit before even knowing how it will be received. it's like opening a laser tag facility in the middle of farm country, sure they appreciate the entertainment but you don't have the clientel to stay in business.
  3. I like to agree and disagree with Rozovian all in one post just to piss him off, because he's so much more eloquent than I am...and nicer, even tho we have the same opinion usually. And for some reason I always find that he's posted within hours of me... Anyway, i think it's fine the way it is. interpretive, moody, fun. We haven't had a good zelda medley, especially not one that encompasses songs from one area, in a long time. I personally, think the key changes are well executed, the medley is well scripted, and the instruments certainly do the songs justice. I like your creativity and the energy of the mix. The judges get piles of crap, and piles of good smelling, pretty crap everyday. but every now and then (whether they like it or not) they get something thats not crap...and pass or no, this has the distinguished feel of an OC. So i'm glad I got to hear it.
  4. roz is right. This is conservative. It's also very good. I like it...as much as i like the source...which is why i like it...it's the source. Even with all the reworking and fantastic display of talent it's just OoT:HD. I'm not hearing an inspired rearrangement so much as a reworking of the original. Which is ok, but not quite hitting the mark that OCR tends to hold of it's posted works. It really doesn't need much work to do so tho. Just a slight injection of yourself, your style, your personality. Go for it, I think after a quick check-up on format, it's ready. Second opinion after listening again edit: mmm...nevermind. I wouldn't change it. It works, it really does, and I see plenty of interpetation in it. And, honestly it's not as source-ish as I made it to myself. I would rather come back and edit my opinion than let you or anyone else think i was batty b/c I didn't care to go back and fix a mistake. It was a very simple theme and you've added quite a bit of personality to it, and I am impressed with the sound throughout.
  5. fantastic mood here, tho not a chance to pass. I listened to some of your other work. You're really good. You've taken a perfectly good theme, cut the edges, added some great loops behind it, thrown in a touch of your own work and style. It really takes the original dry, dead feeling and turns it into a marshy, rainy song. Tho the source is quite repetative, you added some flavor that kept it interesting throughout, which is always a plus and I'd love to see it posted, if only because the work put into it hits the mark. but by leaving out a key ingredient of "rearrangement" i'm sure it can't quite make the bar of "OC".
  6. i need the midi vs the MP3 for RPGMaker. But that's not a bad idea. I'm on a forum with no less than 100 musicians...why didn't i think to ask someone to make one for me... Anyone wanna make one for me?
  7. lol...totally bumping this...cuz i still haven't found it GRRR! no really, i was just browsing my history, and found this thread. If anyone can find it, please...i'm working on a new game in RPGMaker that needs it...kthxbai
  8. you know, zero wing really had no name at all, at least in the US until some of the original OCR'rs got a hold of it and turned it into a joke those many years ago. but it never changed the fact that it's a great game. and the soundtrack was not half bad either. This sample was more than enough to whet my appetite for possibility. I can't give any details at this time.It wouldn't do any good at this point as I'm sure you will change it several times before smiling at what you feel is complete and ready to submit. But I will keep an eye on it, I hope you'll give us updates as they come, and I will certainly have an opinion closer to finalization. But for now, be satisfied with a "hmm, interesting"
  9. no, i'm not going to slag you down...i agree 100%. bLiNd, you've done better. It's not bad, but honestly, the interpretation is not well suited to the source. That comment is of course opinion, but I stand by it. Well done, but as M_Y said, I want a higher class dessert from a 5 star restaurant. second guess: I may go out on a limb, and I know I'm making a presumption here, and I apologize. Maybe you were working something out for another mix you're working on and this was the result of the experiment. Or maybe you were just in the mood to put some time into something but not really your whole thought. Either way, I can't complain that the result isn't a fair representation of skill. After all, a great mix isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea. It seems pretty much everyone else has a shiny gold star for you. Summing up, I'd give it full points for originality and skill, a very decent entertainment value, but it's dismal, as far as personal preference...but you're not here to make me happy, are you. So keep on doin your thing. You got my vote.
  10. Is this like a rough draft? I just want to point out that I waited for over half the song for it to pick up and when it did, it wasn't half of what I expected. There was a hint that it would really start to cook, alas, I got nothing more than a simmer. It sounds a little "midi-ish". Not a bad track by any stretch. I think the idea is sound. The quick cut off leads me to believe you are still working on this but given what I've heard so far I can only suggest that unless its gonna be 6 or 7 minutes long it needs to move a little faster. Not necessarily the tempo or even the idea itself, but certainly the "story" i guess you could call it. I am all for throwing an early sound or two out there to see if people will bite...I think, yes.
  11. haha roz, never thought i'd say this but you're right. there is no way the panel will accept this. no game reference AT ALL (excepting the clips) and a nearly generic techno tune that leaves much to be desired. try again.
  12. I agree with Tappy. I unconsciously start rocking my head to this. It's just so fun. Its sound is more like what I'd expect to be playing from Beedles boat but it works for Outset too. WAIT thats IT!!! It sounds like a techno ice cream truck! its that reverb sound that you hear when the truck is like 4 streets over and you know your street is next. YAY! memories. trivia: name my movie reference in this post and get a cookie.
  13. loved it from the first beat. its battle its tribal its heroic its transgenre its epic is nice:nicework:, yes
  14. um...damn. go smack capcom and tell them they cannot produce another game without you.
  15. right or wrong, its up to the judges. its not our place to say that. could you also explain why your don't think it will pass? i do agree though, i love this mix, but it's missing some elements. the end does drag a bit...you know what i dont know what to do with it. theres just something complete about it. its good. its catchy, ive got it on repeat right now. i dont really have a suggestion except it needs refining i guess. though i really dont know what you could do. im gonna say i like the sound and style (venturing a genre: elecrto-swing...[hey, at least i tried, you come up with something, wiseasses]). it meets the basic requirements for acceptance, i guess it just depends on how the panel (or david, for that matter) feels the day you submit it.
  16. i hate you. explantion: i want this on my ipod, yesterday. and i can't get it cuz you're only hosting it on myspace. this is so much better than it was when i first commented on it. you have made some wonderful improvements and i think you have a good chance with this one*. just some fine tuning and your golden. *i am not a judge, and i cannot be held responsible if it's rejected. I only know what they tend to like cuz i've been here for a while, but i can't guarantee anything.
  17. im disappointed. when the site says remix, you're supposed to remix it. and not so much reMIX, as create something of your own that is remenescent of a game theme. i understand that you are new to remixing and this is something you can do to get familiar with your software, but dont submit anything until you really know what your doing. its only going to upset you and discourage you from trying again if you get rejected and believe me its not even a matter of bad remixing here, its a matter of not reading the requirements. lurk in the forums, talk to our existing remixers to get help and then do it. i'm looking forward to seeing what you can do.
  18. I bow with my face to the floor. There is nothing yet that compares to this. I shall cry for days at the beauty. I've said it once before. Music can touch you in a way that no person can. This fills my heart with joy and sorrow. In it I hear the story, the amalgamation of everything that can be found in life: growth, failure, achievement and success, love. It's the kind of piece that you can dream to or listen to and know that you're day is gonna be good. You guys have created a cornerstone. You should feel good knowing that you are capable of something so beautiful. There's the new standard remixers. Sink or swim.
  19. coooooooool. im gonna disagree with most of the comments about the bends. i think they should stay. it gives it a unique touch that has never been done with this song to my knowledge, and we've got enough of em. i am thoroughly impressed. kudos.
  20. my fav FF song ever so i cant go easy on you: i think this is well thought out. there is a very keen element that screams desparation in this. i feel a remix or rearrangement should still carry the feeling originally portrayed and so you have. i like how it has an orchestral movement, a march, a movie style climax, and i even think i heard a carnival organ grinder type sound in there somewhere. its beautiful. it starts out a little "eehh" but it evolves into this cacophany of FF bliss that i enjoy experiencing. very well done. i hope the judges feel the same.
  21. hey RD, havent seen you in a while, prolly my lack of observation, you're always here. but good to see you anyway. I am entranced. Im doin the DJP. I cant see much that could be done to this. It's suprising really, when i listen to it, i can hear elements of all the stage themes, in particular, armadillo, kuwanger, and penguin. not in the melody but in the beat and the sounds used. chilling... :nicework:
  22. mmmmmm...it tastes good. i like it, although everything sounds like N64 synth. its too close to the original i think. it needs a touch of PanMan and not so much Dave Wise. but it's definitely top quality for novice level work. I think you can go somewhere with it. One of my favorite levels BTW (isnt it everyones?)
  23. i immediately saw dragon warrior flash across my mind at the beginning, now im hearing...wait its over, wow. this might be good, still too early to really tell. i think your idea is sound, but you gotta find a way to get there. everything seems...stacked, if thats a good word. it's too busy. it sounds nice, but it's not an OC yet.
  24. definitely enjoying the new ver. i can here you've added to the end a little. very nice. i mentioned the static feel earlier. it is well balanced in this ver. cool vibe on that. i don't really have any more suggestions. It sounds like you're nearing completion on it. It's fleshed out rather well. Can't wait to hear the final ver. Peace.
  25. a grudge fuck is that rough kinda sex where shes gasping for air and clawing the carpet cuz your pissed off at her about something and you're taking it out on her in a slightly more enjoyable way. i tend to use the studded condoms for that job. ...and shes usually clawing the sheets anyway, ok, really i'm not that great, most of the time i just want mine. but yeah, that's a grudge fuck.
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